1. Typing this Christmas morning. I am now armed and dangerous– my son gave me a Dremel tool set. Main reason for posting is to wish Mas and Gail, as well as everyone else, a good and joyous season. Stay heeled, check yer six, and keep the powder dry.

  2. JohninMD…ah yes the ubiquitous Dremel Tool. Wonderful tool for cutting a new sear surface. I have 3 myself and a whole box of f….. sears. OK for carving a custom set of grips though. Merry Christmas to all!

  3. Well, just when I think this site cannot get any better – it does. If there is one thing that really works for me, it is reading about high end firearms! Especially custom 1911`s. When I first shot a 1911 in 1967, it was under the watchful eye of a range NCO – I`m sure none of us then would have believed how they would evolve and become the great-shooting guns they are today. Then, there is the reference to one of my favorites – the Dremel. Talk about memory lane!

    Then, every time I open this site, I learn something. It`s kinda strange, as I ran countless rounds downrange over the course of my Army life – everything from a .45 to a 105mm recoilless rifle but felt like a complete newbie when I returned to firearms recently. This site couldn`t be any better for someone like me – a recent “recruit” to the entire gun culture, especially concealed carry. Keep the great stuff coming, fellas.

    I wish you all a safe and happy new year!

  4. No new guns for me but a Streamlight TLR1 light and remote switch for the Mossberg 930 and a TLR 2 light with green laser for one of the hand guns . The three kids (adults now) and their spouses in addition to the usual stuff defensive handgun courses for all. Happy & Safe New Year to All!

  5. From Santa with the assistance of a lady well-known to me – A Troy carbine in 5.56 with 3 P-Mags.

    This to supplement a Colt 6920 and LAR-8

    Now Nancy Pelosi will like me even less.

    Merry Christmas and safe travels to all, and to my soldier brethren and you peace officers out there – thank you for your continued service and watch your six.


  6. Got a nice Browning Hi-Power! Looking forward to trying it out on the range before the turn of the new year. Merry Christmas and a Safe, Healthy and Happy New Year to all!

  7. My lovely wife, through some exceptional information gathering, gifted me a HK P2000 LEM in 9mm to compliment its sibling HK P30 LEM 9mm. Now I have the ability to carry in the summer months with something more akin to G19 size. Now for some sights, magazines and HK45C mag release to make it complete!

  8. My wife got a M&P Shield in 9mm from me, 250 rounds of FMJ and 50 rounds of Hornady carry ammo from my 6yo son, and range time with targets from my 2yo son. She was out shooting it on the 26th and likes it a lot more than her Bersa .380 that she carries now.

  9. My amazing wife bought me a Dillon 550b! I reloaded my first 20, oops, 1 casualty, 19 rounds this week. Might try to get them to the range if I can work up the blood flow to brave the single digit temps….