Many of our battles to keep the right to bear arms are won at the grassroots level: at the state house, as opposed to Capitol Hill.  Let’s look at a man who became politically active and really “did something about it.”

Take just a few minutes, and review these two short videos of Lt. Governor Mark Robinson, here: .

I haven’t met Lt. Governor Robinson, but I hope one day to shake his hand.  His meteoric rise reminds us that while the prohibitionists have emotion (occasionally infused with hysteria) on their side, America’s responsible armed citizens have logic, facts, and above all the plain-spoken common sense of people like Robinson on ours.

Thanks to Ammoland for putting this in the public domain, and a tip of the hat to Dave Workman at the Second Amendment Foundation, who called my attention to it.


    • No, someone in Massachussetts NEEDS to learn from him and do likewise. If he leaves NC< then they won't have what he brings. He's not much unusual. just stood up and SPOKE THE TRUTH. Anyone can do that. SOMEBODY in MA needs to stand up and speak the truth as he did.

  1. Hey Mas, Yep I caught this speech a short period after he delivered it. I live in British Columbia Canada, and even I got this speech real quick. It is indeed sad when even Americans want to curtail their own rights. For most, I suspect that they do it out of concern for their fellow citizens, as opposed to being anti gun. It is only because of folk like this gentleman, that are able to remind them what exactly they are proposing, to make them actually think it through, and consider the real consequences of their desire to make a safer society. When you look at some of the dire situations in other countries that don’t have such rights, you begin to see what a blessing the second amendment is. Giving up a right is far easier then getting it back. Something we are acutely aware of here in Canada.

  2. Great speech from Mark Robinson, no teleprompter or index cards. Former Vice-President Biden should take lessons from Mark on speaking for freedom without needing a crutch. Mark also shows that he knows how to “victimize” violent criminals somewhat more effectively than do the Mob Media and the Looney Left.

  3. Absolutely we certainly can use more self motivated second amendment rights every day Americans like him. His first speech took the country by storm because he spoke the words we all wanted to say.

    In closing let’s all continue to pray that we retain the Senate.

  4. I did see this shortly after his famous “speech” (he openly admits he was ticked off and just spoke his heart) and then when Mr. Workman published hisrecent piece bringing us this good news, I read that. Dave Workman is rapidly becoming a solid and cogent voice for our freedom, and he is coming into his own place on the national scene. We need more like HIM as well.

    Thanks, Dave, for your hard work and dedication to this necessary “cause”.

  5. Mr Robinson is one of the few African Americans who is willing to speak the truth. He should be applauded and supported for his comments. Unfortunately in today’s world some people would rather believe B.S from the liberal left instead of the truth. As the old saying goes, don’t confuse me with the facts, my mind is already made up.
    To those of you who haven’t read Mas’s latest book, the 7th edition of Combat Handgunery which I highly recommend, Mas has an excellent article on minorities and firearms ownership and training.

  6. Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive! The heavily fraudulent 2020 vote tally is inevitably and rapidly unraveling as some unscrupulous officials, including at least one agent of the FBI, for Pete’s sake, transparently try to cover the messy tracks of ballot-cheaters. The origin of the purpose-built, ballot-tampering Dominion software has been traced back to the likes of Hugo Chavez, the former Marxist President of Venezuela. Swift, coordinated, effective action by our various courts can help avoid a timely 30-million person march of indignant Trump supporters on D.C. Keep your powder dry, Trump fans, but above all encourage and support peaceful, court-based action. Felons beware, and come clean before it is too late for you!

  7. Great speech, because he spoke the truth, gave facts, and put the appropriate amount of emotion into it. Reminds me of Pat Condell.

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