I just got home from Columbus, Ohio where I spent a day giving a sort of a “myth-busters” class on armed self-defense for Buckeye Firearms Association.  We had 400 attendees, not counting a couple dozen more from BFA staff.  The class only ran six hours, but we were able to pack in a lot of “reality check” info.


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In October, we gave an intensive 20-hour MAG-20 classroom course over a two-day weekend West Des Moines for Iowa Gun Owners. That curriculum is a full “armed citizens rules of engagement” class. We had thirty-some people in attendance.

Earlier in October we did a full-blown 40-hour MAG-40 course that included all of the above plus a bunch of shooting at the ISRA (lllinois State Rifle Association) range and classroom facility in Bonfield, IL.  Got about two dozen people through it, and about 12,000 bullets into ISRA’s well-crafted backstops. It was a combined effort between Midwest Training Group and ISRA.




My primary job is teaching the judicious and effective use of defensive weapons (http://massadayoobgroup.com).  It’s always a pleasure to get the truth and the reality to more folks in the American heartland.  I’m not saying this to drum up business; we’re already packed full on the 2016 schedule, and what remains on our 2015 calendar.

A respectful suggestion: talk to your state-level gun owners’ civil rights organizations about hosting training. On the local level, talk to your gun club, grange, or whatever about doing the same. You don’t necessarily need high-priced out of state talent; there are lots of NRA-certified firearms instructors, pro-gun attorneys who’ve done self-defense cases, and street-wise cops who would love to come in and share reality with you and others in your club and your community.

The more we spread the knowledge, the more we spread the hard-won truth, the better it is for all of us.


  1. Mas, I wasn’t able to attend your class when you last made your way through Arkansas. Are there any plans next year to make another round that passes this way?

  2. Mas, I’ve always had an internal struggle about firearms training. As someone who is constantly trying to learn more about self defense, (armed and otherwise)
    I believe that just having the tools and no training is worse then not having either. I know owning a firearms is a right enshrined by the constitution but there seem to be alot of folks that I know of who carry and some have never even shot their firearms. They think that if the deal goes down, they will just pull out the gun and the bad guy will give up. You and I both know that is not always the case and carrying without even basic safety training is foolish. Do you think there should always be training requirements for carrying a firearm?

  3. Mas, Thanks for coming to Columbus to share your knowledge with us. It was both enlightening and entertaining! The first thing I did when I got home is reinstalled the 5.5# connector in my Glock 19!

  4. Eddie, I have faith in American citizens being responsible by and large. I make my living in training and would benefit more than most if it was mandatory, but I come down on the side of “desirable” more than “mandatory.”

  5. Mas–

    It seems difficult to find quality defensive training in NJ…it probably has a lot to do with our less than gun friendly government and what is essentially a ban on concealed carry. Any plans to do a MAG class anywhere nearby? Or is there any training group you know of and would recommend? Thanks! Big fan of your writings and appreciate all your hard work to advance the cause.

  6. Your suggestion is excellent and much needed. Thank you very much Mas for your wonderful MAG40 and 80 courses taught with MTG. Besides learning so much, making a significant step up skills and knowledge at each course, you have really strengthened my confidence. Many thanks and much appreciation for the time you have taken with me.

  7. James, the dates aren’t locked in yet but we’ll be doing a class for Gun for Hire in Woodland Park sometime in 2016.

  8. When I took my 8 hrs of training to get my ccw, I was shocked at the number of people that were shooting with a .22rf and to make it even worse, there was no time limit to get your shots off. I guess the writers of the new law thought that your attacker would give you all the time you needed to put him down.

  9. It has been a few years(20+) but when I applied for my Oregon CHL I took a four hour class that included NO live fire. The instructor did give us very good information about the judicious use of lethal force, and the places we were forbidden to carry.

  10. I took my CCW in Nevada. 4 hours range time and 4 hours in the classroom. The training was pretty good but to keep from getting rusty I pay for training at least twice a year from reputable local instructors and I find a take a little from each one.

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