Professor John Lott wasn’t, and isn’t, a “gun guy.” Rather, he is a pragmatic voice of reason on the terribly polarized debate on gun owners’ civil rights.  PLEASE READ what he has to say about where a Biden/Harris Presidency would take those rights, here.

And PLEASE READ ALSO Dr. Lott’s commentary on what Biden would do with the highest court in the land in this regard, here.

This, let us remember, comes from a Presidential candidate who, when asked about whether he’ll pack the Supreme Court of the United States with anti-gunners refuses to answer, and tells us he’ll let us know after he is elected…and when asked about whether American citizen voters have a right to know his position on this critical issue, answers in the negative.  Look it up and see for yourself.

Look, folks, I’m not a Trump fan. I checked his name on the ballot four years ago, not to vote for the man, but to vote against his much worse opponent.  This year, I’ll check the same box for the same reason, because his opponent is actually even worse – for gun owners’ civil rights, and much, much more.

It’s a damn shame to have to vote against the worst candidate and not for the best one. There are those who will say “The lesser of two evils is still evil.” In my view, though, the lesser of two evils means less evil!

Your comments, as always, are welcome here.


  1. Biden, not saying NO, -IS- a very strong answer! The swamp is much worse that we have fathomed before. Lots of Democrats own guns, but their voices are ignored, by the corruption of special interests wanting to harmonize things towards globalization. Does anyone really believe that Joe Biden will be in office for more than 6 months??

    • Pelosi and her flying monkeys are setting up a committee on the 25th Amendment, not to sack Trump, but to remove Biden. They don’t want Senile Joe any more than we do. They want a token female POTUS. Biden is a temporary place holder for Kamala.

      If he does win the election, he will be gone in six months, one way or another. If he does not resign, or die of natural causes, then they will have him declared legally incompetent.

      Or maybe he will commit suicide by shooting himself five times with a sniper rifle.

    • Absolutely not he will have to be gone in 20 months before the adjustment can be made or a revolution ensues

  2. Instead of “voting for the lesser of two evils”, I vote for the candidate who will do the least damage to the Constitution. There is no perfect candidate. No, not even Ron Paul.

  3. While I understand the people who do the “The lesser of two evils is still evil” dance, I respond with Edmund Burke: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing,” followed up with, “Never let the perfect be the enemy of the good.”

    Or, put another way, if Satan is on the ballot running against the Apostle Paul, you don’t sit it out because Paul is not Jesus. You vote for Paul, even though he did some bad things before Jesus found him.

    I know people don’t like Trump, but look: You’re never going to get the ideal candidate on the ballot. The ONLY way you get someone on the ballot who agrees with you on every point, is to run for office yourself.

    If you’re going to abstain from voting for the less-evil of the two candidates — or throw away your vote on a third-party or write-in — that’s your decision, but that’s basically the “doing nothing” Mr. Burke warned us about. If you go that route, you’d best be prepared for the more-evil guy/gal to win, and I don’t want to hear any complaining from the people who chose not to use their voice when they had the chance.

      • You might as well stay home Election Day. Your vote is meaningless and short-sighted. I’ll take 50% good over nothing any day.

      • JoJo may or may not be “the only progun candidate”, but she’s unelectable, IMHO. She’s a professional academic (of psychology), a lecturer, and has never run a business or held political office of any kind. Her campaign has no media presence outside a few online ads; come election day, her name will be on the ballot but nobody who’s not already following the LP will know who she is.

        I do like a lot of her views, but the odds of her winning are somewhere in the realm of winning the Powerball and Mega Millions jackpots in the same week. Twice.

        I’m just not willing to wager the future of my country on those odds. YMMV.

    • “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing,”
      whoever said this is wrong. Why? Becuase in the face of evil a “good man” will NEVER “do nothing”, for a GOOD man understands that to do NOTHING is to be comlicit with the evil.

      No, a GOOD man will do all within his power to remove or limit or destroy the evil. Else he is not “good”.

    • I like the man. He’s doing what he was hired to do. Not a slick politician- and that’s a big plus. He says things I’d say, the way I’d say them.

    • Hear, Hear!! That Mas is not a Trump fan surprised me. He has done a lot for this country and I feel in my gut that if he loses this election we will all lose our country. Venezuela here we come.

