1. A neighbor keeps telling me there are too many guns, too easy to obtain, and too many deaths from firearms, that’s why they should be banned.

    I believe my right to self protection Outweighs Draconian measures like New Zealand took. What would you say or add?

      • @ Mark – You make a good point and the linked article by Marko Kloos is spot-on. The left-wing worldview tends to put the blame for violence upon the tool rather than upon the human. This is because left-wing ideology is based upon the unrealistic and false belief that humans are innately good.

        If one does assume human nature to be innately good, as leftists do, then (clearly) the blame for violence must be placed somewhere other than upon the individual. Leftists love to blame firearms for human violence. Hence, their belief in the false concept of firearms prohibition. The idea that, by the elimination of firearms, one can eliminate violence. Nothing could be further from the the truth!

        As the article points out, firearms are a civilizing force in human societies. If the firearm prohibitionists ever achieve their dream of universal disarmament of the civilian population, the world will spiral down into a hellish place of rampant crime and violence.

        That is not just speculation upon my part. We have historical records of what the world was like before the invention of firearms. It was a world when children were fed to lions in the arena for the amusement of crowds. A world of Viking raids where murder, torture and rape were rampant. A bloody world where armies hacked at each other with swords, axes, spears and bows.

        People think that the world of today is violent but it is a peaceful paradise compared to the world that existed prior to the invention of firearms. Dr. Steven Pinker has documented this fact in his well-researched book on the historical trends in violence. See this link:

  2. Unfortunately, the American Left has moved into fanaticism. They have so closed their minds that they will not even condescend to honestly debate policy anymore. To debate would, in their closed minds, raise the specter that their policies might be wrong or might need some modification. Such a concept is unthinkable for them, therefore, no debate is possible. In their closed minds, they are ABSOLUTELY RIGHT and anyone who would deviate from their views is not only WRONG but is actually EVIL.

    So, viewing Conservative policies as ABSOLUTELY EVIL, as they do, then any measure is justified to combat them. They are at WAR and all is FAIR. So, if it is necessary to lie, cheat, steal, plant false flags or to (flat out) break the law in order to implement their favored policies, then SO BE IT. Their cause is so HOLY and the Conservative side is so RACIST, SEXIST, HOMOPHOBIC, and EVIL that the ENDS JUSTIFY THE MEANS in their book.

    The disunity that faces America today comes from this very source. It is caused by a group of Left-Wing fanatics who feel that they are so righteous that they can operate outside the normal rules of truth, fairness and legality. The outrageous Russian Hoax attack, against President Trump, and the outrageous smear campaign, against the nomination of Justice Kavanaugh, show this mindset beyond all doubt.

    Supreme Court Justice Roger Taney, author of the infamous Dred Scott Decision, is remembered for saying that “A Black Man has no Rights which the White Man is bound to respect”. Modern day Leftists have adopted a page from Justice Taney’s book. The only difference is that they would say that “A Conservative has no Rights which a Progressive is bound to respect”. This specifically applies to any Conservative having 1st Amendment Rights to express their views and, absolutely, it applies to any Conservative having any 2nd Amendment Rights. With their Red Flag laws, they are even moving to deny 4th Amendment Rights to Conservatives who own those hated, evil guns.

    So, I am not at all surprised that activist gun-grabbers would troll pro-gun sites in order to set up “Straw-men” that they can later attack. Such a tactic is just what to expect from people who think that they are above the rules that bind the lowly masses.

    • WELL SAID! Your response here should be put up on billboards for all to see and read for themselves. I believe you have hit the nail on the head.

    • quote: “Their cause is so HOLY and the Conservative side is so RACIST, SEXIST, HOMOPHOBIC, and EVIL that the ENDS JUSTIFY THE MEANS in their book.The disunity that faces America today comes from this very source.”

      Perhaps…. but I’ve come to the conviction that the root cause is far more sinister than what you suggest. If you want to examine the source of this phenomenon, read Karl Marx’ Communist Manifesto, and Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. The recent kinyun excuse of a chief executive has read, studied and taken for his own as valid, both these men and their sick thinking.

