1. Asked Santa for a sig P220 in 10mm Stainless Elite 5 inch slide (Dreaming of a white Christmas also).
    Well it won’t happen this year but it sounds like maybe Shot Show we may see
    See an intro into the 10mm for Sig…….always next year

    Merry Christmas and Happy Hannukah to all

  2. I showed my wife some Glock 17C police trade ins in one of the gun dealer sights. She promptly put us on a limit much lower than that number. Oh well, I’ll have to buy my own.

  3. The wife will be receiving a G19 for her very own. She has approved a custom 1911 for me, and so far the Nighthawk T3 is on a collison course with my wallet! We both will be saying an extra prayer this Christmas season for the families of the two cops gunned down in NYC while sitting in their car, and for all the men and women in law enforcement.

    Blessed Christmas to all!

  4. My dear wife is or has gotten me, she hides stuff real good, an ar stripped upper and a Kak buffer tube for my sig sb15. She’s getting shirts, sweaters and other useless stuff like shoes.

  5. Alas, I am behind enemy lines in the Peoples Republic of Connecticut so firearm purchases are curtailed for the near future, partially because of stupid laws but also to stay off current “official” radar.

    Still, I have had my eye on a used M-1 Carbine for the missus to shoot. Last I saw it was just above $400 because the gomer who owned it previously used wire staples to permanently attach the magazine pouches to the stock. Maybe after the year turns I’ll go back and have a look; if it’s still there maybe it was meant to be.

    Also…Merry Christmas (or whatever Holiday lights your Season) to all!

  6. I will gift myself with “The Gunbox”. I wanted a secure method of bedside storage but quick access in the event that weapon retrieval is necessary. There are many other storage products available but the slick advertisement and recommendations sold me.

  7. Having built myself a 300 Blackout AR pistol, my wife
    Is getting me a reloading press to feed the hungry and expensive beast!

  8. My christmas present, to my self, was an FNH Five-seven, and a case of 5.7 x28mm ammo, with the 40gr Hornady V-Max bullet, that is supposed to crono at 1,750 fps, out of the 4.7″ pistol barrel?

    Abiet, having a large muzzle flash which could blind, and intimidate an opponent, the light recoil, and controlability, were attractive as a consession to my advancing age, together with the 20 round magazine capacity, but will have to see how well it all turns out, in spite of my own high hopes, and expectations?

  9. Gifts I’m giving include a couple of purse-size flashlights for family members who keep borrowing the one I carry.

    But my main RKBA-XMAS contribution is selling three gift certificates for new-shooter gun classes.

  10. Speaking of upbeatness, Christmas is again drawing near, a great reminder that you can’t stop the good that is coming. I am selfishly dreaming that a good-to-excellent Model 12 Win. “riot” 12 gauge will materialize in my fireplace sock, not that I am hunting any riots. The Model 12 is just an unparalleled, true take-down piece that should never have seen the end of production, and is an ideal bush bear/survival gun for the minimalist, woods-loafing, backpack traveler like yours truly. Thanks Mas, and Happy Holidays to you and all.

  11. Sounds like a good Christmas at the Ayoobs. Santa arrived driving a UPS truck today. He was carrying large boxes of CCI 22LR SV, all to feed a Smith Mod. 41 and a CZ452fs. They digest the CCI SV flawlessly and are extremely accurate. Merry Christmas to you and Gail.

  12. The Mrs. and her Mother have been to two Appleseed events this year, and both are really serious about improving their shooting skills . The Mrs. practices her positions regularly so she can earn a Rifleman patch next spring. I have a steel AQT target set for my mother-in-law, and a full-size Red Coat steel target on the way for my wife. We can shoot safely for more than a 1/4 mile at our home, and the Mrs. will enjoy her steel target with her Rock River Lef-T Predator rifle (with the Operator Stock).

    The targets are from Rifleman Training Targets; search on Facebook.

    Larry’s Gun Shop in McLeansboro, IL ordered the Lef-t for me, and Rock River had it to him in one week.

  13. Colt SAA Peacemaker factory nickel, caliber .357 magnum, 5.5″ bbl.
    A perfect holster and gunbelt by John Bianchi’s Frontier Gunleather was last year’s Xmas present from dear sweet wife. I’ve been saving and looking for the ‘right gun’ now about 3 years and thanks to a Colt Collector buddy, we purchased this SAA well below retail. With my Stetson, boots, and gun belt, the final piece of my COWBOY KIT is coming together! Dream come true 🙂

    Merry Christmas, Mas!

  14. Lead bullet casting accoutrements for myself; Texas Weapons Systems AK top rail for my son.

    The casting tackle was inspired by and since the ATF had the shocking good sense to “give” the OK on the stabilizer “braces” on our $400 PAP 92 Krinks (PDWs), my son is turning his Bulgarian 16″ AK into a sort of DMR with a Leatherwood 1-4 7.62 CMR.

