XmasCardWeather.com tells me that the place I almost went for Christmas has a temperature of one degree Fahrenheit at the moment, with a wind chill of fourteen below.  Balmy compared to a friend’s place in Montana, where the “real-feel” was forty below zero yesterday.  Having become a geezer for whom deep cold is actually painful now, my Christmas present to myself was spending it someplace warm.

 “This season, we’re outdoors in shirts.

  “There’s nothing to shovel, and nothing hurts!”

Will be touching bases on Christmas with friends less fortunate than we. One just lost his lovely wife of many years. Another will be in the hospital recovering from emergency surgery arising from complications following a severe heart attack.  Any season for counting one’s blessings is a season to reach out to those in pain.

Whatever your belief system, whether Christmas is a religious touchstone for you or a secular cultural holiday, all on this end wish all on yours a Merry Christmas and a day of joy and peace.


  1. Mery Christmas to you, and yours too, Mas.

    Where I live in the bueatiful Biter Root Valley, in Southwest Montana, the Temperature outside is 35 degrees, with a high of 40 degrees pridicted, so it’s mostly the part of Montana east of the continental divide, where you would swear that there is “Noting between you the North Pole, but a Barbed Wire Fence”.

  2. To your friend who recently lost his wife, my sincere condolences, my wife passed on December 8th, I know the pain your friend is feeling.
    Mas, I wish you and yours the best of Christmas

  3. Merry Christmas to you and yours, Mas. The past couple of days where I live in Montana it got into the 40’s after starting at 2 one morning! 🙂 We’re S of Highwood so we get the Chinook Winds.


  4. Merry Christmas! I have learned so much from you regarding my and my family’s safety, I wish for you and your family a safe and wonderful Christmas filled with warm blessings and loving moments to cherish!

  5. Mas, the spirit of sharing your personal time is the best present you could ever give to your friends. May you have a healthy and prosperous New Year.