1. Well, Good on you, Mass!

    We just voted a Straight Republican Ticket, as Well.

    If the Republican’s Win this time, They would do well to consider making it a Goal to Put every Top Democrat they can, into prison, for any, and every, Crime they can think of, from Treason, to being “Dump as a Box of Rocks,” then the Democrats won’t be as much of a problem in 2024!


  2. I have already voted (red) and probably don’t need another 500 rounds of 5.56 but what the heck! Can’t hurt! Thanks Mas!

  3. Spouse and I voted early by absentee ballot. I wouldn’t have missed this election as long as I’m out of the grave.

    • Hey Glenn, if you were a Democrat you wouldn’t let being in a grave stop you from voting! 😀

  4. As we prepare to vote on November 6th, here’s a stark reminder published in The NY Times that hard core Democrat socialists whom one might think would be rabidly anti-gun are actually avid members of the “guns for me, but not for thee” club.

    Yes, Bill Ayers’ kids and grandkids are “armin’ up”, because haughty progressive leftists likely assume that Democrats’ coming, hysterical efforts to ban semi-automatic guns, high capacity mags and other accessories and to restrict CCW permit issuance will not apply to them.

    “Threats from the right inspire a new left-wing gun culture.”

  5. I’m MTF trans. The Republican party is not supportive of even my right to exist. Never-the-less, I cast votes for Republicans across the board. My second amendment rights, and a whole host of other issues are far more important than my own interests.

    It’s like Kennedy said. Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.

    • Thank you. I’m not sure the Republican party, or Republicans themselves for that matter, are as anti-trans as you might think. To be blunt, I don’t get the sense that we really care one way or the other; I certainly don’t. We have greater concerns and bigger fish to fry.

    • Repub, I grew up in the Socialist Republik of Taxachusetts myself, before moving to NH. The Republicans in Taxa are Democrats, and the Dems are so far left you need a telescope to see them. Don’t take the crap you see from Dems in Taxa, or the bit from Repubs to be the norm for either party.

      L-Frame S&W

  6. Just talked to my online ammo supplier. They aren’t worried. They’ve stocked in tons of ammo, and have not seen any concern nor early ordering.

    Let’s hope nothing bad happens.

  7. Hi Mas,

    Your link to the NRA article does not work because the period at the end of the sentence is included in the link web address (manually removing the period and reloading the page will work, but you’ll probably want to correct the link).

    Both my wife and I will be voting all Republican, straight across the board here in Illinois.

    Best wishes,

    John Mohan

  8. I am getting a sense of deep worry coming from the left. I have on occasion responded to a post on social media. I have always been attacked by those on the left, even my relatives. I don’t let it touch me. But I tried to ask those on the left for both sides to come together, and that after the election, we will all be needed to get to work doing the things that have been ignored for too long.
    One would have thought I would have had people saying that they also wanted more civility and bipartisan working to be the norm again. But no, instead I was attacked as badly as any of the other people have been attacked, and all I asked for was a coming together of the nation.
    Let me tell you, the left, not just the extreme left, but the entire left, is still angry about the election that gave us President Trump. I think that they are going to be in for the same surprise as the last time, when all is said and done. I predict that the Republicans will not only keep the Senate, but will make gains there, and in the House, the Republicans will lose some seats, but still maintain control.
    If that is what happens, our government better hit the ground running, because I bet that I am not the only one who will hold their feet to the fire.

    • Democrats and the media were correct about one thing. They did predict, in the last weeks of the 2016 election, that the country would see more chaos when the losers refused to accept the results of the voting.

    • Pigpen51,

      You state that it would be good for those on the Left and Right to come together. In order for that to happen, I think we need to agree on something. I can’t think of anything I agree on with the Left. All I can think of right now is that I believe both the Delaware and Hudson rivers are cleaner than they used to be. How can we come together when there is no common ground?

  9. Well I do expect to get chastised, lobotomized and dragged across the coals for this, but here goes.

    Here in Maryland, the gun stores and firearms instructors have hit a drought. With the gun friendly administration, no one is in fear, and thus, the populace has become quite complacent. Forgetting what it was like under the last administration (I guess?), our businesses were BOOMING. The last *president* (yeah, thats an asterisk), was the best thing in the world for gun and ammo distributors and instructors alike.

    Hear-tell the same goes for my neighboring states as well, PA and VA. As my household will vote straight R’s on the ticket, I’ll keep my confidence high that we will recover this slump, but for now, I am applying for part time jobs.

    Stay safe.

  10. After the Kavanaugh crucifixion my wife said that for the first time in her 68 year old life she is voting straight ticket against pelosi and her ilk. I am doing the same as is most of my family.

