Sitting patiently (no pun intended) in my dentist’s waiting room the other day, my choice of provided reading matter was golf, cars, boats, or a September 2016 issue of NRA’s American Rifleman magazine. You can probably guess where I gravitated.  Sure, I had read my own copy back when it came out, but what the heck, review never hurts.

I’m glad it made that choice.

The editorial by NRA Executive Director Wayne LaPierre for that issue was published before the last Presidential election.  At the time the news media and the polls were predicting a sure win for Hillary Clinton, who had been more hateful toward the NRA, its five million members including moi, and law-abiding gun owners in general than any candidate for the White House in history.

Her loss seemed a miraculous save on a par with the sinking of the Spanish Armada. But she and her kind are still out there…and still damning us with distortions, half-truths, and outright lies.  Thus, not quite a year and a half since LaPierre’s words appeared in print, we’re hearing the same arguments.

And still needing the same truthful rebuttals LaPierre put forth at that time.  Read it here and see for yourself.


  1. Mas,

    Anti-gunners, and the Left in general, are nothing if not persistent. They are willing to wait generations, and bit by bit, getting what the seek.

  2. Just last night I read an article that reported the Mueller Gestapo team is going to focus its investigation now on the NRA/Wayne LaPierre and connections to Russia/Putin.

    Mas you are absolutely correct that the demonic forces of the left are still out there. Let us not forget that the 2016 election only gave us a TEMPORARY reprieve. This November 2018 it is quite possible the forces for good will lose the Congress. If we do, then the President will have been neutered. Everything we are dreaming of could be lost forever.

    As I write this I am watching the March for Life. One SCOTUS decision has transformed this nation for 45 YEARS. On our issue of 2A, it will only take ONE decision to transform and erase this nations 2A right for a dozen generations into the future. So as the scary movie quote goes, “be afraid, be very afraid”.

  3. “There is nothing that bad people do with guns that isn’t already illegal in every corner of the country.” Very true, Thank you Wayne. I truly thank God that Trump won. I know that sounds like hyperbole, but it really is true. Is it too early to start the chant? “FOUR MORE YEARS!”- One last thought, BUILD THE WALL, end chain migration, visa lottery, and DACA. No compromise, No surrender! Stay safe.

  4. That was a good article and very true. Unfortunately I think after these 4 years are up that we may be facing the very same challenge again unless every single person that voted for President Trump gets out and votes again. The liberals will be frothing at the mouth like a pack of rabid dogs before the next presidential election to try to get another liberal in power. What the liberals should be worrying about instead is Kim Jun Ung.

  5. Interesting that today we know far more about the evil domiciled within the black heart of this creature. Let us hope, and pray as well, that she find true justice meted out to her corrupt self. Uranium One, Pay to Play, the Clinton FOundation, the Russian Collusion in in the election that handed her a resounding defeat, but which collusion is NOT with the parties SHE accuses,but herself and her own people, her celebrated aide Abedin and her pervert “husband” and more national secrets residing on yet another unsecure computer, and clear implications of yet more political intrigue, lying, scamming….. HOW LONG will we be forced to wait until she dons her orange Onesie? and takes up residence in some secure CrowBar Hotel? Which treatment would be far too generous with her. The Constitution names and defines only one crime. Evidence is overwhelming that her activities fit this definition well. There is a traditional sentence associated with that crime.

  6. If the anti-2As hit their thumb while driving a nail, they’d blame the hammer.
    Fear not. Illogic never won the argument.

  7. Lies and deceit have become the regular coinage of the American Left. It is not just the serial lying, corruption and electoral cheating of “Crooked Hillary” either. It is endemic to the Left ranging from the “you can keep your doctor” lies of Obama to the constant barrage of distortions put out by the Leftist mainstream media. See this link:

    Why shouldn’t the Left deal in lies and hypocrisy? They know that the mainstream media has issued them a “Get out of Jail Free” card and will cover-up and under-report any lies or deceptions that the Leftist politicians create. The main threat to their power is President Trump which explains their poisonous hatred for him.

    When it comes to human behavior, there is nothing new under the sun. It has all been done before. The current political situation is simply a repeat of events in the Life of Jesus as detailed in the New Testament.

    Now, don’t get me wrong! I am not saying that President Trump is a religious figure. I mean it in a political sense. One needs to understand that, in his day, Jesus was as much of a political figure as a religious one.

    The “Swamp” in Jesus’ day was a powerful set of political elites represented by the Pharisees, scribes and Moneychangers. They basically had a “deal” with the Romans. The Romans allowed them a certain amount of power (especially religious power) from which they could lord it over the common people, accumulate wealth, privilege, and have a good life. This all revolved around the Temple and control of worship. In exchange, they would see that the Romans got paid their tribute money and would help maintain the peace. It was a symbiotic relationship that kept the Romans and the Jewish elites on top while keeping the common people under control and paying taxes.

    Jesus challenged this system. He cleansed the Temple (See Matthew 21: 12 to 15). Jesus was becoming a popular religious leader with the people. The elites feared that he might spark an uprising and break up the cozy “Swamp” that existed between the Jewish elites and the Romans. The Jewish elites saw Jesus as a major threat to their power, to their wealth and to their privileged status.

    We know what happened then. The Jewish elites conspired to use lies to bring down Jesus (See Matthew 26: 57 to 67). In the end, they conspired to have Jesus put to death by crucifixion.