      I have read and studied them also, but saw through their lies and clearly seen the faults in their thinking. Alinsky’s rule that is perhaps the most devastating to us today is also the single one the kinyun most effectively unleashed upon this nation. Here it is, my paraphrase: divide into factions (rich/poor, black/white/ native born/foreigner. religious group One against Two, liberal/conservative. anti/pro gun, climate change propoonent/denier/sceptoc, inner city/suburban/boonies dwellers. male/female/can’t decide, pro life/abortion, etc. Do that until chaos reigns, then quietly comein from “offstage” and present “the final solution” to fix it all…. and turn it over to the backstage guys who have been faithfully executing this sick plan for a generation. They will mandate the one world, tyrannical, totalitarian government they’ve been trying to establish for three generations or more.

      • @ Tionico – Any movement can be divided into leadership and follower categories. I think that your comments, concerning the Marx and Alinsky ideologies behind the current American Left, is spot-on when discussing the motivations of their leadership. As you know, Obama was clearly executing these strategies.

        The left-wing leadership wants absolute power and wealth and they know that the Marx/Alinsky strategies, if executed successfully, will give these things to them. They believe that these strategies will put them into the Ruling Class and keep them on top for decades.

        However, the followers of this tyrannical movement (the Storm-Troopers, if you will) are not motivated by devious political strategies. Rather, they are driven by hatred and self-righteousness just as I noted in my previous comment. The Left’s media propaganda machine and the Left’s university indoctrination programs are specifically designed to instill this self-righteous mindset and to keep the resulting brainwashed Troopers constantly stoked with hatred against Conservatives and against America as founded.

        So, I think it is likely that we are both correct depending upon which category of leftist is under discussion. Your comment addresses the American Left-Wing leadership. My previous comment illuminates the mindset of their brainwashed Storm-Troopers.

  3. There’s been quite a bit of news lately concerning social media sites that allow obscene and violent comments and images, and sometime live videos of mass murder, to be posted until someone complains and the site removes it. Then the mega-wealthy social media owners piously claim that they don’t have the ability to prevent such foul stuff from entering their sites, which seems to be unadulterated BS.

    People who comment on this blog probably have noticed that their remarks are reviewed before they’re posted. There must be technology, even for the big boy social media outfits, that prohibits dangerous, grotesque dreck from being depicted. But to do that would require those companies to have reasonable standards and taste—and a concern for the welfare of their society.

    • Be careful what you wish for.

      Any technology that can screen out stuff you don’t like, can and will be used to screen out stuff you do like. People of the gun should know that better than most, having seen many “anti-crime” laws that restricted our rights instead of the criminal’s.

      Mas has the right to choose to moderate here; his turf, his rules. But government does not, and should not, require him to do so.

      There is a lot of dreck on the internet, and I don’t appreciate it any more than the next guy. But I’ll put up with it to keep the internet free. If Facebook holds itself out as a place where anyone can publish, then it should be just that. Even for gun-owners.

      • Stable societies, in my opinion, should provide some limits to what people, especially depraved and evil people, can communicate in a public forum. Yet others fervently believe there are no limits to free speech and “anything goes.”

        So, my concern is, what happens when, in general, anything goes (and nothing matters) as is virtually the custom in the United States. A perusal of our decayed inner cities, failed political system, gross inequality, and endless (and pointless) foreign wars may provide answers.

        Not too long ago the media (not the government) did voluntarily censor the rantings of loonies and bad actors, and I think America was much better off. But maybe I’m the outlier on this topic.

      • @ Spencer – Who is the one to do the censorship? There is the rub!

        Do we let the Government do the censorship? I would submit that the 1st Amendment was specifically crafted to prevent that very thing.

        Do we let the big media companies and internet tech firms do it? So many of them are left-wing that the resulting censorship is bound to be one-sided. A leftist would consider pro-gun views as “promoting violence” since leftists closely associate firearms with violence (Hence, their coining of and continual usage of the term “Gun Violence”). So, a leftist would think, more or less honestly from his point-of-view, that he was suppressing violent speech if he suppresses pro-2A views.

        Views that honestly argue for controlled national borders would likely be viewed as “racist” by a leftist and censored as “hate speech”. There would me many more cases where the resulting censorship is driven by ideology rather than fairness.

