…you have to wonder how many innocent citizens were killed, maimed, or traumatized who would have come out of their situation a whole lot better if they had carried guns with which to defend themselves.

Here’s the story, from the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, at ccrkba.org.

When the authorities determine “criminals killed by citizens,” it means the justice system has already determined justifiable homicide.  Which in turn means, ipso facto, that the citizens who pulled the triggers (or the innocent victims they acted to protect) were in immediate and otherwise unavoidable danger of death or great bodily harm from the persons who were killed.

One front on which gun owners’ civil rights activists are winning is in the area of concealed carry.  When I was young, only a few states had a “shall issue” policy for issuing concealed carry permits to law-abiding citizens; now, the majority of states have that policy.  Back then, only one state, Vermont, allowed concealed carry without a permit and merely forbade the practice to convicted felons and people adjudicated mentally incompetent; now, with Texas (where I am writing this) coming online this year, twenty-one states have permitless carry for the law-abiding.

It is becoming more dangerous to be a violent criminal who preys upon the seemingly helpless.

All in all, this is not a bad thing.


  1. It is interesting how the American Left uses lies and propaganda to reverse reality. They, literally, turn the world upside down. In their world, capital punishment is immoral but the slaughter of millions of unborn children is OK. In their world, normal marriage between a man and a woman is perverse (cisnormative) but being a sexual deviate is fantastic.

    Traditional religious beliefs are perverse but replacing them with Marxism, “Earth worship”, and a belief in climate change is perfectly reasonable. Criminal like George Floyd are heroes whereas police officers are criminals. Being a disarmed victim is good but being an armed defender is bad. Racism is the worst of crimes but reverse racism, against Whites, is a virtue.

    It is a belief system that is totally reversed. One that can only have been inspired by Satan since it derives nothing from God or true morality.

    Any rational appraisal of the role of firearms, in society, shows that the Founders got it right when they wrote the 2nd Amendment. An armed society is a free society. As Robert Heinlein noted “An armed society is a polite society”.

    Yet the propaganda of the Left seeks to turn the nonsense of Firearms-Prohibition into “Commonsense Gun Control”. Another example of their “Black is White” mode of thinking (or, perhaps, I should say “feeling” since little thinking seems to be involved).

    Here is a link to another article that also points out the stupidity of Firearms-Prohibition:


    • I really like and agree with your comments. Another leftist idiotic action:

      The Washington Post on 10/01 “…officially updated its stylebook guidance on how we reference pregnancy and pregnant individuals in our writing to be more inclusive.”

      These kinds of actions make me furious.

      RE: your reference to celebrating criminals and demonizing police, NYC unveiled two statues last week one of their revered, hero G. Floyd the other of Brianna Taylor (found with a dead body in her trunk.) Statues of both in various cities, paintings, murals, town centers named after them make me literally sick to my stomach and outraged.

      The left…their belief system is backwards…without values and zero moral compass. Other actions against law abiding citizens while prioritizing illegal aliens and criminals is infuriating.

      • When the WaPo reports on a bull dropping a pair of new calves out in the pasture I want to know about it.

        Those sorts of clowns seem to delight in the bizzarre and macabre and impossible. Meanwhile, logic and truth are ridiculed, scorned dismissed…… In 1984 Orwell describes how, per d gunnit, up is down, down is up right is left, left is right, big is small, small is big…. They promote a CLockwork Orange/One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest/Slaugherhouse Five world, calling it right and good.

        Its just Bill Ayers’ Rules being promoted until chaos ensues, then “they” step up to the plate and inform us “we have a problem, chaos is ruling everything. Trust is, we have “the final solution” and are happy to help you find and implement it. Then all will be roses and posies again…….

        Well, we’ve seen THIS movie a few times before, too, haven’t we? Not the one we want to live in.

  2. I’m absolutely comfortable and happy with this because this is precisely what our founding fathers intended! The police have gotten a bad rap because they brought it on themselves and now want to play the victim however for the few good cops left(in comparison to the bad cops and the “good cops that look the other way for bad cops”) they are getting caught up in the BS and don’t want to make collars or even respond to non emergency jobs or they are just doing the intelligent thing and leaving….I left the NYPD in 1997 after seeing the department pushing out the neighborhood guys and old timers, that gave the once great NYPD its reputation, for college indoctrinated idiots that make perfect scared yes men…plus the Abner Louima rape and torture by 4 on the NYPDs heros was enough for me… our constitutional republic only became what it is because of the citizen militia and it will be the citizens who will need to take this republic back!

  3. Considering how much police have pulled back because of the lies and damage from BLM, I will not be surprised if this trend continues.