  4. Right there with you on selecting the least worst candidate. And the third party is not really an option. Voting Libertarian is, sadly, these days a de facto vote for Democrats.

    • JG,

      You are correct about third-party candidates. In 1992 I was thinking of voting for Ross Perot. Rush Limbaugh said a vote for him would split the Republican vote and deliver the victory to Bill Clinton. Rush was right. Perot got 19% of the vote and Bill Clinton beat George Bush the Elder with less than 50% of the votes cast. I listened to Rush, but my vote doesn’t count in a Communist state.

      • Joe Stalin once told the truth when he said something like “It doesn’t matter who you vote for. What’s important is who counts the votes.”

  5. Two bottom-of-the-barrel candidates, what a mess, couldn’t hold my nose and vote, voted for the Libertarians, won’t matter in my state anyway.

    • That’s the perfect reason to vote Libertarian because I believe Jo will get 5% of the popular vote which means they will be recognized as a minor party by the FEC.

  6. My ideal candidate for POTUS would be Stalin or Mao, but since they’re both sweating in Hades, I’ll settle for the next best alternative, the Harris-Biden team. Even better would be the dream team of Harris-Beto as the latter could skateboard better than Creepy Joe. Some will say Stalin and Mao isn’t eligible to run for POTUS because they weren’t born in the U.S.A. but that didn’t stop Obama from occupying the White House for eight very dark years 🙁 Remember, liberals are all stupid or evil. Don’t be either!

  7. The real question is “Which side of history do you want to be on?” Trump may be loud, arrogant, egotistical, and blunt, but results speak louder. The strongest economy ever. Peace progressing through the middle east. Opportunity and hope for anyone with the will to succeed. The list goes on. When a candidate continually dodges questions or flat out refuses to answer, that concerns me.

    • Wow, someone who isn’t talking against Trump’s style but talks about the work he has accomplished.
      Thank you !

      • Yep we all are going to rue the day when he says I told you so and you didn’t relelect me because I am an ass. I told you I am an asshole but I also told you I love this country and I will work for NO PAY AMEN how can u trun that down

  8. Mad, I really appreciate Archer writing so eloquently as he said what I’m thinking.
    My friend, there ain’t no perfect human well, except for Jesus and look how he was treated.
    I wasn’t sure about the Donald when he announced his candidacy but my gut told me to be open and listen. Now, for the life of me, I cannot fathom a man and his family leaving the cushy billionaire life and stepping into that squalid swamp to get treated like the swamp scum has. I pray continuously for POTUS and his family. God bless and protect them. GO POTUS!!

  9. President Trump may not be smooth and polished and gets out of hand with Twitter and other remarks, but I’d rather have a president who says what he actually thinks and feels vs. the carefully crafted optics pandering response presidents usually communicate with. One never knows what they actually think.

    Also, President Trump has enacted many exceptional policies particularly defunding who, giving less to the useless U.N., negotiating deals in America’s best interest, creating a flourishing economy, reducing taxes, is for law and order–LEO and armed forces family here–has taken action against human and child trafficking by giving large sums to fight it, over a hundred children have been rescued just recently, seeks to hold the FBI, other gov’t agencies liable for illegal activities, is pro-2nd amendment and the list goes on. I’m not the best on policy, my family lists them off the top of their head.

    Biden makes so many gaffes one has to wonder about his mental faculties. Meanwhile the media and his party cover for him, he rarely appears and when he does it’s to answer pre approved questions. He will never speak off the cuff or answer random questions.

    Biden and Harris want further lockdowns, mandatory masks and which apparently don’t work given, for example Harris’ comm manger and other staffers getting covid. Millions of upticks across the globe, positive cases doesn’t indicate death.

    President Trump’s rallies are overfilled with people, Biden’s consist of his huge teleprompter and his staff. The democrats will not do anything about the continued violence against our police officers, the destruction and burning down of our cities and continued disruption to every day life in those cities including attacks on citizens. No thought to the 100s of black on black crime with shootings and murder monthly in Chicago for example.

    People like Biden who’ve been in office for almost 48 years accomplishing nothing except personal wealth is dead wood. I can’t understand why we don’t have term limits. There are congressmen in office into their 90’s.

    No sir, I chose the best candidate for my family.

