My old friend Mark Walters runs Armed American Radio, which is always a source of good information for you. He’s also a 2A warrior and a board member of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (CCRKBA).

Immediately after this year’s Gun Rights Policy Conference, Mark interviewed two of us who spoke there.

For the first half hour of the show, you’ll hear Alan Gottlieb, founder of both CCRKBA and the Second Amendment Foundation, talk about the advances of the past year since the United States Supreme Court’s Bruen decision. In those thirty minutes, he expertly synopsized where legislation and especially litigation is going in this arena.

In the next half hour, Mark and I discussed just how deeply New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham stepped in it last month when she declared by executive fiat that for thirty days open and concealed carry would be illegal in Albuquerque. Her wrist was slapped by the Albuquerque Chief of Police, the Bernalillo County Sheriff (a Democrat), her own state’s Democrat Attorney General, and finally by a judge. She has since pulled in her horns, but she has left lasting egg on the face of the anti-gun movement.


  1. Mass,
    Always good to get your insights.
    I have fond memories of going to your house and meeting your Great Danes after class in 1981 (or so).
    I was up from MA for the “Unarmed Self Defense” Course by Jim Morrell (replacing somebody who had to cancel)
    Good times.⁰

  2. Hurray for those public servants who had the courage to stand up to their tyrannical governess! We all need to do that. It’s called “civil disobedience.” They did not lose their jobs, or have their salaries cut.

    I have been waiting for the governors of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California to close their own borders. The federal government will object. So what? The federal government will cut funding to those states. So what? Will the federal government send troops to arrest the rebellious governors? I hope so. That will result in an interesting standoff. The people will back their governors.

    So, how come I do not take any action to correct the problems in this country? Because I will get arrested and sent to prison, a la January Sixers. So, I sit here and type on my keyboard, like everyone else. Sigh.

  3. Please, everyone keep eyes on the “Rumble/Dan Bongino Show” to watch an expert 2A former Secret Service officer who really knows what is really going on right now in the Middle East. Maintain your cool, but also keep your powder dry for legal and appropriate exigencies, particularly to protect Dan. And proactively ask relevant authorities if Howdy Doody can not be mothballed immediately via medical authority for totally obvious wooden dementia treatment. The answers to our current situation have always been Constitutionally available. What we need is courageous, responsible doctors to step up in force and be counted, and just enough wise Congressmen to enforce the Constitution. Do not let Howdy Doody and Buffalo Booby continue to run amok! The Queen of Hearts will then want to recuse at least privately, or get Trumped BEFORE the next election, which would be OK.

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