        The fact is that, finding a neutral and un-biased censor is well-nigh impossible in today’s political climate. So, it is not an issue of “anything goes” or not. The problem is to find ANYONE unbiased enough to apply controls fairly.

        I submit that censorship is not the answer since we WILL NEVER FIND an unbiased and fair censor to do the job. Rather, I favor tightening the laws regarding libel. People should be able to publish anything they want as long as it is (1) factual or (2) represents political opinion that does not stray into personal attacks. However, if false or misleading information is put out that libels a specific person or group, then the libeled party should be able to sue without having the odds stacked against them as is the case currently.

        Furthermore, it should not matter whether the libeled individual is a “public figure” or not. I have always thought that it was WRONG that a person judged to be a public figure has less libel protection then a regular citizen. The 14th Amendment provides for “equal protection under the law”. People who are public figures should have the EXACT SAME LEGAL PROTECTIONS against libel as anyone else.

        I believe that, if we tightened up the libel laws and made it easier to sue when a person is libeled in the press or in other media, the resulting civil lawsuits would soon “put the brakes” to a lot of the “fake news” and “smear attacks” that currently plague us.

      • Spencer,

        I can only think of one form of Internet censorship that everyone agrees with. Everyone agrees child pornography needs to be banned.

  4. A problem not limited to guns. Think about fake “hate crimes” which seem to vastly outnumber actual “hate crimes” whatever that means.

    It is usually impossible to tell on the internet whether this extremism is coming from fringe elements or false flags. Either way it is not mainstream on the right. On the left, however, there is an awful lot of extremism coming from elected officials or other public figures, especially in the media. This is the very definition of mainstream.

  5. Many people have often heard the phrase, “A man is only as good as his word.” Those who would lie, cheat or misrepresent might do well to take a pause and consider what this wise, old adage truthfully says about about them. And further, as a spring cannot yield both salt and fresh water, what then is the quality of EVERYTHING that comes from their mouth (or keyboard)? One can almost feel sorry for those with such a debased character.

  6. Each time government has stripped their citizens of their right to self defense the result has been genocide which, technically, is a government program. Let’s not be baited into foolish responses to the trolls. Just ask, “Why are the gun grabbers so violent?”

  7. I believe there’s a lot of that false flag stuff going on; regarding gun rights, as well as a lot of other issues.

    Trolls coming out with ridiculous conspiracy theories, in the hopes of convincing uninformed readers that *all* conspiracy theories are equally ridiculous.

    It seems clear that for many people ‘progressivism’ has become the new religion; with all the dogmatic thinking that entails: mandatory beliefs— climate change, institutional racism, gender fluidity, “common sense gun safety regulations”— and the notion that those opposing them are not just wrong, but *evil*. And in the fight against evil, anything is justified: ‘by any means necessary’.

    We see that with the so-called ‘antifa’: who engage in blatant acts of fascist violence and suppression of opposing points of view, all supposedly in the name of ‘anti-fascism.’

    And anti-gunners do the same thing: justifying all manner of dishonest claims, because they see themselves engaging in a war against evil.

  8. One man’s false flag is another man’s real massacre. Newtown…false flag or another loner nut? Those “nonexistent dead kids” pushed by crazy conspiracy theorists hurt 2A supporters as much as the scary New Left.

    • Trolls have been and will continue to be a serious problem. The most malicious I’ve seen have been on sites attempting to help people with serious physical or mental health issues. A few years back, I saw a post from a person with serious health issues and a troll recommended they “get a gun and blow out their brains”. It got dozens of reports to a moderator, fortunately. It’s disgusting when people advocate for unnecessary, senseless violence.

  9. So, sorry to go way off topic, but the troll and false flags are applied to this conspiracy theory.

    Las Vegas massacre? Media off the rails (trolls) and LEO failure to secure the area AND the evidence at the scene, no video, and so much more that is absent from this historic tragedy, yet we get a bump stock ban because it was “reported” he used that device.

    Well, if no other evidence can be produced from witness testimony, to physical evidence, digital evidence, and all other exhaustive efforts in gaining the knowledge to ascertain what REALLY happened, we are told the bump stock was involved, thus banned, because of this FLIMSY information.

