1. Well, there’s nothing new under the sun here. Enemies of liberty when given the chance to control the narrative always rewrite history, twisting it to their totalitarian worldview.

  2. Read your book and totally agree. Alas, media is not interested in anything other than selling themselves to an unsuspecting, totally biased public. If someone ever figures out what to do about this, I’d love to hear about it.

  3. I don’t have a problem with him selling it. Not one bit, sir. I see no difference in him selling his than I would in Bill Hickok, Wyatt Earp, nor anyone else selling one of their guns. This gun is a piece of history. The fact that it’s recent history doesn’t matter.

    Question: Are we, as gun owners, supposed to never sell guns we’ve used to defend our lives?

    Should my extensively-customized Colts, Springfields, Glocks, et cetera… guns on which I’ve spent CONSIDERABLE MONEY to make more “shootable” and “comfortable” for *ME*… to “work” as I wish in the undesired event I have to use any of them in a self-defense situation… NEVER be sold. In a best-case scenario, I am declared to have a “clean shoot” (either not charged or charged, but found not guilty) after defending my life or that of a loved one; down the road, perhaps to pay for legal or medical expenses, I am inclined to sell the gun — but I’m not supposed to and am, instead, supposed to suffer incurred debt, because of some politically-correct, morally-bankrupt “values” in some sectors of society? My God… what if I just find I no longer WANT the gun? Am I doomed to keep it anyway? Does this thinking apply to other incidents involving cars… houses… hedgetrimmers?

    It’s property. It’s a piece of history. He’s free to sell HIS property for as much money as he can possibly get. Lining him up with Jack-the-Ripper types and tainting him as an “acquitted murderer” profiting from a kill… well, I wonder if the people going after Zimmerman in such a manner went after O. J. Simpson. Actually… no, I don’t wonder.

  4. Reading the comments below the Washington Post article was infuriating. People are so brain washed by the media that they refuse to believe actual facts. GAHHH, this gets me mad.

  5. There is no “journalism”. It’s all just a bunch of propaganda writers present in the lame stream, ultra left lieberal media.

    Imagining if I was one in Mr. Zimmerman’s place AND not quite all too tired of court rooms, I personally would sue that rag for libel (or slander or false light or whatever they would choose to call defaming lies on the printed page in the appropriate jurisdiction).

    People need to get that Martin was a violent and felonious one who killed himself by attacking the wrong man. In Mr. Zimmerman’s place again – I would forgive him for using me to commit suicide.

    Mr. Zimmerman has been acquitted and is no so called “murderer” in the least.

    Must’ve been a slow news day over there.

  6. I was pleased to hear he got such a good price for that pistol. I just hope he uses the money fast before he gets hit with a civil suit. I pity anyone who relies on the mainstream press for their information on anything.

  7. “If you don’t read the newspaper, you’re uninformed. If you read the newspaper, you’re mis-informed.” — Mark Twain

    I have consistently told my family members that if they listen to the mainstream news, they will not know what truly happened. They will only know one side of the story spun as “truth”. Thankfully, today we have the internet and can get all sides to a story by the non-mainstream media. This drives the “powers that be” nuts as they still yearn for the day when only their newspapers and media had a lock on the propaganda. Print media is dead or dying.

  8. I’ve long noted that today’s MSM and politicians are twins co-joined by deceit. Both parties with only a few exceptions.
    If you read much of that crap I hope you’re on meds for high blood pressure.

  9. Sounds like an easy win lawsuit to me. However, I am am not a lawyer and I know a lawsuit is seldom easy. smh

  10. “Contemporary journalism is reminding me of contemporary politics.”

    When most journalists are merely “political operatives with bylines”, what can one expect, Mas?

  11. Angela Corey publicly called GZ a “murderer” after the acquittal. I was thinking of making a Florida Bar ethics complaint about that. Hopefully she will be out of office after the upcoming election. Note she and her prosecutors in the Dunn case repeatedly quoted Voltaire — without attribution. Also an ethics violation to my thinking.

    As for the GZ trial, saw it start to finish. Studied the exhibits and motions and jury instructions. I blogged it. Not only predicted the NG verdict, I correctly predicted the first vote of the jury (10-2 for acquittal) and the precise question the jury would send out to the judge.