    Well, the wheel goes around and the same spoke comes up again. The “Swamp” in 21st Century America consists of a powerful set of Leftist political and media elites. As before, they have a good life of power, wealth and privilege. In their Leftist ideology, control of government is central. Government is their ideological key to building their ideal Leftist Utopian world. It also underpins their power, wealth and status. Government control is the modern-day “Temple of Worship” for the American Left.

    Then, along came Donald Trump and, in the 2016 Presidential Election, he tossed the American Left out of their Temple just as Jesus had done, 2000 years before, to the Jewish elites. The American Left lost control of the Presidency, both Houses of Congress and they are no longer able to pack the courts with Leftist Judges. Trump whipped and scourged them from their Temple! Hell will freeze over before they stand for that!

    The American Left reacted EXACTLY like the Pharisees, Scribes and Moneychangers in Jesus’ time. They set out to use lies, deceit, false witnesses (fake news) and whatever other weapons at their disposal to bring President Trump down. Their hatred is as great as the most extreme foam-at-the-mouth Pharisee’s hatred of Jesus. They want to crucify President Trump! And not just, politically. There are those in the Left and in the Mainstream Media that would joyfully crucify President Trump in real life. They would happily drive the stakes though his hands and feet and then host him up on a cross. They would dance in giddy joy as President Trump dies a slow, lingering and agonizing death. Nothing would make them happier since they perceive President Trump as the greatest threat that they have ever known. A direct threat to their power, wealth, privilege and status.

    President Trump ran on a pledge to “Drain the Swamp”. That is a Declaration of War as far as the Leftists are concerned. As a result, the Leftists and their media allies are fighting a “Total War” and they will use whatever “Bomb” they can develop to win it, no matter how “Dirty” of a bomb is needed.

    • You make an interesting parallel, comparing the politics of Jesus’ day with today’s. The big difference is Jesus knew all about the intrigue that would befall him and said in John 18:36 “My kingdom is not of this world.” Thus, Jesus succeeded in his mission: to offer himself a sacrifice for the sin of mankind and thereby make possible eternal life with him in his kingdom for those who would so choose. He didn’t come to establish a kingdom in this world, but to bring us into his in heaven.

      • @ Ira Cutting – You are speaking of the religious implications of the trial of Jesus and his subsequent death. That is not surprising since Jesus is such a central religious figure. Most people cannot think about this life without considering the heavy religious overtones.

        However, as I hoped to make clear in my comparison above, I was speaking purely of the political implications associated with the trial and death of Jesus and how similar the politics are to today’s political environment in America.

        In my view, the politics are a separate matter from the religion. One should not read religious implications into my comparison or think that I am trying to make President Trump into a religious figure. As I noted above, I want to avoid any such thing. My comparison is purely on the similar politics. Let’s face it, when it comes to politics in America today, it is about as far as one can get from religion. Indeed, one can quite accurately observe that the closer one gets to Washington Politics, then the further one gets from God! 🙂

      • TN_MAN,

        The hatred for Trump is bizarre to me. For most of his life he was a Democrat, with “New York values.” I guess that makes him a turncoat like the Apostle Paul, who used to be called Saul.

        I fear what the opposition might try if they can’t get Trump impeached. I had the same fears about the first black President. Obama was President for 8 years, and didn’t get assassinated. To me, that is proof America is NOT racist. I am sure there are a few Americans who hated having a black President, but they didn’t kill him. Will someone who hates Trump try to kill him?

      • @ Roger Willco – I think that I understand the Left’s hatred for President Trump. It flows from a couple of sources.

        First, you must understand that Government control is EVERYTHING to the Leftists. In their Worldview, all evils arise from negative environmental factors (poverty, racism, ignorance, etc., etc. etc.) that twist mankind’s good heart into performing evil. Therefore, the Leftist Utopia (their idea of heaven) can only be realized by fundamentally changing Mankind’s environment to eliminate these negative environmental factors. To do this, the Left needs total control over society and man’s external environment. This means total governmental control since only a supremely powerful central government can wield this kind of power to totally re-shape society and the World. So, as I noted above, Government control is EVERYTHING to the Left. It is the very CORE of Leftist ideology. This is in marked contrast to Conservatism which prizes independence and freedom and which fears the kind of “Big Brother” governmental control craved by the Left.

        So, when Donald Trump won the 2016 Presidential Election, he put the Left in a position where they have no (zero) governmental control. This was like cutting an addict off from his heroin supply. The Left is literally ADDICTED to government control and the withdrawal symptoms are making them crazy.

        The second reason is that the Left tends to believe their own propaganda. They spent months, prior to the 2016 election, painting Donald Trump as an idiot and buffoon who had no chance to win. They were convinced that Hillary would mop the floor with him. When Trump proved them wrong and made fools of them, their crushed egos jumped right into anger and hatred.

        Yes, if their numerous attempts to get rid of President Trump by impeachment or the 25th Amendment don’t work (and they likely won’t), then it is a real possibility that some crazed, Leftist nutjob will make an attempt to assassinate him. His Secret Service troops really need to stay on the ball!

      • TN_MAN,

        Thanks for your response. I believe you accurately describe why the Left hates Donald Trump. Some may think that Donald Trump won’t be assassinated, because then Mike Pence would be President. That is true, and that comes from someone who is thinking rationally. As you point out, an assassin will not be thinking rationally, and therefore may try something crazy. God forbid.

  8. You watch CNN and they show protest and government shutdowns… If you have not studied the Spanish civil war of the 1930’s, you should do so!

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