The same prohibitionist far left wing that wants to ban guns has of late been vociferous in demanding reduction of incarceration.  It’s not just social justice posturing: there are genuine concerns about jails and prisons being hotbeds of COVID.

There are an estimated 2.3 million people currently incarcerated in the United States.

How many law-abiding citizens own semi-automatic rifles erroneously called “assault rifles”? It’s hard to pin down a number.  A common estimate is 17 million.  If each of those refused to register or turn in their firearm under HR 127, we would increase our nation’s prison population by more than seven-fold.

That probably underestimates the depth of the problem. The way 127 is written, a great many more rifles, handguns, and shotguns would “fit the profile” than just those which outwardly resemble M16s, M4s, and AK47s in form though not in function.  If it passed into law, every single man and woman who lawfully possessed one would become a felon overnight.

Of course, some feel that the intent of the “felonize America bill” is not to lock up the gun owners – after all, the elites need all those people to grow food and make automobiles and fix things for them – but instead to make it illegal for them as convicted felons to own firearms of any kind.

And to disenfranchise them from voting, since in most jurisdictions a felony conviction costs you the right to vote.

Write your elected representatives in Washington, DC. Do so politely.  Ask them how any elected official could on one hand support emptying the correctional system, and on the other hand advocate overflowing that system with several times its current population, all of whom would have been law-abiding citizens prior to the passage of HR 127 into unjust ex post facto law?


  1. Mr. Ayoob:

    In my estimation the purpose of HR 127 has nothing to do with its probability of being actually implemented. It is simply a trial balloon being floated to test the wind, and to determine the extent to which the actual citizens of the US (as opposed to the urban/government parasite population) will oppose it.

    Once it’s shot down they will propose a much less draconian measure, this time intended to pass, saying that they have “compromised” with “the NRA and the gun lobby” and get the support of the squishy RINO’s and GOPers.

    This is their traditional tactic. They propose a measure to cut off our arms and legs; we protest and note that we don’t want to lose any appendages at all. They pretend to retreat, and propose the next measure which only cuts off one arm. We protest yet again; they pretend to retreat and propose a measure to only take off the tip of our little finger, saying that they have “compromised”. They usually get enough idiots to go along with it.

    Then, 6 months, a year, two years later, they do the whole thing over again. Lather, rinse, repeat.

    We cannot compromise with an evil that wants to poison us. We must continuously oppose it at every step when basic principles are involved, like the natural right to self-defense with the best means available.

    • This is already in the works. Many of the provisions of HR127 have also been filed as separate bills that they may hope to sneak into an omnibus bill while everyone is up in arms about 127. More than that, these bills have been submitted in several state legislatures as well in a metaphorical carpet bombing of the Second Amendment by the gun grabbers. The only thing I can conclude is that it is a coordinated attack on the liberties of American citizens in the hopes that people are too asleep or too distracted by the outrageousness of 127 to pay attention to all these other bills. Its a classic frontal attack as diversion while the real attacks come in from the flanks or behind.

  2. You don’t listen to reasonable ideas if you are a religious zealot and those ideas contradict the work you are doing. That work is building a heaven on earth. The foreign communists have failed, but the American communists will get it right this time.

    When everything is going downhill, the stupid American voters, many of whom are college-educated, and think they are better than most, and live in cities, do what they have always done. THEY VOTE FOR DEMOCRATS! Look at Detroit, look at California, but they continue to vote for democrats because their minds are deceived by their secular, man-exalting religious devotion. They don’t believe in God, they worship themselves.

  3. You are probably right, Blackwing1. However, there is nothing of value in HR 127. We need to keep fighting, even when it gets shot down in totality and added back as amendments to other bills.

  4. We can hope that a few Democratic senators from states that Trump won will vote against this abomination. However, all 50 voted to convict Trump. No telling what the RINOs, Romney, Collins, Murkowski, etc… will do.

  5. That is the way the local school district managed to pass a huge bond recently. It took three elections to pass it. The first was for an unbelievably large amount given the size & population of our district. The second was about half the size, and the third one – which passed – was for about 1/3 the original amount. The plan didn’t change all that much in the interim. Now the screaming has begun – the homeowners just started receiving their latest tax bills from the County…

  6. A very wise and well-written response. And that is exactly what I have thought the whole time and exactly why we cannot compromise at all. We all (should) know that the goal is the confiscation of all civilian firearms. They will take one step at a time, trying to seem reasonable, but its a slippery slope.

  7. Yes, this probably a ‘Christmas turkey’ bill, full of anything they could ever want. It’s being done to provoke the troublemakers, at least those who remain to be provoked. The Lefties want a way to identify who they need to prioritize in their demonizing.

  8. Discussion and debate with the other side no longer work. Reasoning, logic, historical examples and compromise no longer work. They aren’t going to listen to us.

    The two sides in this cold civil war are the Communists versus the Patriots. I list the Communists first because they are the aggressors.