  12. Crap it is! No wonder the people won’t buy this garbage for a newspaper!

  13. Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Benjamin Crump show up, with media in tow in Ferguson, Mo. and Baltimore, Md. in the wake of their recent unpleasantness, offering his services to the bereaved parents? Spinning a demonstrably false narrative of the events to the media, who dutiful reported the inflammatory fiction, resulting in civil disorder. Seems I read somewhere that he along with Obama Justice Department (injustice department?), colluded to form up the”black lives matter movement.

    Yep, it seems the media, even after absorbing and disseminating false, incendiary stories, won’t give up the narrative, even after having them proven to be lies.

    I know that media has some immunity from libel when defaming “public figures”, but this should far be outside that immunity, in my opinion. It’s certainly beyond the pale.
    It should also be a stark reminder of what one should expect, if God forbid, you are forced to use deadly force in defense of yourself or others.

    “…… declare that he’s able to sell his gun for significant money “because Americans have always been fascinated with murder.”

    Could it be that Americans are fascinated with how a man, trying to serve his neighborhood could be viciously attacked by a 17 year old young man who was substantially taller and more athletic, who had a recent history of anti-social behavior, defend himself with deadly force, only after being beaten to the brink of unconsciousness, only as a seemingly last resort, from even further bodily harm by this assailant, only to be maligned by some segments of society, to include his political leaders. Maliciously prosecuted, only to see his attacker elevated to sainthood, in spite of all the evidence to the contrary. Could it be that Americans are fascinated with “injustice” and helping the victims of it?

    The poor treatment given to George Zimmerman should weigh heavy on the conscience of this nation, and even more so for the treatment of Officer Darren Wilson. How dare they not allow themselves to be beaten and killed by criminal thugs.

  14. Mas,
    It seems that today stupid (: marked by or resulting from unreasoned thinking or acting : senseless ) is what drives America not ignorance ( lack of knowledge or information.) Even though the truth and facts proved that George Zimmerman was innocent peoples unreasoned thinking is driving their thinking and not ignorance lack of knowledge. George Zimmerman had to go through a trail that he never should have because of the stupid decision of the prosecutors in Florida. He now lives his life with peoples stupid ( unreasoned thinking ) of how he should have been found guilty to make them feel better and not based on the facts and evidence. Why do people even buy The Washington Post knowing it full of lies and personal opinions not news. How can The Washington Post even get away with comparing him to convicted murders is that no slander?

    But how can George Zimmerman put the Keltec up for sale knowing that it will only fester a wound that was maybe starting to heal? Yes it is his firearm and he can sale it give it away or carry it for protection. I just can’t see how putting the pistol up for sale helps anyone. But that is how I see it. I would no more want this pistol than I would the axe Lizzy Borden used. Both are tools but both have a stigmatism attached to them. I am in no way saying either of these are evil the Keltec or the Hatchet they are just objects that can do nothing on there on. And I am in no way comparing George Zimmerman to Lizzy Borden. But I am wondering how is this going to effect everyone who carries a firearm and could have to use it? If the gun was to bring millions of dollars would the argument of the next prosecutor be he or she only used their weapon so that they could sell it and become rich? I can hear Hillary Clinton using George Zimmerman’s statement to use some of the money to make sure she doesn’t get elected.

    And I see how this has ruined George Zimmerman’s life and never being able to have gainful employment not any time soon anyways. It would be better if he could sue The Washington Post for enough money that it would put them out of business or make them think twice about the stupidity of the article. I agree with the acquittal 100 % but did he just reopen a can of worms that will affect every gun owner in America? I just don’t see how either side is right on this one.

    Yes the media and politicians paint a grim picture of gun owners but I think they were just given in their eyes a more vivid color to use against us. Which way will this sway the fence sitters on gun control? I don’t see this doing any good for anyone but hurting our cause and pouring gasoline on a fire that was dying out. This is one I hope I am totally wrong about.

  15. I do agree with the sentiments that I have read here, but as an NO CCW holder, I feel compelled to point out one thing. In NC, the moment Mr. Zimmerman decided to get out of his truck, he was in the wrong. If you can avoid danger, do so. Here, in NC we are obligated to turn the matter over to the police unless our lives or those of others are at stake. We are not sworn officers.