  10. It is well worth noting that modern day Marxists pretending to be Democrats, including Biden, Harris & Comrades, Inc., would not conceive, write and pass anti-gun legislation to promote actual law and order on the streets of outdoor shooting ranges like Baltimore, Chicago and, more recently, New York City.

    Like their Maoist and Soviet predecessors, Biden, Harris & Comrades, Inc. would conceive, write and pass close to incomprehensible, convoluted anti-gun laws that would serve as a massive spider web designed with deliberation to ensnare not only Americans who might choose to ignore such laws, but also to ensnare Americans who would turn themselves inside out in incessant, failed efforts to obey the bureaucratic letter of such laws.

    Throughout history, Marxists have lived to create lengthy lists of “counterrevolutionaries” whose actions, behaviors, ideas, opinions, speech or writings have failed to align perfectly with the leftist ideology of the moment. Sadly, since the birth of communism in the 19th century, hundreds of millions of non-compliant “listed” citizens all across the world have either been executed outright or tortured and shipped off to labor camps by gleeful Marxist overlords. ‘Tis a grisly record of genocide, to be sure.

    Biden, Harris & Comrades, Inc. would likely not be shipping “listed” American gun owners off to socially distanced Summer camps sited in desolate northern Nevada, but consider that they actually do plan on mandating the registration of semi-automatic rifles and all standard capacity magazines under the National Firearms Act of 1934 at $200 a pop per registered firearm and at who knows what cost per registered standard capacity magazine.

    Armed Americans who might hear Biden, Harris & Comrades, Inc. scream and shout, “Register your guns! Register your magazines! Turn in your guns!” would almost certainly not be the Australians of 1996 or the Britons of 1997 who lined up dutifully at local police stations to surrender lawfully owned semi-automatic rifles and shotguns (Australia) and lawfully owned handguns (England, Scotland and Wales.)

    One does not have to be a rocket scientist to foresee massive, widespread non-compliance by American gun owners who would justifiably have no respect for draconian, unconstitutional anti-gun laws enacted to malign, marginalize and punish them simply for their exercise of a God-given Constitutional right confirmed by the Second Amendment.

    May God help our beloved Republic, derided, loathed and mocked by Marxists who call themselves Democrats, as the critically important election of November 2020 approaches. His intervention may well be needed to preserve the USA in its current form.

    • consdiering how New York State residents have “complied” with the New York Safe Act, and how Californians “complied” wiht the standard cap mag bans, and a few otther similar responses, I like to think your analisis is correct. Everyoine I know who owns any firearms, ammunitoon, etc, haev NO intentioin of complying with “Mr. \ and Mrs America, TURN thEM ALL IN”.

  11. Rabbi, I think you have too negative an opinion of President Trump. I’ve not met the man, but my college classmate knows some of his (pre-Secret Service) security staff. They, genuinely tough men who see all, love the guy. Watching the Discovery Channel documentary featuring Trumps 757 I also picked up on the honest respect for Trump displayed by his (pre-Air Force One) pilot. A prior Air Force VIP pilot who saw tons of brass in his day.

    So, he can engender loyalty and respect from substantial men. Flags Officers, communist CIA and FBI directors …meh, not so much. He doesn’t share their enthusiasm for unrestricted, warrentless collection of US citizens emails and pointless little wars I suppose.

    Cheer up Mas. Show some gratitude, A less abrasive type would have folded under the attempted sedition.

    Truth is, Washington is the Borgia Pope’s Vatican and Trump is our Luther.

  12. Biden-Harris or Biden then Harris will be the worst of Obama with all of Bernie’s policies thrown on top. We will go from non-compliance to outright defiance of unconstitutional laws or executive orders. Don’t think even Sleepy Joe will believe that 50 million guns got lost.

    • and if he won’t “buy” fifty million getting “lost” he’ll be left with “buying” the fact that 450 million got lost.. or are being made ready to point their “evil selves” at HIM. We all know about those “violent guns”, now, don’t we? The ones that pick themselves up off the table, or escape from the locked gun safe, point themselves at people and discharge a round or three……. imagine how “nasty” it would be for ol Joe to have that many pointed at HIM and his minions…..

      Time to start buying popcorn kernels by the truckload?