    America; the racist country where most of the people in the world wish they could come and be oppressed by white people.

    Socialism; the cure for obesity.

  9. The sheer ridiculousness of the bill coupled with the mind numbing ignorance of 95% our current Congress is reason enough to fear it’s passage!

  10. I’ve just registered as a Democrat. I actually feel like a winner now. I support, getting rid of AR47s and AK15s. I’m in Texas with the lights off, have the temp up to 53 degrees. Now this is a life worth living……..

    • Chances are likely that you will freeze to death before getting shot by one of those rogue AR-15s or AK-47s roaming around searching for innocent victims to murder. If the food supply in Texas becomes really dire, look for a vegan to eat as I’ve heard carnivores don’t taste as good. If in doubt, ask Alfred Packer or Jeffery Dahmer. 😉

      • While it’s pretty obvious Tom is speaking tongue in cheek, I have to repeat: folks, it’s a very bad time in America to post anything that sounds remotely bloodthirsty. We live in a time when a sitting President can be accused of inciting a riot for telling his supporters to fight for what they believe in. Let’s all keep it toned down, OK?

      • I guess with the current situation of the country, we have to be super extra cautious about what we say nowadays. Anything even remotely hinting at violence against others must be suppressed. People are just overly sensitive now and with liberals too dumb to tell the difference between humor and a threat, we have to watch what we say. Bummer.

        I don’t doubt that liberals believe Dahmer was a racist because he only munched on people of color 🙁

  11. It is getting ugly out there. Here is an example:

    We will see what the facts of the above incident reveal but, based upon the initial news account, it sounds more like a case of (at most) manslaughter. Murder 2 sounds like a big stretch but what else would you expect to see in a Blue State when a Citizen uses a firearm defensively?

    The continuing effort by the leftist totalitarians to seize everlasting power, by means of shredding the Constitution, will just cause the situation to continue to deteriorate.

    The first battle of the American Revolution was kicked off by an effort to forcibly disarm the American People. The effort to pass such legislation as HR 127 and then to enforce it could well cause history to repeat itself. I really wish that the totalitarians would climb off of their ideology long enough to back away from the cliff.

  12. It doesn’t speak directly to the actual intent of HR 127, but I got a fascinating article this morning from the Force Science Institute ( on Progressive Police Reform. This lays out the theory and “justification” of the drive for “equity in justice”. “Equity” doesn’t mean equality and the actual end game doesn’t look good. There’s more to follow.

    You should be able to read the article on the website. The newsletter is free, all you have to do is signup.

  13. Wondering if the lethal “bullet” was not low-flying double-ought buck a la a Biden-recommended warning shot. Yet another radical-inspired crisis to harvest? One thing the entire present line of Presidential succession could do would be to admit to being a Major National Disaster like the Great Texas Freeze-Up and resign from office. Imagine the popular support! The Surgeon General can help things along by referencing the DSM 5: Ten Personality Disorders, Clusters A and B. Combining officials’ psychological exams with criminality lie detection inquiries could do a lot to clarify sources of harm. I would even offer to guarantee clemency to any high official for fessing anything up if it would remove them.

  14. I don’t have the resources or the legal knowledge or even some special insight into how to address this issues that are coming to us. This country is divided in multitudes of ways. Here is what I do know. For years I have followed Mas and his insight into self-defense and firearms, both training and otherwise. There are certain rules that are repeated over and over as the necessary self-defense steps that MUST take place before,during and after the shot.
    I believe the person (Sheila Jackson Lee) who proposed this legislation should be indicted and tried not for insurrection or such but simply for an attempt at conspiracy to commit (mass) murder.
    This law as proposed can and may get large numbers of our countrymen killed on either side. Doesn’t matter which side of this you come down on the lady is making a direct threat to both sides.
    I am uninformed at specifically which laws she is protected by when submitting legislation, but as I understand it, those protections go out the window for murder and certain other crimes. The constitution prevents the government from infringing, The LAW protects us from those wishing to do us grave bodily injury or death. Conviction? Jail? probably not but all the way to Scotus she should have to defend herself from the charges of the gun owning community and her attempt at killing either Leo’s or the people at large.
    At the very least it begins the real discussion towards a solution that I believe would be less
    dangerous (deadly) and make further attempts at the 2nd less likely. Got a better idea?

  15. Now I will alter the subject to yet another threat. Pandemics occur in nature. If the CCP/Wuhan flu/COVID-19 virus was altered at all by scientists, then I would not label this a pandemic. I would call an altered virus “biological warfare.”

    Is China happy with the result? Is their economy forging ahead while the economies of other countries fall behind? WHAT IS TO STOP THEM FROM DOING THIS AGAIN? Why can’t they create another virus? Why can’t Iran create a virus or bio-weapon?

    • Roger, someone in the past has already created and used a bio-weapon on us. It was a stupidity virus and bio-engineered to affect only liberals although some others caught it. Now it’s mutated and affecting non-liberals too, including many members of Congress.