  16. Media stories, like this, provide yet more evidence (as if we needed anymore!) of pervasive left-wing bias.

    The media grabbed the Zimmerman story, in the first place, because it fit the left-wing narrative of the white racist oppressing innocent people of other races. The out-of-date pictures, of Trayvon Martin as an innocent boy matched against the mug shot of Zimmerman glowering at the camera, was made to order. The left-wing media immediately tried Zimmerman in their “court of public opinion”, and found him guilty of murder. Since most left-wingers generally oppose capital punishment (although they might have made an exception for a White-Hispanic racist), I suppose most of his media judges would have sentenced Zimmerman to life imprisonment if only they had the authority.

    Zimmerman was never granted the “presumption of innocence” by the left-wing media. They had many people convinced that he was guilt unless (somehow) he could produce irrefutable evidence that proved his innocence during his trial. So, the “Not-Guilty” verdict that confirmed his innocence came as a radical shock to those who had bought into the narrative sold by the left-wing media. It did not come as a shock to anyone who did grant Zimmerman the presumption of innocence and who looked coldly at the evidence (or lack thereof) to support the sought-after murder and manslaughter charges.

    The left-wing media cannot admit their mistakes, of course, so they continue to treat Zimmerman as if he was a convicted murderer (after all, he was convicted of first-degree murder in their media stories). So, they truly do not see (even yet) how awful it is to group an innocent man with true convicted murderers and (for good measure) with Hitler too!

    This story also fits into the narrative of the “Evil Gun” upon which their beloved policy of “gun control” is based. As I have noted in previous posts, the left-wing mindset assumes humans are naturally good and it will always seek to shift the blame for any wrong-doing to some external social force such as racism (see above), poverty, ignorance, drug-abuse or (of course) the easy availability of uncontrolled firearms in America.

    Therefore, a leftist can readily view Zimmerman’s firearm not as an inanimate object but as a dangerous and evil object that is unclean and stained with the innocent blood of the martyr Treyvon Martin. The innocent one for which their messiah, President Obama, commented “If I had a son, he would look like Treyvon”.

    The lack of reality displayed in this article reflects the loss of reality of the left-wing mindset. A leftist views the world through an ideological lens that distorts everything he sees and (as this article illustrates) everything he thinks and writes.

    Zimmerman’s life was destroyed by the left-wing news media. His life and future was the fodder that they tried to use to stoke the flames of their leftist propaganda. If I was in George Zimmerman’s shoes, I would use the money made from the sale of this firearm to (A) legally change my name to John Smith and then (B) pay for plastic surgery that would change my facial features and hair color so that I would no longer look like the old Zimmerman who glowered in the mug-shot. It might be his only chance to salvage some of his life and future which the left-wing media has done their best to destroy.

  17. Mr. Ron Rogers – if you want the truth, may I implore you to begin “reading Mas’ blog entry on the day he was acquitted, July 13, 2013, and read the nineteen subsequent entries to understand the reality?” I can guarantee that it will change you.

  18. Never forget that during the trial of the Menendez brothers the defense argued for leniency because the two boys no longer had parents. You know, the parents they murdered…

    My workplace has a painting on display which is obviously a reference to the “hands up, don’t shoot” lie. Don’t recall ever using profanity in this forum, but both the media AND the Ivy League piss me the fuck off.

  19. This topic is so timely. Baltimore Officer Edward Nero was just found NOT GUILTY by the judge in a bench trial, the judge’s stated reason? Insufficient evidence to support the charges (golly-gee, Wally, he had to go to law school to figure that out?). Another liberal/progressive political assassination attempt fails.

    Mark my words, the pending departmental review will result in his firing, not for cause, but to placate the masses for a violation that, under normal circumstances would have warranted a verbal reprimand from his supervisors, at most. In the famous words of prosecutor Marilyn Mosby “I hear your call for no justice, no peace” which translates “I will destroy lives just because you want me to, no matter what the law says, because we have special status in America and no one dares to challenge us”.

  20. It should be noted by everyone that GZ is not simply selling his gun. He is selling the story that goes along with the gun.

    Is this a moral act?

    I think not.