  4. I remember decades ago, I believe it was Atlantic magazine, carried a story that SHOCKED the Left. A married Liberal/Leftist couple living in LA were having serious problems with home robbery and car theft. The last thing they wanted to do was buy a gun, but in self preservation they did. . .and agreed to never leave it behind to be stolen in the house.

    Wife out of town, husband decided to walk a couple of blocks for some food. Upon leaving the restaurant, he was confronted on the well lighted street by three thugs who demanded his wallet. When he refused, they laughed and drew knives. The Liberal guy drew his gun and said something to the effect,”You’re going to kill me for a twenty dollar bill?” Grinning the lead guy stepped forward and the Liberal guy shot him in the leg. The perp went down screaming, yelling at his buds, “You gonna let him get away with shootin me!”

    Knives against a gun? Yes they were. The liberal guy crossed the street, re-holstered his gun and went home, and never reported the incident to police.

    The magazine readers were incensed. . .I guess because he shot someone rather than give up his wallet. There is an old saying along the lines, “A Liberal is just a Conservative who hasn’t been mugged yet!”

    • I take it that the term “liberal guy” means “Leftist” in your story. Unfortunately, the Left has bastardized the term “Liberal”. A true liberal believes in the Bill of Rights and individual freedom. A true Leftists does not. Despite the close association in many people’s minds, “liberal” and “leftist” are not synonymous.

      I know that your “liberal guy” was actually a “leftist” because his actions were so utterly stupid. Mistake No. 1 – buying and carrying a defensive handgun without getting proper training on how to use it. This led to Mistake No. 2 – shooting a knife wielding attacker in the leg. People trained in the defensive use of firearms aim for the Center of Mass. The lack of training also led to Mistake No. 3 – Shooting someone in self-defense and then failing to call the police. What stopped the criminals from ditching their knives and then calling the police themselves? I am surprised that he did not end up facing attempted murder charges.

      The final mistake, which only a true leftist would make, was talking to a reporter from the left-wing Atlantic Magazine and giving what could have been a written confession to be published.

      Yep, that nails it. Only a leftist would be so utterly stupid as to make that series of numbskull mistakes.

      • I detailed him by referring to him as Liberal/Leftist. Realize that not too long ago Liberal was the term they used among themselves, and was used in the article. We on the Right know that the use of the word Liberal is incorrect and an attempt to misdirect others into thinking that They are not as radical as they actually are.

    • and we’ll never kniw for certain that if he HAD forked over the sawbuck he’d not have been “rewarded” by some deft use of those three knives he was facing.

      Like a famous baseball player used to say.. ‘It ain’t over till its over”. How many conveinience store robberies ended up with the thieves getting the till, AND taking the clerk into the back rooom and killing him. Dead men tell no tales, nor can they ID anyone. When dirtbags place no value on lives (excepting their own) nothing is off the table for them.

  5. I remember your story you told in class about the Albuquerque police strike of 1975 and the crime rate dropped. The usual suspects were glad the police returned because they feared armed citizens.

    • From one of Mas’s books a long time ago….

      One of the most convincing cases illustrating the deterrent effect of gun ownership comes from a highly publicized effort to train women in firearms use, cosponsored by the Orlando Florida, Police Department and The Orlando Sentinel Star.

      There had been a series of very brutal rapes in Orlando in 1966, and during that time, according to police Captain Jack Stacey, residents, mostly women, were buying two hundred to three hundred guns per week. Most had no idea of basic gun safety or operation, or how and when to use a gun for protection. The Orlando Sentinel Star had an anti-gun editorial policy and vehemently disapproved of these gun purchases. Martin Andersen, publisher of the newspaper, and Emily Bavar, editor of the newspaper’s magazine supplement, went to the chief of police, Carlisle “Stoney” Johnstone, and insisted that he do something to stop the sale of handguns to women.

      Chief Johnstone said that he could not stop the sale of guns, because the law permitted the purchase of hand guns in Orlando. As discussion continued, it was decided that, since it wasn’t possible to prevent hand gun sales, the only alternative was to make sure that the women buying guns knew how to use them. The paper and the police department would cosponsor a gun-training program for women. The newspaper ran a front-page story announcing that the gun-training course would take place in a city park the following Sunday. A Gun Week writer told me that the first class of “Emily Bavar’s Pistol Packin’ Posse,” as it was termed, was scheduled, and newspaper personnel and police made preparations for as many as four to five hundred women.