  16. A blog post from the time machine…
    June 8, 202074391
    This is the latest cry from the far left.

    Miguel Gonzalez has an interesting take on it: .

    Yeah, maybe “Mad Max.” Or “Escape from New York.” Or maybe “Demolition Man.”

    I used to joke that the entry test question for my class should be, “The show Walking Dead is: (A) a TV fantasy; (B) a training film; (C) a documentary.” If you answer anything but (A) you’re not allowed in.

    Lately, that doesn’t seem so funny anymore…”

    I pulled this old post of Mas’ for a reason. Lot’s of developments since the post, now they are re-funding the police. The representatives open Pandoras Box, see the results, then try to close it. If the illogical gun bills are pushed through, denied and settled on a lesser bill, that will once again, start opening Pandoras Box. BLACKWING1 gets it.

    And as for the Walking Dead question, I’d answer “ALL THE ABOVE.”

    • Larry McClain,

      I read the article you linked for us. Very good, and brief.

      Everyone rightly sees the harm which would come to the sheeple if there were no police. The Left probably imagines the sheeple would cry out to the government to help restore order. That dependence on the government is what the Left wants. They want us to need them, and depend on them.

      But maybe, just maybe, there is another group of people who would miss having the police around. Maybe the criminals would miss the protection they receive from the police. That’s right, I said maybe the criminals would miss being protected by the police. Maybe the criminals would not be facing one righteous Paul Kersey (I refer to Charles Bronson’s vigilante character from the “Death Wish” movies). Maybe, in some areas, the criminals would be up against a whole posse of Paul Kerseys. Those vigilantes might not be as polite as our current LEOs are. Why, those vigilantes might even torture the criminals before they kill them. Then, they might turn their corpses into “modern art masterpieces.” (That’s a reference to a line spoken by Gunnery Sergeant Hartmann in the movie, “Full Metal Jacket.”)

      In my imagination, I can see it. The criminals crying and begging the police to save tham from the vigilantes. Begging to be put back in a nice safe American prison. I don’t know what prison life in America is like, but I imagine it is considerably better than living a free life in Venezuela, Syria or North Korea. Criminals begging the Left for the police to return. What a hoot! What a great movie that would make. Another great movie would be where all American police go on strike for one week. We could call it “Hell Week,” except I think that refers to Marine Boot Camp.

      • Roger, better heed Mas’ advice and scale back your violent, bloodthirsty language. Omit words like “Kill” or “Torture”, maybe even “Corpses” which may hint of death. There are many extremely sensitive snowflakes out there and some may be spying on us here and reporting violations to Big Sister aka Aunt Kamala who will dispatch heavily armed jackbooted stormtroopers to visit you at 3AM and shoot your dog.

    • Larry, an old movie that would apply to current times is John Carpenter’s THEY LIVE. I could see all our highly placed liberal politicians are actually aliens disguised as humans. It would be interesting to walk around Washington D.C. wearing a pair of those special glasses featured in the movie. One may see more aliens there than humans. Aunt Kamala may actually have three heads equipped with mandibles, six arms and legs, and a forked tail.

      • Tom606,

        You are correct. I have to watch out. The hideous things I wrote may have been acceptable at one time. The reason is because I am writing about good guys doing violence to bad guys. But now Americans are more confused than ever. Many can’t tell the difference between right and wrong. They think all violence is wrong. The British government is like that. You can defend yourself as long as you don’t harm the misguided individual who is trying to harm you.

        I will have a hard time learning new ways. When I was growing up in the 1970s, the Left screamed that we had to exercise our freedom of speech and our other civil rights. They were mad at the cops for supposedly denying people their civil rights.

        Here I go; breathe deep, think happy thoughts. Remember every keystroke is captured by the NSA forever, forever, forever, forever. Aaaahhhh. Ommm.

      • Roger:

        Who said “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”. Once upon a time, we could express our opinions freely as long as we don’t urge others to commit violence. But now, people conditioned to be stupid aka liberals could somehow read our thoughts and see vicious threats in any speech they don’t like. I could see liberals may soon use the movie The Minority Report as their blueprint for future police work. People who are proud of America, believe in the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, especially the Second Amendment, and served honorably in the military will be seriously considered to be potential enemies of the state and require additional surveillance, both physically and electronically. We may have already be guilty of “Pre-Crimes” by speaking against what we believe is wrong or immoral, so watch out! Big sisters Cortez and Harris are watching.

        I grew up in the 1970’s too and am used to saying stuff which isn’t politically correct, so will have to change my evil ways and become a peaceful member of the World Community. Now where did I put my chanting book and incense?

      • Yep saw it and made note, and another movie by Carpenter, The “Thing” with Kurt Russell. Saw both in one day and drew an immediate contrast in today’s insanity.

        “They Live”=GLOBAL ELITES
        “The Thing”=EVERYONE HAS IT, kill those suspected or destroy everything to accomplish eradication.


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