1. Mas, this reminds me of the tragic Grizzly Man story, making me wonder whether Timothy Dexter and company (Brrr, what a gruesome fate they chose!) would have agreed in the end that they and Goldilocks had made a mistake by going unarmed in the backwoods, and that they all ought to rather have been packing some serious heat.

  2. You’re a poet,
    but the world doesn’t know it. 🙂

    Don’t feel bad. I viewed the video twice and the fable faux pas didn’t register with me until I read the last sentence in your first paragraph above.

  3. Coulda been worse! You could have talked about the “.9mm clip” the gun had like some anti-gun clowns referred to the “30 caliber clip” that many AR-15’s have.

    And at least it wasn’t She Who Must Be Obeyed that corrected you, because those of us out here reading you will cut you a *little* slack from time to time!

  4. Two-gun Steve, the Dexter/Treadwell thing was a sad lesson in Darwinian selection. He should have realized that Mother Nature supports the right to arm bears.

  5. No worries. Bound to happen occasionally.

    Commonly referred to as a “brain fart”.

    Yet you are humble enough to correct said misfire 🙂

  6. Mas,

    I have learned so much from your good video training via ACLDN, from watching other videos of your training, from reading so many of your articles, and from reading your books. One day, I hope to make it to a MAG-40.

    Thanks for all that. You’ve got the main mission down pat, Mas, and we all know it. Don’t sweat the small stuff. We understood what you meant.

  7. In my case, it would referred to as a “Senior Moment”, but we all make them occasionally, or more regularly, so don’t worry about it til it happens on a daily basis, or more often.

  8. I fully understood the reference and its connotation and would never deem it appropriate to dare to blame our resident Papa Bear for an obvious publishing error. Enjoyed the review; I plan to test drive a G-43 as soon as possible.

  9. To err is human, to forgive is Devine.
    Andy Devine that is, with Our cowboy heroes…

  10. Mas: I honestly would not remember the detailed difference but got the general concept. Enjoyed the detailed review.

  11. Mas,
    If that is the worst thing to ever happen to you, my goodness just watch the national news a couple mornings in a row and you will feel better fast. Enjoyed the video!

  12. Mas, since your biological clock has ticked just a very few more times than mine, I watch with great interest the effects of time. Your bobble and response confirms a hope of mine.

    Our memories wain,
    And our bodies pain.
    You sir, confirm the rumor,
    Lastly be our sense of humor.

    Blessings , Rev out

  13. All we need are the Bear facts.

    Uhh … the Bare facts?

    (No pictures. Please! LOL This is a public forum)

  14. Yep, don’t sweat the small stuff. When you forget where you live, then it’s time to start worrying!

  15. You, sir, are a hoot! It’s so good to see someone with as much standing in a community as you have be not only humble and admit when you’re wrong, but also be so grin and giggle inducing while you’re at it. 🙂 I hope to manage to get to one of your classes one of these days…

  16. Mas,

    I do something very similar. I create a post, then proofread it for spelling and grammar, or general readability, then click on “Submit Comment.” Then when I read it, I find the mistake I was looking for!!! Very frustrating. It’s an imperfect world. I can strive for perfection, but I can’t reach it.

  17. We all make mistakes. Mine is doing this on an Android phone.
    It works much better on a computer using a word program, copy it to the clipboard or print it out and have someone else proof-read it. When satisfied copy to the clipboard and paste it into the box.