My old friend Jerry Miculek has done it again.

Watch below as he sets a new record for speed and accuracy with a double action revolver.

or watch video here.

I’m trapped in the master class competition shooting ghetto with this guy, and it’s like trying to beat Superman in an arm-wrestling contest. I told him once that I’ve found the secret to beating him, I’m just having a hell of a time finding the Kryptonite.

Jerry is a wonderful man, a true gentleman, the kind we are proud to have as a champion of our sport and lifestyle. The same is true of his shooting champion wife and daughter, Kay Clark-Miculek and Lena Miculek. Watch and enjoy…and marvel.


  1. Wow, it is so much fun and awe inspiring to see a true legend ply his craft. To hear those trigger pulls snapping so fast……just wow.

  2. I am hoping that a terrorist or other criminal will try a furtive move on Jerry at a shooting match. Game over before it starts. Having had such a close encounter 6 days after 9/11 in 2001, I found that having an obvious tactical advantage against terrorists can save your life, giving them pause, and you opportunity. So can being the first to attack save YOUR life. Being and looking prepared to strike definitely saved my life that time. Be ready to head your adversaries off at the pass. Let them see that you have positional advantage, but don’t hold back in case you realize that they are going to hurt you, and they about to complete a furtive motion. Take their actions seriously, and assume that they are in the act of striking first. Let them have it! Same goes for the Genghis Khans and associated groups of violent America-haters. Let us ambush THEM before they can get a shot off, or they detonate a device. When Dan Bongino says that he has a feeling that something big and bad is going to happen again (like a Yom Kippur war or an assassination to commemorate the 60th anniversary death of JFK?), let us have our cork-shooters in hand, ready to pop Genghis appropriately and legally in the eye, in timely fashion. Enough of giving terrorists and other criminals the advantage of initiative. Sorry if it looks like I want us wannabe peaceful folks to survive, and not the evildoers! I am so tired of “bleeding-heart” morons in ivory towers enabling our demise by trying to disarm us.

  3. Amazing! Could he be faster if he was 25? Could he be faster with a 1911? He seems to be proof that, “Old Guys Rule.”

  4. Great to see Jerry still burning it down. Also great to see Smith & Wesson in Tennessee. Hopefully their labor and QC situations will improve.

  5. You can’t watch Jerry shoot anything without being totally amazed. I can watch a few of his videos, go to my range behind my workshop and be thankful that I don’t have any neighbors to watch me make a fool of myself trying to speed shoot.

  6. At kindergarten dress-up parties boys would shout ‘I’m Batman’,’I’m Superman’, and my girl would present her plastic wheelgun with a hiss: ‘I’m Jerry Miculek!’

  7. I suppose he could try shooting left-handed, or shooting two revolvers at the same time, but that’s just silly.

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