  21. Ron Rogers: I’m sure Zimmerman wishes he had ignored Martin regardless of what Martin was up to. (Remember that the neighborhood had suffered a series of burglaries.) However, the state of Florida had its crack at convicting Zimmerman of murder and was rebuffed by the jury. For me, the definitive statement came from one of the female jurors who said she would like to have convicted Zimmerman of something, presumably because she disapproved of his killing a teenager, but couldn’t because none of his actions were illegal.

    I, too, live in a “duty to retreat” state. About a year ago, an elderly man heard suspicious noises outside his home late at night. He got his handgun and went out to investigate. The unarmed trespasser assaulted him in response to which he shot the trespasser to death. In my opinion, his going outside to investigate was a mistake both tactically and legally. The county attorney must not share my opinion because he ruled the shooting to be justified self defense.

    As far as I know, no one has commented that, had Zimmerman not shot him, Martin would have gone to prison for assault if not voluntary manslaughter or murder.

    In the social circles most of us inhabit, the response to a display of bad manners is ostracism or, at most, a harsh word. In others, it can get you a beating. Rory Miller calls this an “educational beatdown”. Greg Ellifritz ( recently published an example. I have often wondered if that isn’t what Martin was doing to Zimmerman because he was offended at being followed in an obvious display of suspicion.

  22. Most of those in the MSM are domestic enemies of the Constitution. They live in a wonderful country, and want to change it. If you change a wonderful country, it will no longer be wonderful. Oh, but they can make America better than it was, right? Marxist ideas have been tried since 1848, and they have never succeeded anywhere.

    The writer mentions the Holocaust. If the European Jews had kept their weapons, then maybe 6 million of them would not have been slaughtered. Sure, they would lose some firefights, but maybe 6,000 or 60,000 of them would have been killed, not 6 million. Hitlery Clinton wants to disarm us so we can be defenseless like those European Jews.

    The writer mentions morality. Listening to a liberal talk about morality is like listening to MAD Donna talk about chastity, or modest clothing.

    Tony says the American people are stupid, not ignorant. I agree. We saw their stupidity when Bill Clinton was elected for the second term, and again when Obama was elected to his second term.

    Liberals and Conservatives have very little in common. It is time for a split. We cannot agree on one set of laws, so we need two sets of laws, and that means two countries.

  23. Zimmerman should not have gotten out of the truck. His civic duty, if any, began and ended with calling the cops and reporting the possible prowler. Even in a state that has a Stand Your Ground law (which was not relevant in this case), a civilian should do everything reasonably possible to avoid getting into a confrontation with criminals.

    That said, trying to follow the suspect was an error in judgment, not malicious intent. And Zimmerman was not on trial for bad judgment, he was wrongly accused of murder. First by the politically motivated prosecutor, then by the politically motivated news media.

  24. It’s not PTSD. It’s real and ongoing for GZ when the state has, and the media continues to target him.

  25. @ tc:

    Not to argue with you but I have a different perspective on the Zimmerman – Martin Shooting Case. Here’s how I view it:

    On the day George Zimmerman was born, he was an innocent babe. On that day, he received a “Mantle of Innocence”. Indeed, this Mantle was his swaddling cloth.

    As he grew from child to boy to man-hood, the Mantle of Innocence expanded and continued to fit him. On the rainy night that George Zimmerman left his home on an errand, he had his Mantle draped about his shoulders.

    Some believe that (somehow) Zimmerman tore his Mantle in getting out of his truck or when he followed Martin for a ways. However, this is not true. The Mantle of Innocence is a very tough garment and it does not tear that easily.

    Others believe that Zimmerman shot a hole in his Mantle when he pulled the trigger that night. They believe that a bullet hole was punched into his Mantle that caused the whole thing to unravel. It is true that gunfire can sometimes punch a hole in one of these Mantles. However, it depends upon the circumstances. Sometimes these Mantles are so tough that they are bullet proof.

    The local prosecutor looked over Zimmerman’s Mantle after the incident. He did not see any damage and so did not carry the matter forward. However Martin’s family, motivated by a desire for revenge rather than justice, grabbed a media agent and went to the left-wing media with their version of the story.