      • Better watch out what you say about Creepy Joe when he slithers into the White House, because then he can have the S.S. come after you for threatening our benevolent Dear Leader. Beto will be right behind them to pry the gun(s) from your cold dead fingers after the S.S. finishes bumping you off.

  13. A lesser evil?

    Donald Trump has delivered on nearly every 2016 campaign promise he made to We the People. This was despite the fact that he had nearly ZERO help from the GOP, faced constant assaults from the Democrats- including a coup attempt organized by Obama’s FBI and Crooked Hillary, a bogus impeachment, undermining by never-Trump GOP elitists, and constant smears, lies, and cover-ups by the media.

    And don’t forget the China virus.

    He accomplished more in his first term than most any other U.S. President. This includes setting the occasion for multiple racial/ethic minority groups to achieve historically low unemployment rates. He cut taxes. The strength of the Trump economy helped buffer it against the China virus lockdown. He made multiple international deals that helped the citizens of THIS country- such as the USMCA and withdrawal from the Paris climate treaty and disgraceful Obama Iran deal. He defeated ISIS- and helped bring back numerous American hostages. He defended law enforcement and strongly advocated for respecting the American flag and our historical monuments.

    He calls out the Democrats for the socialists that they are- something few GOP career politician/establishment types NEVER do.

    He nominated- and will likely have confirmed- THREE Supreme Court justices and filled numerous seats around the country with conservatives who interpret, rather than make law.

    He defends religious liberty.

    Mr. Trump is not a lesser evil- he is a force to be reckoned with for sure- but he is a force for freedom and for preserving the American way of life.

    I will proudly pull the lever for Donald Trump- I am proud to have him as our president.

    • Not only did he get 3 Supreme Court appointments, he actually paid attention to their philosophy, something no Republican president in my life has done.

      He defends religious liberty in spite of having shown no previous interest. I suspect his tribulations may have changed this but time will tell on that.

      He rolled back all kinds of regulation which probably was the cause of the economic rally.

      He did not use the virus as an excuse to seize power unlike most governors of both parties.

      He is the first President since Jimmy Carter to not start a new war. And has made more progress on peace in the Middle East than all previous Presidents since 1948 combined.

      I did not vote for him the first time because I thought, based on his record, that he was an uncouth version of Mitt Romney (whom I didn’t vote for either). Based on his record as President, I have concluded I was wrong and will happily vote for him this time.

  14. @ MAS – “Look, folks, I’m not a Trump fan. I checked his name on the ballot four years ago, not to vote for the man, but to vote against his much worse opponent. This year, I’ll check the same box for the same reason….”

    I will admit that, in 2016, I had the same views as Mas states above and I cast my vote, back then, AGAINST Hillary Clinton rather than FOR Donald Trump.

    However, my views have evolved since then. Unlike Mas, I have not remained static with respect to my views of President Trump. This year, I voted (early voting in my case) FOR Donald Trump. There are basically four (4) reasons why my views on President Trump have changed:

    1) He has kept many of the promises, pertaining to Conservative Polices, that he made in 2016. I will admit that there is still a whole lot remaining to be done. Nevertheless, it is amazing how much President Trump accomplished during his first term. This includes (A) de-regulation, (B) middle-class tax cuts, (C) exposing the Swamp and Deep State, (D) renegotiating improved Trade Deals, (E) defeating ISIS, (F) negotiating Middle-East Peace Deals, (G) strengthening the Military while also working to end useless foreign wars, (H) appointing Constitutional Judges to the Federal Courts and (I) some limited success on controlling illegal immigration. All of which was accomplished in the face of vicious Democrat and media opposition and lackluster support by other Republicans.

    2) I have been impressed by President Trump’s toughness. He has withstood vicious, dirty and deceptive personal and political attacks which would have destroyed any other President. These range from the totally made-up Russia Hoax, the distorted Ukraine Impeachment Effort, plus lies and smears beyond count by the Anti-American Media. Despite these constant and never-ending assaults, President Trump is still standing and is still in Office. It is most impressive.

