1. I’ve seen the first two episodes and enjoy it thus far. Except for some of the language, it’s a show I’ve also enjoyed viewing with my son. This is his first reality show. I’m not much of a reality TV show fan but if they can show the shooting sports in a positive light… it gets my support! Thanks for making us aware, Massad.

  2. Here’s an idea. The finale should be a paintball fight with the $100k in a suitcase hanging from a chain.

  3. @Dave they sort of did that for Combat Mission, which was IMO quite good for the genre.

  4. Like everyone else, I think the voting is the problem. A better format would be taking 10 guys and running them through each event. Best shooter wins… the end. No one voted off, no politics, none of that junk. Just keep score and let the best shooter win.

    I watch it, but I’d be happier if the best shooter was going to win.

  5. I’ve been watching History Channel ‘Future Weapons’ (season 3 2008) which I stream from Netflix. Much more straightforward (no pseudo-drama) and well presented. I highly recommend.

  6. Just another crappy ‘reality’ with more emphasis on catty pseudo-conflicts than the actual competition.

    Seldom is an actual range to target even given.

  7. I watched the first episode. Too much talking. Not enough shooting. Had 4 more episodes recorded. Deleted them without watching or remorse.

  8. I like the show. Unless one were a participant or close relative, it would be pretty boring to watch a program dedicated to target shooting, even with the gimmicks. The shooting aspect drew me in but I enjoy following the reactions of the participants (the “drama” if you will). Without the interesting personalties, we might as well be watching a video game designed to capture the adoration of the prepubescent.

  9. Couldn’t stick with it because of the hokey melodrama and when I saw the voting them off the island thing, I gave up. Don’t care about the competition (though I enjoyed top sniper). I’d rather watch something educational, like G&A TV.

  10. There is another show on Spike that teaches former victims how to handle firearms and shoot accurately. I don’t know the name of the show, just caught the tail end of it today. It looked like it might have substance.

  11. Great show! Glad to see a second season is in the works. Just saw the the Caleb v Adam episode and am saddened that Adam’s immaturity has to be associated with the shooting sports. Adam asked if there was anything lower than a “rat fink” and the answer is a resounding, “YES!” A backstabber. Adam is a disgrace to the Corps with his desire to eliminate a team member so he may more easily survive.

  12. Top Shot started with Season 1 being pretty good. But even then, the seeds of decay were sown. Since then, just more and more yapping, personality conflict, and just plain idiocy, and too little shooting.
    I am handling Season 3 in the following way:

    1. Record on DVR

    2. Fast forward to introduction of weapon / practice

    3. Fast forward to Challenge.

    4. Fast forward to Elimination shoot-off.

    5. Have muted at nearly all times to shut Colby Donaldson up.

    When I do these things, it works for me!