      To everyone’s utter amazement, more than twenty five hundred women showed up, carrying every type of firearm under the sun, some loaded and some unloaded. The writer talked to one officer who was there who said he was never so scared in his life. Apparently, the cars were parked blocks away from the park, and women were walking all over the place armed to their teeth. Some had their guns holstered, others had them in their purses or pockets, and the rest had them in their hands. It must have been some sight!

      Not wanting to be known for a massacre at Lake Eola Park, the police department and the newspaper decided to fall back, take cover, and regroup. They obviously weren’t set up for those numbers, and they told everybody to go home. They quickly organized a three-class-per-week program, with women clipping application forms from the newspaper and the Orlando Sentinel Star staff arranging appointments. Five months later, they had trained more than six thousand women.

      Charley Wadsworth, who administered the newspaper’s portion of the program, insisted at the time that they were not trying to play upon anyone’s fears, but they felt that if a woman has a pistol in the house she shouldn’t be afraid of it. Even Emily Bavar learned how to shoot, and she said that one of their big problems was that many women would show up every week just to practice. She also said that Chief Johnstone had told her that, although the policemen were putting in their own time for the program, it would lighten their work in the long run, thanks to the tremendous deterrent effect on crime.

      As a result, the rape rate in Orlando, Florida, fell from a 1966 level of thirty-six to only four in 1967. Before the training, rape had been increasing in Orlando, as it was nationwide. Five years later, rape was still significantly below the pre-program level, even though, during the five years after the training, rape climbed 308% in the surrounding Orlando metropolitan area, the Florida rate escalated 96%, and the national rape rate increased by 64%. Another result of the Orlando training, is that, while most other crimes escalated or remained steady in Orlando in 1967, violent assault and burglary decreased by 25% each, making Orlando the only American city of more than a hundred thousand in population in which crime declined in 1967.

      The Gun Week writer contacted Police Chief Stoney Johnstone a year later and asked him if any of the women had used a firearm to defend herself. Stoney said no, not to his knowledge. The writer asked if any of his women had turned a gun on her husband or boyfriend. Stoney replied no, and added that there also hadn’t been a single accidental shooting. And believe me,” Stoney said, “we looked closely at that—I had dreams of my pension disappearing.” Experts who have analyzed the Orlando phenomenon, contend that the rape rate decreased because of the media publicity, and because the women were armed and trained. No one ever fired a gun or even pulled a gun to protect herself. What brought about the results was that the women knew how to use a gun and the newspaper was continuously telling the would-be rapists that they were trained.

  6. Watch out for Act II.

    I think that we are seeing the early stages of the “Compton Effect”.

    Compton (Kalifornia) was a 100% Black municipality with about 100 homicides per year. A Hispanic population was encouraged to settle the area. The Hispanic gangs targeted the Black gang-bangers, their friends and their families. After a few years, Compton is 70+% Hispanic and has extremely low levels of violent crime.

    In South L.A., the Black gangs just relocated to adjacent ghettoes. Currently, we have a massive influx of Illegals at our border. They are the new population for the doomed Democratic cities. Guess what is moving to your suburb…… Enjoy your patio while you can.

    • I remember Compton from the 1960’s I was in high school a few miles to the east. We played another school located in Compton, an “away” game for us. We were strongly advic\sed to carpool, go straight there, go nowhere else after the game except straight toward home, and then once well clear of Compton, we could stop for our burgs and fries. DO NOT spend any time in Compton off the school property there.

      Bad part of LA. Be wise and safe. None of us had any problem that night.

  7. “It is becoming more dangerous to be a violent criminal who preys upon the seemingly helpless.”

    The above is my favorite sentence of the day and it is likely to become my favorite sentence of the month or longer.

    • operant word being “SEEMINGLY”

      Who was it famously said “not all is as it would seem to be”. Lone dude walking down the street minding his own business gets accosted by a would be tough… draws and fires, ending the threat. Hmmm.. case of bd judgement at two levels. First, the line of work” of the thug, then specific putative victim selection process brought unexpected results.

      Too bad so sad… NOT!!!!

  8. Well I’m sure glad armed citizens killed more criminals than police. Blue Lives Matter!
    Seriously, the title should read, “FBI Report Says Armed Citizens Killed More Criminals Than Were Killed By Police”. They ought to correct their terrible grammar.

  9. Slightly off subject, but in reference to the posts here comparing and contrasting Liberals and Conservatives, here’s my view (as a Small Government / Pro Law and Order / Fiscal Conservative but a fairly Social Liberal, aka a Libertarian):
    If you are a Conservative at age 20 you don’t have a heart.
    If you are a Liberal at age 40 you don’t have a brain.
    I believe Winston Churchill first said the above.

    • Libertarian is a perfectly good word with a definition that by most standards is rather conservative. The left, I believe, hss tried to usurp the idea by using Liberal, under which to hide their true political leftist bend.

