1. In my opinion, MAG-40 was one of the best investments I have ever made. Mr. Ayoob presents the topics of this course in a brutally honest, and in many cases,a brutally humorous manner. The student will receive an education designed to help the student survive the kind of event that no one ever wants to face, as well as an aftermath that one might argue could be just as bad if not worse. I found that many of my notions of legal self-defense and some of the advise I got in other basic course was ill-informed and completely wrong. The information provided by Mr. Ayoob in this course could be a life-saver on many different levels. However, what I learned in MAG-40 makes me hope and pray I that never have to find out. In my opinion, any civilian who intends to carry for self-defense NEEDS to take this course.

  2. MAG 40 is the best training available for anyone serious about self defense and handgun proficiency. I say that having taken it in 2016 and 2019 in Colorado. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

  3. I took MAG 40 from you near Lincoln NE a couple years ago. This time, my wife joins me in Cedar Rapids for MAG 20.

  4. “Now back to our regular programming!”


    FWIW, if anyone wants an intensive and challenging ‘graduate course’ in the legal issues surrounding self defense and deadly force, I can highly recommend the course taught by Mas and Marty. It is really outstanding!

    No, they haven’t paid me for this comment.

  5. My husband and I attended MAG40 together. This is an excellent class, a great opportunity to meet likeminded people with instructors that are superb and have the format long enough to knit multiple concepts together. I inherited a number of Mas’ books when my father passed away and recently picked up the sport again but with a desire to focus on quality training and process. It was truly a highlight of our year to learn from the best, with Massad and his beautiful wife along with the fellow instructors that Massad assembled.

    Highly recommended in all aspects; both the content and the delivery of the content were effective and thoughtful chosen.

  6. Mas – It is great news that you will be coming to Nashville. I took the MAG-40 back in June 2011. However, I know that the law is changing all the time and it is important to stay up-to-date. Therefore, I have signed up to attend the MAG-20 class that you will be teaching in Nashville in October.

    I am also talking to a couple of friends of mine, who have Handgun Carry Permits, to see if they would be interested in attending. Not sure yet if they will “pull the trigger” or not but I am confirmed. 🙂

    I’ll see you then!

  7. Having Mas original course, early on, I would encourage any to take his current course.

  8. I took MAG-40, excellent class. It should be the required course to obtain a carry permit in every state.