1. I agree on the antis, Mas. My experience with them has been, in two very different countries, that they are very often the exact same individuals who I wouldn’t want anywhere near me or mine with any kind of weapon. Or a motor vehicle, or even liquor. They also tend to be lazy types who fail to do their research, but that’s for another article me thinks.

  2. Strong or weak, focused or unclear, highly accurate and well trained or unskilled and unfocused, the mind is the most unregulated of all weapons.
    How the hand operates a tool is mearly a reflection of the persons moral core.

  3. I have been hoping a civilian concealed-carrier would stop, or cut short, a mass shooting incident. A pregnant Mom defending her family with the dreaded AR-15 Death Machine? That story is a gift from Heaven. Quick! Tell Beto and Joy Behar about it before the media purges this story the way Stalin would make it disappear forever.

    The NRA needs to make a movie, or at least a 2-minute PSA out of this incident. I will be telling this story for the rest of my life. It doesn’t get any better than this.

    So far, I haven’t heard about anything that would poison this story, the way Bernhard Goetz ruined his defense by confessing his thoughts. God, please don’t let anything ruin this perfect story.

  4. Imagine the following made-up scenario. In New Jersey, it is nearly impossible to get a concealed-carry license because it is a “may issue” state. Imagine a male or female carrying a pistol illegally under state law. This person prevents or stops a tragedy, saving at least 30 lives. What will a judge do? Put the hero/heroine in prison for 30 days like a NJ judge did to Shaneen Allen?

    • Roger, if your hypothetical takes place in New Jersey, then yes, a judge will put the hero/heroine in prison. Charges forthcoming, but which could include unlawful use of a weapon, murder or attempted murder, public endangerment (because if the bad guy’s gun was endangering the public, then the good guy’s gun must have been, too), threatening a police officer (assuming he/she would still be holding the gun when police arrived), etc.

      They can’t allow the uppity peasants get the idea that they can take care of themselves.

      • Archer,

        So Murphy’s Law, “No good deed goes unpunished,” would apply here. New Jersey would turn a hero into a villain, because only government officials are allowed to use guns to handle criminals outside a home.

        Now let’s look at how one multiple murderer has been treated in a California prison near San Diego. I will relate info from reading Wikipedia on this subject. Tex Watson did most of the killing for Charlie Manson, with a knife. He was allowed to get married in prison and spawn four offspring. He has a college degree and attended seminary. Of course his accommodations, clothes, meals, healthcare and recreation like TV are provided by the taxpayers. Contrast his life with some poor person living in Mexico, Venezuela, Syria, Somalia or North Korea. Not too bad.

        This is what passes for justice in America. Most law-abiding adults in NJ are not allowed to carry snubnose revolvers outside the home, but a murderer in CA can have conjugal visits, paid for by the taxpayers. Aren’t we compassionate? Liberalism is a mental disorder. Half the country is flirting with adopting a failed economic system known as socialism. I guess peace and prosperity are boring, so they feel like they need a change. Change is always good, right? Isn’t it always progress?

  5. An AR-style carbine, chambered in the usual .223 Rem. / 5.56 NATO caliber, is a good weapon for home defense. As shown by the linked story (above), it can be effectively used by individuals with little strength or skill. in this case, by a heavily pregnant woman. It’s main disadvantage, when used indoors for home defense, is excessive, very loud, high-pressure muzzle-blast. This drawback can be mitigated by use of a suppressor but such use involves all of the cost and paperwork of securing a Class III device.

    I wonder how the Anti-American Media would have “spun” this story if the AR, used by this man’s wife, had been equipped with a suppressor? The convoluted twists to spin the story would have been amusing to behold. Or, perhaps, they would have simply suppressed (forgive the pun 🙂 ) this entire story and not printed it at all.

    As for the other case, it is clear that clinical depression, as well as projection, was at work in this woman. Frankly, I am not surprised. As I noted in a previous blog comment, I have never met a true leftists that was a happy person. They are all continually angered and enraged because the world never measures up to their utopian expectations.

    They continually go into “Activist” mode, as this woman did with the Firearms-Prohibition Issue, in an effort to “Transform” the world into their Left-Wing Utopia. When they fail, they are plunged into despair and depression.

    In this state of mind, why not commit suicide? Many of them are convinced, by the Left’s Climate-Change doctrine, that the World’s Days are numbered already and that we are all living on “Borrowed Time”. This is made clear by yet-another one of these leftist-activist movements. See this link:

    If this woman was in the depths of a left-wing induced depression and convinced that her world was coming to an end, not only for herself but for her children too, then why not just kill them all and put a quick end to it?

    The life and death of this woman should be viewed as a cautionary tale to warn us of the dangers of drinking too deeply of the heady draft brewed by Left-Wing Ideology. There are deadly dangers associated with becoming addicted to that stuff!

  6. Regarding projection, it is not exactly projection, but something close to it when people oppose laws recognizing the right of self defense because when it is illegal to defend one’s self, they have an excuse for their own cowardice. Many decades ago, someone actually argued against the castle doctrine using that line of thought. Since they are cowards, they do not appreciate it when other people are not, hence we should all be defenseless.

    As to the more upbeat story, you have to understand that the modern media does not report the facts. They push narratives and facts are only to be reported on when they push that narrative in the correct direction. Facts can, in fact, be very flexible for them in the service of the narrative. Today’s journalists really need to just get real jobs, but who would hire them?