    3) I have come to the conclusion that President Trump must be the most honest Man alive. Undoubtedly, he must qualify for sainthood! How can I say that? It is simple. President Trump is the most investigated Human Being on the Planet Earth. He has has tens of thousands of Anti-American Media hacks relentlessly digging for any kind of dirt for the last five (5) years. His tax returns were (illegally) dug up and exposed in the hope of finding something criminal in his business dealings. He has been investigated by House Impeachment committees, Congressional Committees, Special Counsels, and by numerous foreign and domestic intelligence services. His privacy has been invaded and his communications have been tapped using both legal and illegal methods of surveillance. The result? NOTHING! All his tax returns show is that he has good tax attorneys. In fact, so little dirt was found that the American Left was forced to fabricate false charges. They fabricated the Steele Dossier to create the Russian Hoax. They lied and twisted one of his telephone calls to fabricate spurious charges for Impeachment. Not even the Pope of the Catholic Church or Mother Teresa could withstand such scrutiny. Such intense dirt digging with so little result can only mean that President Trump is the most honest man in Washington, D.C. I guarantee that Joe Biden, and his family, COULD NOT survive such intense investigation. That is why the Anti-American Media shields “Old Joe” so.

    4) It would have been easy for President Trump to have never run for President or to step aside and not run for a second term. Given the viciousness of the attacks made against him and his family, it would have been understandable for him to back down. He has not done so. He continues to fight for himself and for the American People. I can only conclude that he is truly driven by a desire to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! I cannot dismiss a Patriot who LOVES America to this degree and who is willing to make such sacrifice for his country. Indeed, I can only admire him.

    Therefore, I did not “hold my nose” and “vote for the lesser of two evils” in this election. That is NOT the way that I looked at it this time around. Rather, I enthusiastically voted for a GREAT AMERICAN who has EARNED my SUPPORT by his COURAGE and by his ACCOMPLISHMENTS!


      • You cite Wikipedia as an objective source? The reference list on that link reflects an all-star cast of left wing publications: Washington Post, New York Times, CNN, etc.

        I hope the “stupid” comment did not target any of the contributors. But if so- who cares? Ad hominem attacks signify the absence of any substantive argument.

      • @ Dusty Knuester – “Over 20 THOUSAND lies so far, verified.”

        Yes, and (by your own link), just who “verified” all these so-called lies? Why, it was such bastions of TRUTH as The Washington Post and CNN! The same hacks who told the AMERICAN PEOPLE thousand of lies as they pushed the Russia Hoax, each and every day for multiple years, via “anonymous sources”.

        I assure you that you are wasting your breath (and your keystrokes) in trying to use the propaganda of the Anti-American Media to persuade me to share your Trump Derangement Syndrome. I can firmly state that there are few people who hold the Anti-American Media in greater CONTEMPT than I.

        My use of the word “honest” was in regard to criminal behavior not necessarily with respect to every single word that issues out of President Trump’s mouth. I well know that he is prone to brag and exaggeration.

        However, I will take a braggart for President (any day) over a venal, corrupt traitor like Job Biden. And I do mean “traitor” because it is now clear, from the Hunter email information, that “Old Joe” was selling out his country in order to inflate his bank account.

        I agree however that “You can’t fix stupid”. For that reason, I expect a lot of fools will cover their eyes to the truth about the Biden Crime Family and vote for “Sleepy Joe” anyway. An act that is so destructive to liberty and to the American People as to qualify as “Textbook STUPID”!

      • According to Honest Joe, 200 million Americans have died from the Chinese virus and if he was in charge, not a single person would have died under his watch. Nearly 2/3 of the U.S. population spread out over the 57 states of the union, according to Obama, is a large number of people and it’s President Trump’s fault 🙁

    • When President Donald J. Trump finally croaks, hopefully a long time from now and after four more years of being POTUS, he will sit at God’s big dinner table between Joan of Arc and Mother Teresa 🙂

  15. I’ll have to cast my lot with TN_MAN. As a 71 yr old Vietnam Veteran, I have my own reasons for a less than stellar opinion about anyone running for “Commander in Chief” having never
    served. But, President Trump has proven his support for the military without the fanfare and
    false bravado of previous presidents. He has my support for the reasons TN_MAN mentioned
    and the one I did.

  16. I’ve just got a couple of things on this matter.

    1. “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”

    2. I won’t vote for gun grabbers and baby killers.

    Trump or Clinton was never a tough call for me. Trump versus Biden isn’t a tough call for me.

