1. Mas, I have a question about training of LE people relating to dangerous dogs. Background: I live in the county just north of Palm Beach County (Martin County). A few weeks ago, a 14 year old girl was killed in Palm Beach County by loose pit bulls. The local LE officers went to the scene and were threatened by the dogs. The officers shot the dogs after fearing for their safety.

    The counties south of Palm Beach ( Broward and Miami-Dade) have outlawed pit bulls. I know that some feel that these dogs are misunderstood, but in my experience they can be very dangerous.

    In your experience, have you ever attended or heard of LE classes that deal with dangerous animals? Of course K-9 officers get extensive dog training, but how about for regular LE officers? Loose dangerous dogs are a real problem in South Florida.

    Thank you.

  2. Mas, any comment on the CNBC special report on Remington? Context was that besides civilians, they mentioned both military and LE SWAT folks who document the “defect” with the 700 trigger. You have experience with this?

  3. Massad, is there any way we can legally carry in Mexico? I am sure the answer is no. But if we (I) have to do a lot of business and travel to places like Monterrey I wish there was a way.

  4. Fred, I treat dogs like people: I don’t worry about the breed, but treat the individual specimen based on its behavior. Most cops seem to feel the same.

    Mike, the Remington 600 and 700 discussion has been going on for many years. The Remington Model 700 remains the most popular precision rifle in the collective SWAT armory. Remington has a website up to answer the allegations in the recent TV show, I suspect a Google search should get you to it.

    Karen, I’m aware of NO way you can bring a firearm into Mexico. Check with their consulate, but my advice is not to have so much as a spent cartridge casing in your possession or your vehicle when you cross the border.

    Best to all,

  5. Sounds like the same conference that the guys from “Police Academy 5” attended in Miami. 🙂

  6. We just had a major fiasco here in North Carolina.
    Three officers (Raleigh PD) responded to a call about a disorderly woman – and ended up shooting her even though it was immediately known that she was unarmed.
    Since then, it has come out in the local paper that two of the three officers are 23 years old – and haven’t been in police work for two years yet.
    This is part of a pattern – very-inexperienced, very-young officers, no on-scene supervision or colleague who’s more experienced, and things get wildly out of hand.