1. Evil exists in this world. Anyone who doubts that is a moron. Gun control affects good people, not evil people. All of those souls, who may or may not believe in God as I do, were lost because of “gun free” zones, “common sense gun laws” et al. I moved from VA last year because they’ve turned deep blue and all the hard fought gun rights won in the last two decades will slowly, or quickly as it’s turning out, be lost. I want to be able to protect myself and my family. And I want to worship God as I want. I wonder how many in NZ thought the same?

  2. The link to triggered a knee-jerk reaction among the gun prohibitionists in our country should be:

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    Are you sure this isn’t fake-news? Everybody Knows that mass killing only happens in the U.S. because of our Gun-Clinger Culture. 😉

  3. This morning, I was awakened by the call of a Mourning Dove outside my bedroom window. The dove has been calling, of and on, all morning long.

    The call of the bird makes me wonder who, or what, is being mourned? Is the call of this bird a harbinger of some personal tragedy? Given that my Mother is in her 80’s and that I have an uncle, who is also about 80 year’s old, who is slowing dying of cancer, it is certainly possible.

    Or is the bird calling because of the senseless loss of life in New Zealand? Does it weep for the innocent blood shed there?

    Perhaps, the bird is mourning the decline and slow death of something that was once beautiful. A nation build upon great ideas and that, time after time, stood for what is right on the World Stage. A nation that is now being poisoned and choked to death by the scourge of left-wing ideology and with its people deluded and indoctrinated by left-wing propaganda. A nation called the United States of America.

    Maybe it is simply just a bird calling outside my window. All I know is that my heart is fill with foreboding.

  4. I think the late Paul Harvey said it best, all great societies throughout history have died from within. They were not destroyed by outsiders. (except the Native American societies I believe) These societies died because what made them great in the first place was pushed aside for government to take over and provide. Just like the feeling now. I prayed for those in NZ last night, not only for the bloodshed, but because the reaction will be more government not more individual responsibility. Just like in Washington DC right now. Whether you like the President or not, at least he’s not lying down and “going with the flow” in hopes that the press will love him.

  5. Australian guy goes to New Zealand and shoots up some mosques to… cause political action in the USA.

    I haven’t seen a plot like that since the IRA took Nakatomi Tower back in ’88…

    • @ TRX – “I haven’t seen a plot like that since the IRA took Nakatomi Tower back in ’88…”

      Aw, Come on! You don’t have to go that far back in time! Not with the leftist political machine on the loose. Remember Cesar Sayoc? He was the SUPPOSED crazy, right-wing, MAGA-loving Trump supporter who sent a bunch of “Bombs” through the mail to big Democrat Swamp-dwellers just in time to get them sympathy prior to the November 2018 elections. Man, how luck was it that not one single bomb ever exploded. Not a hair on the head of a single swamp-dweller was touched.

      Every wonder what happened to that guy? The last story that I can find on him is dated November 6th, 2018. Hey, did you know that was the day of the 2018 elections? This is the link:

      Notice that this Cesar guy was exported to the ultra-blue zone of New York City for his trial. Despite being arrested in Florida. Well, what do you know about that?

      However, since Election Day (when the Democrats recaptured the House), this Cesar guy seems to have completely dropped out of the news. Hmmmm, isn’t that strange? Seems like a body could squeeze out a pretty good “Plot” right there.

      Or what about the Russian Hoax against Donald Trump? The Democrats are still keeping that story alive on life-support despite the fact that it has been “Brain-Dead” for quite a while now. I submitted that even the most outrageous piece of “Spy Fiction” cannot rival the twists and turns in that tale! I expect that we will find Weapons of Mass Destruction in Baghdad before we find Trump-Russian collusion. Mind, there was plenty of “collusion” between Russia and the Democrats (especially with Hillary and Bill) but no one seems interested in that plot-line.

      No Sir! With the Democrats and their media propaganda machine working overtime, one never needs to search hard for a good tale of political fiction! All you have to do is switch on the tube and tune it to CNN! 🙂

      • TN_MAN,

        Latest on Sayoc is that he is expected to plea “guilty” in court next week. Pay attention to what plea agreement he’s made. I’m guessing the agreement was made prior to the acts. Take one for the cause, don’t you know. This smelt like a false flag from the very on-set. Two weeks before mid-term elections, socialist democrats the target, suspect far right wing Trump lover, bombs inert, give me a break. No different from the continuing and increasing frequency of false flag “hate crimes” we’ve seen. Is the world we live in.

      • Dennis – It did all seem really “convenient” for the Democrats, didn’t it? I always thought that this Cesar Sayoc was “duped” into this stunt. After all, to give it a veneer of credibility, the Leftists needed a “Fall Guy”.

        Notice the “brilliant” investigative work that the FBI did in this case. It took them 17 years to track down the Unabomber but they had Sayoc in handcuffs within a matter of days. Before Election Day, as a matter of fact. Boy, I guess the FBI really “improved” under the Obama Administration! 🙂

        Wonder what kind of deal that they have with Sayoc? Keep his mouth shut and play along and they will get him a pardon as soon as they can get Trump out-of-office? Then they will make it worthwhile for him and his family?

        That is assuming that nothing happens to him in prison. Man, prisons are dangerous places. He might get shanked or, maybe, hang himself in his prison cell. Who knows what can happen in prison, right? I hope that he says his prayers each night!

  6. Great writing, Mas. You said a lot in a few words.

    Earlier this week I was thinking about how long it has been since there was a terrorist attack in the news, or a school shooting. I can’t remember a terrorist attack in the USA during the past almost two years, and the last school shooting I remember was 14 Feb 2018. I knew peace couldn’t last. Will some hothead get angry because a mosque was attacked, and then attack some infidels now?

    Before the American Civil War, John Brown’s raid inflamed the country. Before 1914 there was a lot of tension in Europe. Gavrilo Princip basically lit the spark that started WWI when he assassinated Archduke Ferdinand, Sophie and the baby she was carrying.

    History does not repeat itself, but is it about to rhyme?