    I don’t give a fat rat’s fourth point of contact what Trump has *done* before, who he’s shared bodily fluids with, or what bank accounts he has in what other country. I – simply – don’t – care. I’m not planning on sitting down and breaking bread with the guy. I don’t need to “LIKE HIM” in a “Catch-22” sense. I just need him to do his damn job, and he has. Whatever he has to answer for is NONE OF MY BUSINESS, it’s between him and God.

    Yeah, I wasn’t nuts about the bumpstock thing I feel he caved on… I was rather miffed… but you know what? I’ll got the flip over it!

    He’s done the crap he said he would, with lawyers crawling up his bottomside orifice, with ‘Republicans’ tying both hands behind his back, with the media hating his guts and trying to trip him up every step along the way, and he fires people who desperately need firing. On and on and on. The other side? Baby-killing gun grabbers.

    Certain people who have certain problems with Trump are, 99% of the time, too damn touchy-feely and they’ve been mucking up my life for decades… and a vote cast for anyone who doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in Hell of getting elected is “ethics stupid.” This is ‘life.’ It’s not easy, it’s not pretty, and a lot of the time it’s downright unpleasant, but the only way out is death. I’d rather die as a citizen than a subject. Joe isn’t going to make four years, he’s already “checked out” in the mental department, and I’m not up for “President Kammie.”

  17. President TRUMP is a man for our times! Sure more people would like him if he would be tactful, BUT I don’t believe that any President would be able to withstand the ‘crap” that has been thrown at him if he wasn’t a strong man with a big ego. The liberals, the press, and the never Trumpers, ie. the other side NEVER acknowledges any good things he does for the country…they would rather take this country down than to cooperate!
    There is no question that he loves this country.
    And sometimes you have to take the bad in order to get the GOOD!

  18. Joe Biden is the candidate of the globalist establishment who got even richer as they oversaw sending manufacturing jobs to low-cost of production countries. The return on capital has been high while those Americans who used to work in manufacturing have lost ground. Biden beat B-list Dems for the nomination at a time when Trump looked like a shoe-in for re-election. Harris had no traction when she tried for the nomination and is on the ticket to try to keep the extreme left-wing of the Democratic party in line. If Biden-Harris wins, then look for a vicious power struggle within the Dem party for power, probably won by the extreme left wing.

    No one prepared for a pandemic. Biden had 36 years in the Senate and 8 years as VP and did nothing. There is not much that can be done to stop the spread of COVID-19 before an effective vaccine is delivered, other than a total lockdown for an extended period, which would collapse the economy.

    COVID-19 is a new disease. No one knew, not even Fauci, what to do early on, which is why there has been contradictory guidance from Fauci, CDC, etc. Trump has tried to balance public health and economic health.

    Trump is trying to get the US out of wars around the globe, pushed through a tax bill that benefited a lot of middle and less-than middle class people, he has reduced regulation by bureaucrats, and a lot of other good things.

    The Democrats have not accepted the results of the 2016 and have tried everything to overturn those results. Most of the media and all of the establishment hate Trump and have attacked him since the election.

    Pelosi is trying to get something going under the 25th Amendment to use against Trump if he is re-elected and I suspect to push Biden out if he is elected, with Pelosi thinking she will be able to control Harris. Harris is a product of the California Democratic establishment, of which Pelosi is a major player, Harris having gotten her start from Willie Brown, Speaker of the California Assembly. Brown and Harris appear to have had a “romantic” relationship despite a serious age difference and his being married to someone else.

  19. Time now to get ready for further anti-Trump hysteria from the Utopian Left. We are seeing some proposed arming of a questionably Utopian sub-culture of people who may themselves harbor a congenital prejudice towards consequences from
    any sensible authority, with President Trump as their whipping boy. In the MANY videos now extant that show officer-involved shootings, I feel that some officers would have been better off with the steadiness of pistol-caliber carbines at the shoulder, rather than with just handguns or over-penetrating ARs. Goldilocks might find a PC carbine in .40 S&W with hollow points “just right” for taking care of the Big Bad Wolf. How many police agencies deploy PCs already, and how can they get some more? Better the police survive any day than the lethal criminals. Even Christian charity depends on being alive to practice it.