  10. I remember reading an article years ago written by a prison psychiatrist. The only things the inmates feared on the outside were dogs and guns in the hands of a citizen. Both could be lethal because you know what the citizen will do if they are in fear for their life – and fear is the only persuasion a criminal has in their trade. The inmates also said that if they were confronted by a cop with a gun, they would just run. Most cops will not use lethal force on a fleeing criminal.

    • But the police usually get their after the criminal act has taken place. They are usually not at risk in that moment. In contrast, the civilian victim is face to face with the armed threat! And if carrying concealed, they are much less likely to let a person who was pointing a gun pointed at them, get away with it. In this age it is not unlikely that the criminal will kill the victim to eliminate the witness. I many respects I think it incumbent upon the victim to prevent the criminal for being able to perpetrate their criminal activity on friends, neighbors, and others in the neighborhood.

      • Yup. Decontaminaating the gene pool.. a very valuable public service. And done at no increassed tax burden on the general population.

  11. In order to understand what is going on in the news, just remember the Cloward and Piven strategy which Glenn Beck warned us about;

    1. Overwhelm the system
    2. Break the system
    3. Blame the system
    4. Replace the system

    Smart commentators have stated that the federal government wants to make local police look ineffective, then replace them with faithful, federal police, who will do what their masters tell them to do. Remember the loyalty of Hitler’s Schutzstaffel? We translate that as “Secret Service” or SS. My guess is the Left wants something like the SS to replace local law enforcement.

    In 2008, I saw the huge divide among the American people when they observed Barack Hussein Obama. Some loved him, some loathed him. I began to think this division might eventually lead to a second civil war. I can’t predict the future, but a second civil war seems to draw closer as time goes by.

    Notice how, even though we all have access to the Internet (even those without computers can go use one at a library) and its vast knowledge, yet people still do not learn the economic lessons of the past and present. The West is the best. Capitalism is the best system discovered so far, for eliminating poverty. America is the least racist, most tolerant country on earth. But the propaganda of the Left is believed by so many who could find the truth by simply tapping on the devices in their hands. Smart machines, stupid people.

    • Friend Roger Wilco, you are so correct, especially about a developing trend towards civil conflict. Part of a divide-and-conquer strategy of promoting a clash of civilizations. Sometimes I think that one of the biggest problems may be demented people with large funds who are actually mad at the US and the rest of the West for defeating Hitler, and want to get revenge. Hitler especially preached obedience (to Hitler). Stalin may have focused less on preaching and more on Beria developing the Soviet secret police. We need to remember to insist on the free exchange of ideas and hold wannabe tyrants accountable. Impeach them!

  12. Chicago State Attorney Kim Foxx just decided not to charge any of the gang bangers involved in a deadly shootout due to “mutual combat.” I wonder if the same standards will be used when the next armed citizen defends themselves with deadly force in that city.

    • The “mutual combat” in Chicago is surely some level of civil war. And every time I look at Mitch McConnell speaking, I think of “Hail, hail the gang’s all here!” The go-along-to-get-along crowd in Congress seems part of a Gang, all right. I am for a general amnesty for all the crooked politicians and bureaucrats if they will just fess up and walk the path of righteousness. The rampant political maneuvering in order to plunder tax-payers and treasuries is far more dangerous than even the criminal gain-of-function virus development, in the long run. Just remember that there is no such thing as a competent communist economist.

  13. The felon knows the law and what a cop can legally do.

    When confronted by an armed civilian the felon has no idea what the civilian will do. Thus making being a felon dangerous.

    If the police are defunded I suspect crime will go down as more people would carry a gun for protection. We live in very interesting times and I for one want to be a fly on the wall eating popcorn.

    Best wishes,


  14. Vince Dagiel,

    What you wrote is so good, I’m simply going to re-write it another way.

    Criminals are treated well by the police. They are treated even better by the legal system, which lets them out of jail. And, isn’t it better to live in a prison than to be homeless? I don’t know, but I suspect that is the case.

    Right now, law enforcement is functioning so that, if would-be vigilantes attacked criminals, the police would arrest the vigilantes. If some city gets to the point where the police look the other way when vigilantes dish out street justice to criminals, then the criminals might wish they were dealing with the police, not the vigilantes. Police show mercy and follow rules. Vigilantes don’t.

    Imagine Hollywood’s “Death Wish” movies, but with a gang of Paul Kerseys, not just one. Yeah, a lot of popcorn would be eaten watching those movies. Maybe it’s already been done, but I can’t think of any right now. Maybe, “The Magnificent Seven.”


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