    Mas, if you have info contrary to what is written herein, please imbibe. I can’t believe a man older than me could load all those guns up to his room, and ammo, without notice. Then pound out the 600# rated hurricane glass, without being noticed. Bear in mind, he pounded out TWO glass panels and was never noticed. The behind the scene facts were very short on information and in the press. I am highly suspicious, given what has been witnessed recently and reported concerning government corruption.

    Yet we have a bump stock ban!

    Stay alert, stay safe.

    • Not to mention MANY credible reports from people who were there, and who have deep experience in such things, that there were multiple shooters firing from multiple locations widely separated. I never did see any reports concerning the ana lisis of the spent brass and/or projectiles recovered from the concert show floor. I srrongly suspect that is because there WERE multiple shooters, some from the concert floor, firing a range of different weapons in different calibres. If the data from the recovered “evidence’ were to be correctly analised and made public I’m convinced “the jig would be up: and false flag character of this charade would be exposed. WHY were BATF banned from the “nest” upstairs, and not allowed to examine ANY of the weapons alledgedly used? WHY ware all the mobile phones taken from people who were there, all data erased, and then returned? WHY did we get three different accounts of the “breaching” of the upstairs room? WHY is there no security camera afootage available from the hotel?

      Oh, I know, I’m singing to, or perhaps with, the choir here.

      • I believe you to be correct. There is so much to be answered for in the Vegas shooting. I was hoping for some researchers to recreate the Vegas massacre. But, the narrative for the press won’t be met. To me, the whole thing, is nothing more than a sham.

  10. My ex-girlfriend was the news director at a pretty good-sized radio station.

    She told me that if you ever read, heard or was exposed to something that got your blood boiling, the first thing that you should do is ask yourself who is trying to manipulate you, or play games with your mind?

    It was her experience that so much of what masquerades as “news”, is really propaganda designed to push a particular agenda.

    I think it was good advice.

  11. ***PLEASE READ***Mas, I was witness to another attempted suicide at the public range i teach out of. Yes we have policy in place and protocol, but the determined will try and few will succeed. Today, I posted this on my website:

    Suicide: purposely ending one’s own life.
    By Larry McClain | Thoughts… | No Comments
    National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255

    To anyone who taps into this website and takes the time to read the infrequent blogs posted, this is one topic that shouldn’t be taken lightly. If you or anyone you know has expressed any inclination that suicide is the only remedy in coping with problems in our ever changing world, please reach out and talk to a trusted loved one, contact a suicide hotline, if for any other reason to try and make sense of the options available.

    If you are alone and have no one to reach out to, Appropriate Action LLC will take the time necessary to assist and facilitate in making every effort in helping save a precious life that seemingly, no longer has anything to live for.

    Stay safe.

  12. This isn’t particularly original, but I think it’s spot-on with regard to blamimg the tool, rather than the user.

    “If guns kill people, then spoons make people fat.”

  13. In a comment in the previous Red-Flag Blog, I talked about the “Two-Tiered” Justice System that the American Left has built in the U.S.A Today. The problem is that the Scales of Justice are no longer balanced fairly. Leftists get to spit on the Law, with no consequences, while it is used as a whip to lash Conservatives without mercy.

    If you need an example of the degree to which the scales are out-of-balance, just consider this story:

    As you can see, this left-wing court has ruled that chalking of the tires of a parked car, by the police, is a violation of the 4th Amendment prohibition against unreasonable searches.

    Note the contrast. Some of these Red Flag laws will allow a court to issue a seizure order based upon nothing more than an unsubstantiated complaint that some gun-owner is dangerous. With this order, the police can raid his home, break into gun safes, destroy private property, arrest anyone who gets in their way, and seize all firearms and ammunition at the site irrespective of ownership. The gun-owner will then face a court battle and high legal fees in order to clear his name and get his property back.

    Violation of the 4th Amendment here? Nah. Not under the left-wing, two-tiered System of Justice. No gun-owner has any Rights that a Left-Wing Court is bound to respect. However, be at ease. At least the police can’t chalk the tires of your car while it is parked!