  20. I’m a worryin’, a hopin’ and a prayin’ (and a vote’n), but I’ve gotta wonder. If Trump takes the Electoral College despite probable massive vote fraud, I rather expect the leftist reaction will make the 2016 election aftermath look like a case of the terrible twos. We’ve got a (slim) chance if we can at least hold onto the Senate.

    About the “over penetrating ARs”, tests by many ammunition manufacturers show that properly selected duty .223/5/56 MM ammunition penetrates less than a lot of duty handgun ammunition.

    • Friend WR Moore, it is correct that use of special bullet construction with appropriate powder charge can regulate penetration from a high-sectional-density rifle bullet. Some peace officers may use high-penetration ball pistol ammo yet, but experts like Mas recommend against it for duty use in general. Choice of ammo can depend on severity of threats, though. State Troopers in Alaska, for example, who have surprise encounters with moose and bear in mind, might seem more likely to carry heavy, high-penetration handgun ammo. Even so for long-gun ammo there, too. I like the general .40 S&W PC patrol carbine concept partly for its compatibility with certain handgun magazines. The choice of magazines filled with either hollow point or ball for different situations can also be good. When the violent perps give up their weapons and stop threatening, resisting, or fleeing, our peace officers can turn in all their hardware and carry pool noodles for batons. Until then the best tool for the job may turn out to be the pistol cartridge carbine.

      • Definitely, at least at about 150 yards the rifle is generally going to be the preferred weapon because of flatter trajectory and more retained energy than the PCCs. Ironically, that is about the distance that 5.56 ball ceases to become a sudden stopper, although likely lethal in time with a hit in a critical spot. Superiority over long distance is strongly in favor of the AR over the PCC as an all-around long gun. A PCC advantage within a house may be that its heavier hollow points, or similar limited-flesh-penetration bullets, may actually give greater penetration at an assailant through drywall, wooden doors, and some furniture, than do soft 5.56 bullets, while hopefully unlikely to go clear through the building, or otherwise threaten the innocent. Having seen some shot-up houses, my gut instinct is to prefer the PCC for indoor work over the AR. I also generally like the increase in PCC bullet velocity over the velocity out of the same caliber pistols, the handgun barrels being significantly shorter. Mainly a question of the best tool for each job, though.

  21. General George S. Patton was disliked by the establishment.
    The General could be vulgar and downright abusive to those who disagreed with him. The news industry despised him and the feelings were mutual.
    He did shorten the war in Europe, perhaps as much as 2 years.
    Our President has a lot of the Patton feistiness in him and like Patton he is correct more than he isn’t and unlike any president I know of he doesn’t take crap from the ‘news’ industry.
    If you want a gentleman statesman in the office of President that’s your preference but I will take “Old Blood And Guts” getting the job done without begging permission from anyone.
    If that annoys you that’s your problem.

    • If FDR’s lackey Ike had allowed Patton to invade Germany when his Third Army was at the Rhine River instead of stopping him and diverting his supplies to the incompetent Bernard Montgomery who was still stuck in the Ruhr area for months, WW II would have been over by the latter part of 1944 and American troops would have marched into Berlin. Of course the real reason was that FDR and Stalin had conspired to divide the world and the Soviets were given eastern Europe and half of Germany, and the Communist Chinese were given most of Asia.

      Patton was targeted for assassination by the Soviets who hated him and he suspected FDR and Ike were involved and wrote to his family about it. Patton even asked that Ike not be allowed to attend his funeral and the future POTUS gladly obliged.

      • Friend Tom606, Ike was under orders from FDR to wait for the Russians to take Berlin. Not necessarily Ike’s preference, but his unavoidable duty. He was always concerned about keeping American battle casualties to a minimum, and the Russian effort inevitably saved the lives and limbs of many GIs. FDR was responsible for the delay, though, not Ike. Ike would always otherwise prefer to support Patton over Montgomery. Ike saw Patton as essential to the Allied advance from the beginning of the war.

      • Lew,

        I like your comparing Trump to Patton.


        I once read where the historian Bevan Alexander wrote that Patton’s strategy of going straight for Berlin would have indeed shortened the war, as you wrote. Bevan Alexander thought Patton was not listened to because he had recently slapped the two soldiers, and that put him in the “dog house.” But certainly Patton was a doer and a winner, like Trump.

