Hey, gang, it seemed like time to update you on our 2021 schedule.

2020 was our worst year ever, with roughly half of our classes postponed into this year. The reason? COVID-19, of course.

Some of our regular venues were closed to outsiders (or temporarily closed to everyone) by the edict of the given state, county, or board of directors.

Many states enacted a 14-day quarantine on anyone coming into them for anything but a family emergency or something similar. That effectively kept out students who didn’t live in that locale, and obviously, traveling instructors.

Two fine people who had hosted us for decades – Denny Reichard in Indiana and Frank Cornwall in Connecticut – tragically passed away.

2021 will see us in California, Virginia, Texas, South Dakota, Illinois, and Michigan between now and mid-June.

As the year goes on, we’ll be teaching in Utah, Washington state, New Hampshire, New York, Florida, Nebraska, Kansas, Texas again, Pennsylvania, and Delaware.

We will be doing a Deadly Force Instructor class co-taught by Mas and Marty Hayes in Florida in the summer. (Indoors, don’t worry!)

Possible other classes are still pending confirmation in other locales, including Hawaii.

As always, details are available at our website, http://massadayoobgroup.com .

Keep an eye on the website for further announcements and updates.  We hope to see you this year!


  1. I live in New York State. How do I find out where and when you will conduct a training in New York State?

  2. I understand that a MAG-40 training is scheduled for the Rochester, NY area- never thought I would have the chance to be trained by Mas in my (for now) home state.

  3. I see that the Rochester training is a MAG-20; I am almost positive that it had been advertised locally as a MAG-40.

  4. Hi Mas,

    I noticed from your website that there are no MAG 80 classes scheduled for 2021. Are there any plans for this course in 2021 or 2022?



  5. {Class Pictures? Mag40 Sac, Ca. 9-11-20}
    I was glad to get my rescheduled Mag40 last year after once being postponed due to fire closures. My notes continue to shape my daily carry habits. Thanks Mas.
    Any chance in getting the class photo posted?

    • Since the pandemic we have not been posting class pictures, we have held few classes in 2020 and have not taken a class photo at every class we did have.

  6. I don’t see Minnesota on the list,but where are you going to be in my home state of South Dakota.

  7. Hawaii?? Maybe shall issue is closer there than we thought. I’d love to see you in southern Idaho or northern Utah, uncle Mas.

  8. That photo shows a wonderful group. What was the distance? If I had to guess I would say 15 yards, simply because that is common for self-defense shooting.

    About the 2020 shutdowns; this was the first time in history that the healthy have been quarantined during an epidemic/pandemic. I wonder how many would have died if we went about our normal lives, but simply wore masks indoors, or outdoors also if we were in a large group? (Probably not wise to be in a large group during a pandemic). I wonder if the number of deaths from COVID-19 is an accurate number, or has it been inflated? Will we ever know the truth, or will this be like the Kennedy assassination? Xi Jinping and some others in China know the truth.

    I have zero medical expertise. I can only listen to the experts and try to figure out who is telling me the truth. Now for a REALLY scary thought. What’s to stop evil scientists from altering another virus, and plaguing us again?

    Sorry to get off topic, but Mas did mention the lockdown, and “inquiring minds want to know”.

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