    The media viewed the Zimmerman case through the distorting lens of left-wing ideology. Through this lens, his Mantle of Innocence was absolutely invisible. So, they began to write story after story after story in which no mention of Zimmerman’s Mantle was made at all. Even worse, they knew that not every member of the public uses the left-wing lens like they do. They were afraid that some of the public could still see Zimmerman’s Mantle. So, they wove a new Mantle of Guilt and tried to drape it over Zimmerman’s shoulders so as to hide the Mantle that he was born with.

    The actions of the Media prompted a second prosecutor to look at the case. This one looked at it with the eyes of ambition and publicity. With this new lens, she also could not see (or she chose to ignore) Zimmerman’s natural Mantle. So, she charged Zimmerman with Murder and with the lesser included offense of Manslaughter.

    So, Zimmerman went to trial. Now, the one thing that can rip the Mantle from a person is the findings of a judge and jury. The hands of a court are strong enough to rip away a person’s Mantle of Innocence. Zimmerman was wearing his Mantle in court and when he stood to hear the verdict of the jury, the hands of the court were poised to rip off his Mantle.

    However, the jury verdict was “Not Guilt” and, at that point, the hands of the court withered and fell away from Zimmerman. He walked out of that court with his Mantle still draped about his shoulders.

    However, the media still views Zimmerman through the distorting lens of left-wing ideology. They still, to this day, cannot detect any sign of Zimmerman’s Mantle. It remains totally invisible to them. That is why they have no problems grouping Zimmerman, as they did in this story, with other people who have lost their Mantles.

    Countless people have bought into the narrative sold by the left-wing media. Many members of the public, despite the results of the trial, still cannot see Zimmerman’s Mantle. Or else, they see it only faintly as if it was opaque.

    However, the “Presumption of Innocence” which is at the heart of the American Justice System requires us (each and every one of us) to see Zimmerman’s Mantle. He still wears it today and will continue to wear it unless some future court strips it away. Otherwise, he will wear it even unto the day of his death. On that day, the Mantle of Innocence will be his shroud as it was his swaddling cloth on the day of his birth.

    For those in the news media and on this blog who still cannot see Zimmerman’s Mantle, I say you need to look with better eyes and with clearer vision.

  26. Everyone has their own, unique, life experiences that shape their attitudes and reactions to outside stimuli. A man who grows up never having lived more than a short walk to cheap public transportation, sees no need for having an automobile. One that has never lived in a freestanding home that they, themselves, own, can’t recognize the need for a big, gas guzzling pick-up truck. A person who lives in a gated community that is patrolled by a paid security company, supplementing the local police, can see no need for owning a firearm. One who has never personally had his life, or that of a loved one, threatened, sees no justification to try to protect or act in the face of evil.

    Let the sheepdog protect me, I have no need to dirty my hands. I’m above all that primal instinct stuff.

    What? You would dare to actually confront a possible threat to your neighbors? You refuse to cower in the relative safety of your pick-up truck, and just call the “proper authorities”, you know, those people who are paid to do such things? You can’t just respond like I would have? Make the call, drive away, secure in the knowledge I did all I could, without actually confronting evil, to protect my innocent friends and neighbors? What? You would actually use whatever force required to protect yourself from great bodily harm or death? How dare you? Don’t you understand that your type of response makes me appear to be a coward, not the sophisticated, cautious, compassionate, non- racist, person I wish to be seen as? I would rather you have died than to expose the failings of my life philosophy.

    I will do my best to denigrate and criticize you for not responding in my more civilized manner. You cretin.

  27. Journalism shouldn’t stink. That “news item” stinks to high heaven.

  28. P.S.- To quote a man who refused to stand by and observe, only to criticize those who confront evil………..

    ” It is not the critic that counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, whether the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming;but who does actually try to do the deeds; who at the best knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement and who at worst, if he fails, at least he fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory or defeat. ”

    Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt

  29. Anyone who posts here regularly knows that I believe that (a) TM unlawfully assaulted GZ without any provocation sufficient to give TM a legal claim to self-defense or other legally-justifiable use of force, (b) that GZ was properly found not guilty, (c) that there is no evidence that GZ is racist against Black persons, and (d) that he should not have got out of his truck. Rather than re-argue my case, I’m going to do as Mas has done and mostly just refer back to those prior discussions.