  15. Better watch out. As well as she shoots the .45 ACP she’ll really kick some serious ass with a .45 GAP. Merry Christmas to you and Gail.

  16. Got my sweetie a Colt AR-15, the LE6920 in FDE, 4 extra magpul magazines in FDE, and a tactical carry case, also in FDE. I hope she likes it, if not, I get another gun.

  17. I’m not expecting to receive any firearms related items.

    However, having received a copy of Mas’s latest book DEADLY FORCE, UNDERSTANDING YOUR RIGHT TO SELF DEFENSE from The Armed Citizens’ Legal Defense Network, I bought 2 copies.

    One to give to my sister, and the other to a Sister-in-Law who bought a Ruger LCR, (her first firearm), and is being taught to shoot by her husband.

    My sister had a previous boyfriend buy her a 20guage shotgun for home defense.

  18. A S&W Model 28, made in 1964 will be in my stocking (just came down the chimney over the weekend), because I’ve been a “good” boy.

  19. Christmas started early this year, and finished up about two weeks ago. Started with a new Gen 3 G34, then a new set of Dawson sights. Followed that up with a ZEV Magwell, and two trigger assemblies from DK Custom, one for the 34 and one for my G19. Next was a new holster/mag pouches from Daranich Tactical, and last but certainly not least……a BUNCH of 9mm ammo from Freedom Munitions. Great Christmas!

  20. Mas, It appears there is another Dennis posting comments (#8 from the top). Don’t know who has dibs on the tag. (I’m the retired cop)

    Probably will be no new additions to my collection this year for Christmas. I started gifting many of my finer weapons to my children and grand-children on Christmas several years ago. This will continue.

    If I change my mind in future, The new polymer frame revolvers have attracted my attention ( this is usually the first step to acquisition).

  21. I know I am getting 1000 cast Meister bullets 200 gr.swc for my 1911s. About 2 months ago I purchased
    a Colt replica 1851 Navy .36 and hope that I will be getting a nice powder flask for it. My wife is sneaking around so I know there is more to come.
    About 35 years ago my wife put on layaway for me a S&W model 57 4″ barrel for my birthday, it doesn’t get better than that.
    We got 500 RDS of 9mm for my son.
    Be careful when buying a firearm for someone else. Even if the person you are buying it for can legally purchase it; when you fill out the form 4473 as the actual owner, you are committing perjury. The Supreme Court has said so.
    See Abramski v. United States

  22. This year Moi got a very nice Super Blackhawk in 44 magnum from my loving wife who got me a nice Savage 223 last Christmas.

  23. Ammunition, any and all kinds. Slings for a couple of guns, I prefer the old canvas and leather safari style, will have to make my own. Ammunition. new stock for the Mossberg 500. Buttstock magazine holder for a CZ carbine, once again will make my own.

  24. Asked my wife for a copy of Deadly Force: Understanding Your Right to Self Defense by Massad Ayoob!

  25. I’ve been into a 6-line rifle sling made from paracord. Look on line for the double soloman knot. It makes an excellent rifle sling and people love em.

  26. As usual, I chose my own Christmas gift. Love my wife, but I sure was tired of kimono type housecoats and strange (and expensive) toiletries and ties that just weren’t my style.
    I picked up a Colt LW Commander (the Wiley Clapp model) from TALO. Love this gun!!!

    Under the tree, my oldest grandson has a Henry Big Boy in .357, 250 rounds of .38 semi-wadcutter, 250 rounds of .45 Colt (for a Rossi Model 92 with a large loop lever that I gifted him a couple of years ago) and a Zombie Hunter gun case for his S&W M&P 15/22.

    Did I mention I spoil my grandkids?

    Merry Christmas, everyone!

  27. Hopefully a decent spotting scope, hoping to get back into long range shooting. Anything for reloading will suit me. My Son who is 11 is getting hi first shotgun. 20ga Mossberg 510 as he grows there are pieces that you can add to the stock to increase the length of pull. He has ask for a dueling tree for 2 years and is getting one this year and other various steel targets to go with his SR22 he got last year. And 3 boxes of clays and all the 20ga and 22lr ammo I could get my hands on. My wife will get out with us and shoot 22 only. She is very recoil sensitive. But can hit very well. I have been trying to get her to carry but she just will not still trying. 17 year old daughter clothes what else, and a mac book to start college.
    My back is coming along great,but had to have x rays of knees and shoulder and was told I had spacing issues with knees and shoulders and they will need replacing. I ain’t going back to see that DR. anymore.

  28. I bought my 7 year old son his first rifle. It is a .22LR bolt action savage. I decided he is ready for his own gun as this year he has impressed me again and again with his dedication to firearm safety. After he proves to me that he can also maintain his own firearm, we might look at upgrading. I look forward to the good times, shooting and bonding. Merry Christmas folks.