  11. A few years back it really was as simple as that. Nowadays, not so much. I can’t afford to be a single issue voter any more. Most (not by any means all) Republicans are somewhat less inclined toward a Schumer/Pelosi-style “Round ’em up and hand ’em in” response. The biggest issue where I am is not gun ownership, but access to public lands. Republicans (again, not quite all as individuals, but as a party) are shockingly bad in this area. Unless and until the Libertarians can run a candidate who is not an obvious barking lunatic, I’m stuck voting a mixed ticket.

    Neither party is worthy of our support, as a party. Both have forfeited any claim to our loyalty. Any person who would make the effort to run for public office is, almost by definition, unfit to hold it. Nobody who actually works for a living can afford the time or money to run for office. Anyone who is that keenly interested in power cannot be trusted with it. I had really hoped, when the Democrats handed the election to Trump by running the one person on Earth that couldn’t beat him, they would take a look at their platform and figure out they were alienating their supporters. But as long as Soros and Bloomberg keep the money coming, they have no reason to change. Likewise, the Republicans. They beat Hillary. Duh. It shouldn’t have been even close. No decent person would willingly associate with either party, and until that changes we will have an endless stream of nearly identical repellent options.

    Listen to your conscience, determine what is the greatest threat where you live, and vote appropriately. Maybe in a couple more decades there will actually be a candidate we can vote FOR, rather than against. The last time I voted “for” a candidate was Reagan in 1984. Every election since, it has been a matter of trying to keep the marginally slimier of two almost equally repugnant choices out of office.

    • Well, If people like you put your principals above the good of America, Hope you also know that you are condemning the rest of us, who can hold our noses, & “Vote Out” a really bad Politician, in exchange for a lessor of 2 evil’s, you’ll force ALL OF US TO SUFFER AN UNKNOWN SENTENCE UNDER A “BIG BROTHER 1984” TYPE DICTATOR, NOT KNOWING HOW MANY DECENT AMERICAN CITIZENS MAY LATER LOSE THEIR LIVES, UNDOING WHAT YOUR SELFISH ATTITUDE, WILL FOIST UPON EVE EVERYBODY NOW??


    • Two years ago, I would have agreed with your post. I would have said that there were ‘bad apples’ in both parties.

      However, the election of President Trump has been a ‘game-changer’. The Democrats and their media mouthpieces, REFUSED to accept the results of the 2016 Presidential Election. After raising fears that Trump’s supporters would not accept the (seemingly) certain Hillary win and declaring that anyone who did not would be a traitor to America, the Democrats committed that very crime themselves. They pretend that they are simply engaging in ‘opposition party’ resistance when, in fact, they are engaging in treason and sedition.

      They ‘doubled-down’ on their left-wing Marxist-Socialist, identity-driven ideology. At this point, there is nothing (and I do mean NOTHING) mainstream in the thinking and positions of the Democratic Party. They have self-radicalized to the point where they are a positive danger to our Constitutional System of governance and to the American People.

      Given that (effectively) all members of the Democratic Party are CRAZED and DANGEROUS FANATICS at point, I do not think it wise or reasonable to cherry-pick any Democrat and then support him or her on selected issues.

      Rather, for the good of the country, I urge EVERYONE to vote a straight Republican Ticket in all upcoming elections. In my view, no Democrat can be trusted with a single vote until their party comes back to Earth and backs away from the left-wing chasm into which they are trying to drive us all.

      • TN, I gotta say that claiming ALL members of the Democratic party are “crazed and dangerous fanatics” is over the top…

      • Mas – Perhaps some people consider that such a statement is too broad of a generalization. No doubt, there are ‘rank and file’ members of the Democratic Party that still support America’s Constitutional Form of Government. However, any such ‘holdovers’ in the Democratic Party are clinging to the past. The leadership of the Democratic Party has went full-out, Marxist-Socialist. By definition, such an ideology is incompatible with our form of Representative Republic and our Constitution.

        Any honest Democrat, who had been paying attention during the last 2-years, has already joined the #Walkaway movement and abandoned the Democratic, Marxist-Socialist Party. Sadly, I am forced to conclude that any who remain and continue to support this Party must either be Marxist-Socialists, themselves, or else they are (in the words of Lenin) ‘Useful Idiots’.

        Either way, I see it as a dangerous mistake to vote for such people FOR ANY REASON. Like I said in my previous comment, if the Democratic Party can come back to Earth, exercise it’s radical elements, and return to supporting the American Constitution, then it could be legitimate Political Party again.

        In my view, it currently is illegitimate due to extreme and dangerous radicalization. In other words, I FULLY AGREE with the words of President Trump when he said (and I quote):

        “The Democrats have become too extreme and too dangerous to govern,” he said. “You don’t hand matches to an arsonist, and you don’t give power to an angry left wing mob — and that’s what they’ve become.”