    However, I will note this: at the point GZ got out of his truck, he had not witnessed TM do one single unlawful thing and when he did get out of his truck it was not to pursue or confront TM (so he says, and I believe him). And there is not one iota of evidence that had GZ not got out of his truck that TM would have done anything other than go home with his purchases.

    In his book, “In the Gravest Extreme,” Mas recommended wrapping a $20 bill around a matchbox and tossing it to someone who had a suspicious look of perhaps starting a confrontation as an alternative to _possibly_ having to engage in the use of deadly force in self-defense and having to deal with its consequences. If Mas were going to a rough section of town to take a meal to check on a sick friend who had gone silent and intentionally left the wrapped matchbox at home while going out legally armed, he would have been taking the same risk GZ took here by getting out of his truck. If an illegal deadly assault had happened to him, it would not have been his legal fault, but the consequences for both him and the deceased (and I don’t doubt that with Mas’ skills that the attacker would be anything other than deceased) could have been avoided. There is an element of moral fault there. Yes, no one should ever have to limit their behavior, especially meritorious behavior, to make allowances for potential illegal behavior for others, but there’s being right and there’s being foolish. Transsexual women (men who identify as and dress as female) who legally carry ought to be able to freely use the men’s room, but as Dennis has noted in the Thurber thread (which seems to have vanished) they might be right (and in North Carolina, legally compliant) in doing so and even courageous, but it would likely be foolish and potentially deadly.

  30. I frequently play the “what if?” game. Thankfully, my life is peaceful and boring, so the dramatic situations I imagine, never actually happen.

    Since I know that after being victimized by a criminal, I stand a good chance of being victimized by our criminal justice system, I have imagined a way out.

    In one scenario, I confront the bad guy, and, thinking like a lawyer, do everything right and according to our laws. I know that I will still face a difficult trial, but maybe everything will turn out all right.

    In another scenario, I get angry at my attacker, overcome him, and go too far. After he is subdued, I continue the attack, and kill him, because I hate him. At this point, knowing my life is ruined, I lay down on my left side, place the barrel of my gun in my right ear, and send a bullet into my brain stem. That way, I avoid the unpleasantness of a long trial, and spending time in prison with the worst of humanity.

    It is too bad I think like that, but the current anti-self defense climate we find ourselves in, where you are only given a pass if you do everything perfectly with milliseconds to think about what you are doing, forces me to think of suicide as one way to escape the unfortunate things people go through after they defend their lives.

    Well, it could be worse. I could live in the United Kingdom, where you can only defend yourself if you don’t hurt the bad guy in the process. As Bob Grant used to say, “It’s sick out there, and getting sicker!”

  31. What Liberal Dave said.

    For the record, I do not consider Zimmerman to be a murderer, a criminal, or even a vigilante. And the world would undoubtedly be a better place if more citizens would take responsibility, and volunteer to serve and help protect their communities. Unfortunately,

  32. we live in a world where criminals seem to have more rights than honest citizens, where the news media are more interested in spreading propaganda than in reporting facts, and where our pop culture heroes are Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian instead of Audie Murphy and Pat Tillman.

    Zimmerman and Darren Wilson were legally exonerated, but their lives were still ruined.

    The sheep can’t see a difference between the shepherd dog and the wolf. If you are a sheep dog (professional police officer, or civilian neighborhood watch volunteer), the “innocent people” you are trying to help will sit on a jury and convict you of violating the wolf’s civil rights.

  33. To quote from John Wayne: “Life is hard, but it is a hell of a lot harder if you are stupid.”

    I don’t think that anyone is claiming (here) that George Zimmerman is a mental giant. He seems to one of those persons who is driven more by his emotions rather than by deep thinking.

    He received ill-usage and grossly unfair treatment at the hands of the left-wing driven news media. I think that this has left him a bitter and resentful man which is somewhat understandable.

    He knows that the news media reacts to “ZIMMERMAN!” just exactly the same way as the dogs in the Pixar movie “UP!” react to “SQUIRREL!”. So, it seems to amuse him to jerk the chain of the news media, from time to time, and then sit back and watch them bark and howl and foam at the mouth! His recent sale of his old firearm is just one of several examples of this behavior.