  29. First – Merry Christmas to all who read and post here – with special thanks to Massad Ayoob, who has enabled me to remake my life in the last few years by providing THE best books, texts, columns, and this blog, to name a few resources. I have never read anything with the depth, the understanding, the knowledge or the logic – that Mas imparts with each thing he does. My absolute goal – a dream come true – would be to take a course taught by Mas. Alas, due to extreme $$ shortages, that won’t be happening anytime soon. It makes me sad to think THE best training, by THE best educators – is available, but I just don’t have the funds. I do have one of the best resources – I am a member of the 2nd Amendment Foundation, which I believe is the very best.
    Finally, am I asking too much to ask everyone to use the extra energy needed to type the five extra letters to replace “X” with “Christ” – in Christmas? Please?

  30. A few new holsters/CC clothing items for She Who Feeds Me, some useful gunsmithing tools for myself (things for replacing sights, etc) and a copy of your new book for my library. Assorted things for dry fire practice, for both of us.

    For the wed after Christmas (New Year’s Eve, and my birthday) a co-worker and his wife have asked me to take them to the local indoor gun range and teach them the basics of using a handgun – and help them pick out their first firearm purchase. A nice way to wrap up the year, and celebrate my last ‘not-50-yet-dammit’ birthday. (I’m not as old as you, Mas, but my friends delight in reminding me that I’m older than the Super Bowl…)

  31. For my recoil adverse daughter that spends many nights home alone, a Walther HK416 semi-auto 22LR Pistol, 2-20 rd mags with coupler and a soft Uncle Mike’s case.

    For my recoil adverse wife a Glock 42 to test against her Sig P238. The Sig won and the G42 (which has more recoil than the steel Sig) will be going back to the store.

    For me* a Ruger AR556 carbine is on order. *This will most likely become my wife’s rifle since I already have an Armilite AR rifle.

    Merry Christmas to All and to All a safe night.

  32. I have a pre-owned (w. tritium sights) G17 coming for my wife. It’s her idea of a carry gun so what can I say….

  33. Ahh, a lowly Taurus 85 ultralight .38 for my wife. She is diminutive and cannot rack a slide with confidence, and has small hands.

  34. I’m giving a friend a copy of Mas’ new book. My nephew bought a Glock this year, but can’t afford to shoot it much, so he’s getting a case of 9mm.

    For me? Well, there’s a gun show coming up in early January, and Gary Quinlan (dealer in single shot target rifles from the “golden age”) always has some delights on his table– who knows what might follow me home?

  35. Gentlemen – I made my earlier post while listening to Christmas music this afternoon and wish to clarify somethings. I am extremely blessed – in every way. I do not want for anything, although one would get that impression from reading my previous words. Also, if you don’t already belong to the 2nd Amendment Foundation – go to their website and check them out. You’ll be glad you did.

  36. I just remembered that I have some 7.62×39 that I can hand off to Santa Claus. It is easy to forget that it is nobler to give than receive. Thanks again, Mas.

  37. I’m hoping to get myself and my three older kids to an Appleseed shoot this next year. I already have a Ruger 10/22 with a youth stock and tech sights for the younger kids. So I bought another 10/22 and will set it up with tech sights and keep the adult sized stock on it for me and my youngest son.

  38. I recently lucked into a near-mint condition Colt Detective Special (3rd issue) & a Colt Cobra (2nd issue), with light holster wear, for myself. I wasn’t planning to pick up any firearms for Christmas this year, but they were way too nice to pass up. Now, if I could just find an affordable Colt Python…..

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you & to your loved ones, Mas, as well as to everyone who reads or contributes to this site!!! It’s the most interesting & enjoyable one that I know of.

  39. My Christmas present is my wife of 28 years getting into shooting. She does have a bit of natural talent. After not having touched a handgun in over 40 years, she picked up a .45 revolver and went 5 for 6 on falling plates and ended up winning “Top Gun” at an all-female pistol shoot. (She just corrected me. “It has only been 35 years. I am not that old!”)

    She recently tried an I.D.P.A. practice shoot and loved it. Santa is bringing her a Gock 35 with all the trimmings: 8 mags, holster, I.D.P.A. timer, cleaning kit, and more with a range bag to carry it all.

    And now with two shooters in the family I was “forced” to add a Dillon progressive press to my reloading setup.

    Merry Christmas to you Mas, and to all your readers. Thank you for all you do for the 2nd Amendment community.

    Professor Mike

  40. I want a ‘genuine Red Ryder 200-shot Carbine Action Air Rifle with a compass, and a thing in the stock that tells time’!

  41. Mas … will trade Gail my G19 RTF 2 (scaled slide and all) for your Ed Brown Signature 1911 …. Merry Christmas to you both.

  42. My LGS sent me a text this morning stating they just received a Les Baer .45ACP Stinger that I will pick up after Christmas when we return home.

    I prefer the 1911 and have had excellent experiences with Les Baer. This will be the first one that is not the 5″ government size that I typically carry.

    I am more comfortable with the 1911 design and this one should allow a few more clothing options, although I suspect I will still primarily carry a full sized 1911 except when the occasion/clothing require a smaller friend to properly conceal.