  22. To all that fear a Biden victory on November 3rd, I say take heart. Although we are in a fight against Satan and all of his minions; on the Left, in academia, in Hollywood, in the Anti-American Media, in the Swamp and Deep State (truly, Satan’s minions are legion!), nevertheless, we have the Lord of Hosts on our side. Who can stand against us?

    President Trump’s rise to power is not just blind chance or “Good Luck” for those who hate Satan and who love America. The Hand of God is at work in this Land. The parallels between today and past episodes of God’s direction are there for those who will see. Take this article for example:

    With God’s Grace, the corruption of Satan’s minions is being exposed daily.

    Galatians 6:7-9 – “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. For he that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption; but he that soweth to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting. And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.”

    • TN_MAN,

      Thanks for the encouraging words. We will certainly be victorious if it is God’s will. But what if America’s days are numbered? What if we have been weighed in the balance and found wanting? What if God is tired of putting up with America’s sins, corporate and individual sins? God was certainly willing to punish ancient Israel, His chosen people, for their idolatry. And, as an argument to the atheists, it is true that whatever goes up, must come down. America has been going up for four hundred years.

      • @ Roger Willco – “what if America’s days are numbered?”

        This reminds me of the Book of Genesis:

        Genesis – Chapter 18 – Verses 20 to 26: “And the Lord said, Because the cry of Sodom and Gomorrah is great, and because their sin is very grievous; I will go down now, and see whether they have done altogether according to the cry of it, which is come unto me; and if not, I will know.

        And the men turned their faces from thence, and went toward Sodom: but Abraham stood yet before the Lord. And Abraham drew near, and said, Wilt thou also destroy the righteous with the wicked?

        Peradventure there be fifty righteous within the city: wilt thou also destroy and not spare the place for the fifty righteous that are therein? That be far from thee to do after this manner, to slay the righteous with the wicked: and that the righteous should be as the wicked, that be far from thee: Shall not the Judge of all the earth do right?

        And the Lord said, If I find in Sodom fifty righteous within the city, then I will spare all the place for their sakes.”

        We will have to hope that there are at least fifty righteous people still remaining within the United States. I have faith that we can meet that test.

        Maybe God will limit his destruction to just Washington, D.C. You would be hard pressed to find 50 righteous men (or even 10) in that city! 🙂

  23. Back during the Obama/Biden Administration, the CIA’s intelligence network, in China, was compromised and crippled. See this story:

    At the time of the above story, it was unknown how the Chinese penetrated and destroyed our network. Now, allegations are being made that it was Joe Biden, (himself) with his close ties to China, that gave the Chinese the information to destroy our intelligence network. See this link:

    I don’t know if there is any truth in these new allegations. However, if there is any truth to it (at all), then it would appear that Biden’s treason goes well beyond just selling out American to foreign nations so as to fatten his bank account. If true, he is actually a “Benedict Arnold” level TRAITOR!

  24. Even more Biden treason. See this link:

    And they called President Trump a “traitor” over their fake “Russia Hoax” and fabricated “Steele Dossier”! With Democrats, all you get is projection. Once they accused President Trump of being a traitor, we should have known that they were the ones who are guilty of treason!

    • Larry Nichols from Arkansas always claimed that he was the one who taught the Democrat Clintons to accuse their opponents of the very things that of which the Democrats were guilty. The tradition seems pretty well set. How anyone can put real faith in the present Democratic Party is beyond me.
      We all could put our faith in an immanent (read “closely real”) God who can even be found manifest in the recent scientific revelation of a comprehensive cosmic consciousness that far supersedes the speed of light. The one entity that people most should not make angry is God. I look at the present wildfires in California and the concern over “climate change,” and wonder why more people are not on their knees humbly praying for help from the all-powerful, who is the best possible answer to the seemingly insurmountable. That goes for everything. So easy to do, so productive, and yet so rare.

  25. Hello just wanted to give you a quick heads up. The words in your content seem to be running off the screen in Safari. I’m not sure if this is a format issue or something to do with web browser compatibility but I thought I’d post to let you know. The design look great though! Hope you get the problem resolved soon. Many thanks

  26. Trump is literally the antichrist who shall bring upon the second coming of Christ by killing us all in a nuclear holocaust! Blessed-be

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