    Personally, I think the smart course would be to “let sleeping dogs lie”. The smart thing to do would be to hunker low and let this case blow over. After all, it is well known that the news media has the attention span of a fruit fly!

    However, Zimmerman is an emotional man not a smart one. I think the decision to “get out of the truck” was based upon emotion rather than good tactical thinking. It was not illegal but it was also not smart. Like I said at the start, no one ever accused Zimmerman of being smart. However, just being dumb (alone) should not land one in prison irrespective of what the news media says.

  34. Roger Willco: The political climate for self defense varies from place to place. I’m sure there are many places in the US where it is as bad as you say. However, there are also places where it isn’t.

    See my brief description of a trespasser who made the fatal mistake of assaulting an armed senior citizen. The situation was quite similar to that of Zimmerman and Martin.

    Thirty years ago, I was told by a city police officer that no one in my county had ever been charged for shooting a home invader. That record is still intact.

    Nearly twenty years ago, during a business trip to southwestern Wyoming, one of the locals told me that they didn’t worry about drive by shootings. “They know we’ll shoot back.” Years before that, in the eastern part of the state, another resident told me that sheriff’s deputies encouraged her to keep a handgun in her car for protection.

    The climate can vary from place to place even within one state. Back when Iowa carry permits (no distinction between concealed and open carry) were “may issue” at the discretion of the sheriff, some sheriffs were effectively shall issue while others were as bad as New York City or New Jersey. Adjacent counties could have radically different policies which could change after a new sheriff took office. This lack of consistency resulted in the state’s becoming “shall issue”.

  35. I would have to agree with TN-MAN. GZ seems to like the limelight. He has the perfect right to sell his firearm, but publicly doing so just opens old wounds. Assuming he still lives in FL, he needs to move out of state and get on with his life. I find it hard to believe that he is totally unemployable.

  36. Kendahl,

    Thanks for your encouraging words. If I had made better career decisions, I too would live in a “free” state, and have a better attitude. As it is, I need the help of family and friends, so I remain in New Jersey.

    Here’s a pathetic thought. I like Governor Christie. Did he lower property taxes? No, and he probably can’t do it because that is for the local government to do. Did Governor Christie turn NJ into a “shall-issue” CCW state? No, he didn’t even try, although it is up to the legislature, not him. Governor Christie is willing to look at some of NJ’s particularly egregious gun laws, and consider softening them a bit. He pardoned about five people who were persecuted by miniature Hitlers. People who didn’t do anything wrong, except break one of NJ’s draconian gun laws. I can only remember Shaneen Allen’s name right now.

    So what’s pathetic is the fact that I am left begging for crumbs from the table of big government. I need to be satisfied that I am allowed to own guns with 15-round magazines and keep them in my house. My guns only travel to the range or a gunsmith.

    I wish an actor would appear on television dressed as King George III. He would tell us that he wasn’t really so bad, and only wanted a three cent tax on our tea. That would be hilarious to watch and ponder, comparing our current government to that of King George III.

    It is true that I could move. I don’t have to live in NJ. I’ve tried it before, and it has been difficult, but not impossible.

  37. Here, here for TN-MAN…of all the comments (many way too laborious to read and so full of their own virtue it astounds me), his most directly reflect my views on the Zimmerman matter. Not that my opinion, his or anyone else’s here is worth anything!


  38. In case there is still anyone living on the Planet Earth who still believes that the news media is unbiased and that they try to present a fair and balanced view of the controversial issue of Gun Control, then this story should educate you as to the truth.

    Note that the link provided above is to a story in the Washington Post. A media outlet that is, in itself, tainted by left-wing bias. However, even they were appalled by the deception used by Katie Couric and Company.

    Yet, both the producer of this propaganda piece and Katie herself are unapologetic. I guess they figure that gun owners deserve to “get what’s coming to them” and that the “Purity” of their glorious goal of stripping Americans of their 2nd Amendment Rights justifies the use of lies and deception.

    On the issue of gun control, the left-wing media is outright biased and they don’t care who knows it!

  39. I thought it rather telling, if not ironic, that your article ended with “Contemporary journalism is reminding me of contemporary politics” and the first thing I see on the site for the ‘article’ you linked was a big drop-down advertisement for Hillary Clinton for President.