1. Happy Easter to you and yours too, Mas. Just read your piece in the latest Handgunner on MacArthur… many years ago on another forum we had discussed the intersection of deadly weapons and the autism spectrum, and I’m not sure if I mentioned it Way Back Then but it’s long been my belief that Mac was a case of real “Weaponized Autism” long before the loons at 4chan made it a catchy tagline.

    One more reason why I say you woulda made a good History prof or textbook author… 🙂

  2. why is the trigger finger on the trigger, left rabbit? and why does the rabbit on the right have so many scopes and optics and “stuff” on his gun? [humor]

    stay well, stay safe.

  3. Love the long-eared little rodents’ trigger discipline. Blessed Easter to all.

  4. These bunnies are from an anime that was called “Cat Shit One”. You use to be able to watch the entire anime short on YouTube but it looks like they all have been taken down and just these short “trailers” are up. This was actually pretty funny!

  5. From the warlike look of these plugged-in rabbits, it looks like this year’s Easter-egg hunt will be even more competitive than last year. I’m gonna wear a Level IV vest and a K-pot helmet with my own patented Chobham cover this time.

  6. Massad that is cute. It is sad we have to get security for our church. The picture is like the guards at OUR Lord’s yomb

  7. Happy Easter Mas, may we all rejoice in the knowledge that the risen Lord has paid our fines in heaven.

  8. Except for the part about Easter.
    It certainly combines the secular celebration of Spring- “easter bunnies” and egg hunts -but fails to take into account the real meaning of Easter, which is the resurrection of our Lord from death and salvation from sin.

    Cute picture though. Perhaps they can be incorporated into a school safety program that won’t be visually intimidating to firearm-phobic liberals.

    • Noah Vaile (no avail),

      Ha Ha! Good one! Maybe if black rifles were painted white or pink they wouldn’t be so scary.

      Happy Resurrection Sunday, everyone!

  9. These may be offspring of the Killer Rabbit of Monty Python fame. We need to check their teeth and verify if they are English rabbits.
    In any event, Happy Easter to you Mass and Gail.

  10. I wish we had that level of Bunny security at our Church.

    I was assigned to direct Easter traffic
    for our Church. (in Encinitas, Ca.)
    I was out there from 5:30 AM till 12 noon for 3 BIG Services !
    Thank God we have a real Cop and Parishioner in charge of the task.
    We had a Record turnout.

    I know the chances of trouble are remote, But having a Cop and Brother
    Christian there was very nice.

  11. Dear Gail& Mass,
    I hope Easter was nice. The rabbits are so cute. Can I ask you what you think of the Wilson EDC 9. I am looking for a new gun, don’t tell Larry lol Point Blank had it in the case. Looks feels nice, but I want your opinion of it.
    Thank You
    Larry & Bonnie

    • EDC X9 is an awesome pistol. My test of it should be in the archives at

  12. Happy (late) Easter to one and all! This past Holy Week constituted a wondrous annual celebration of Jesus Christ’s ultimate sacrifice for us and sent a recurring message to each of us that death is but a door to a new life in Heaven.

    The excerpted paragraphs below from the April 2, 2018 Washington Post are not part of an April Fool’s joke.

    U.S. Representative Elizabeth Esty (D-Conn) has been compelled to resign from office at the end of her elected term in November 2018 due to the recent discovery of the fact that she had been protecting a known violent predator who had served as her Chief of Staff until August 2016. (Esty represents the congressional district in Connecticut that includes the elementary school at which a mass murder took place in December 2012.)

    Extracted paragraphs commence below.

    “Yielding to pressure, Rep. Elizabeth Esty announced Monday that she will not seek reelection following reports that it took her three months to dismiss her chief of staff after he threatened to kill a former colleague.

    Esty (D-Conn.), who was first elected to the House in 2012, came under fire on Thursday after The Washington Post and other news outlets reported allegations that the chief of staff, Tony Baker, had repeatedly harassed and on one occasion punched a subordinate, Anna Kain, while the two worked in Esty’s office.

    Rep. Elizabeth Esty (D-Conn.) said April 2 she won’t seek reelection after she took months to remove top aide accused of threatening to kill a colleague.

    In a statement, the lawmaker said it was right for her to bow out of the next election.
“I have determined that it is in the best interest of my constituents and my family to end my time in Congress at the end of this year and not seek reelection,” Esty said.

    “Too many women have been harmed by harassment in the workplace. In the terrible situation in my office, I could have and should have done better.”

    Kain sought and received a one-year restraining order against Baker after he threatened to “f—ing kill” her in a May 2016 voice-mail message obtained by The Post.

    He remained in his position until mid-August of that year after he and Esty negotiated a formal separation agreement that included a nondisclosure agreement and a promise that she would recommend him for jobs outside Washington. He soon obtained a job at Sandy Hook Promise, a group created after the 2012 mass shooting in Esty’s district.

    Extracted paragraphs end above.

    Hmmm. Make that a double hmmm with extra cheese. A dangerous, violent predator, whose past actions constituted a direct threat to the safety of female employees at his federal workplace, left involuntarily his high level Congressional job in August 2016 and thereafter landed new employment at Sandy Hook Promise, a not for profit lobbying group in Connecticut dedicated to fighting both “gun violence” and private ownership of semi-automatic firearms since the mass murder occurred at the Sandy Hook School in 2012.

    It is beyond ironic that a dangerous, violent predator, who had punched a female victim and had threatened to kill her, thereafter sought out and was granted employment at a high profile, nationally recognized anti-gun lobbying group! Unreal but all too real!

    Article Title and Link are shown below.

    “Elizabeth Esty won’t seek reelection amid scrutiny of chief of staff’s departure” (Author: Elise Viebeck, Washington Post)

    • Curtis,

      Our system of voting for government leaders was supposed to avoid the corruption of unelected kings and court officials, who could not lose their jobs. The problem is that our system of government requires voters who educate themselves, and choose good leaders. I think maybe half the voters in America stink, and that’s why our government leaves a lot to be desired.

      I can’t blame bad voting on women, either. Woodrow Wilson was elected twice, and that was before women got the right to vote. I believe he was a bad President, elected by men only. So, even back then, the voters had become despicable, or at least half the voters anyway.