Election after election, CNN becomes the voice of the Democrat party. When even they call out the highest-ranking Democrat…well, judge the ramifications for yourselves.


  1. Yep, old Joe has always been a liar, cheat and thief and now is addled by dementia. Pretty pathetic when the White House staff has to issue notices to try and correct all his blunders every time he opens his yap. Yet CNN, MSNBC, etc… still carry his water and say that “he’s a nice guy” despite everything he touches going to hell. Trump drew thousands of supporters to the Bronx and the talking heads are now attacking Black and Latino voters so maybe there is hope.

    • He’s not Trump. That’s all that matters to the left.

      He could be “Weekend at Bernie’s”, and it wouldn’t matter, because Biden is just a pretty face. A cabal of advisors and cabinet members are actually running the show.

      • Hmmmm your definition of “pretty face”has to be radically different than mine. As often as I’ve been forced to view his mugly ug I could likely qualify as a Subject Matter Expert, though, trust me on this, I’d far rather be a subject matter expert on a few million other issues…..

  2. Good point, but given CNNs ratings, is a substantial portion of the electorate going to read it? Assuming they didn’t bury the article somewhere where it’d take an archeologist to find it. I’d never heard/read about it until you just mentioned the article.

    I think that, among other subject, a passing grade in economics should be a required high school class. Taxing those evil corporations sounds great to many, but ignores where they get their money from: us!

  3. Mas – Thank you for pointing out that facts don’t matter when you’re a democrat.

    And Thank You to all those who have served, especially all those who did not return. We will not forget what you did for our Country.

    Have a good Memorial Day weekend. 🇺🇸

  4. CNN has only begun to recognize the the cost of their shredded credibility in their pursuit of Trump’s political destruction. While they told untruths, mostly they lied by offering only partial truths–by studiously ignoring data that did not fit with their ideologically-driven narrative. Even now, they only report facts inconsistent with their politics when those facts become too obvious to “bury” or ignore.

    If you say something that is not true and you know it to be not true, you are a liar.
    If you say something that is not true but you believe it to be true, you are mistaken.
    If you make the same mistake over and over, despite having had it pointed out to you, you are either a liar or have a significantly defective memory.
    Of course, these conditions are not mutually exclusive.
    Biden is both: He is a liar and he suffers from cognitive decline.

    It is no secret that at least some Democrats would like to find a way to replace Joe on their ticket. They were in favor of all his terrible policy decisions; but, they now realize that his mental frailty (which was apparent in 2020 for anyone who watched and heard him compared to his younger self of a decade earlier) makes him likely to lose to the person they consider the most un-electable candidate in history.

    Biden’s policies of appeasement coupled with his appearance as a doddering old man invite tyrants around the world to see how far they can challenge the US and thereby increase the risk of world war.

    As a father with a daughter and son-in-law in the US Navy, it is my most sincere hope that we can get Joe Biden out of office. In the last election, only 60% of eligible Republican voters participated. We need everyone who wants Joe out of office to get out and vote! No excuses!

  5. yer watching stuff i don’t and i’m just happy i didn’t have to watch the segment to reenforce an opinion i’ve had since the last (cough, cough, spit) “election”…

    epstein didn’t kill himself…

  6. If our invertebrate president (small p) had a second brain, it would die of loneliness. I am concerned about election theft. Last time Trump was filling arenas with thousands for his rallies while Biden couldn’t fill a Pizza Hut parking lot. Same as this time.


    In 2020 Biden supposedly won by the biggest vote ever, but there is no video evidence of that level of support. Can you spell “vote harvesting”?

  7. CNN is not the only left-wing source that has found Biden’s statements false. Biden’s comments on the 2nd Amendment are always filled with misinformation and misdirection. For example, his claims that the 2nd Amendment has always limited the weapons that Americans can own (Biden says this kind of thing to help support unconstitutional semi-automatic and standard capacity magazine bans). Biden usually throws in something like “Americans could not own cannons even back when the 2A was adopted.

    These statements are clearly false as even Politifake 🙂 must acknowledge:


    As I have pointed out, previously, Americans can (in fact) own cannons even today. Here is a website where you can go to buy one:


    Here is a “visual cue” for “fact checking” any member of the American Left and/or the Globalist “Deep State”: Any time their lips are moving, they are lying! 🙂

  8. Joe Biden got to spend 50 years as a politician in America, the greatest nation on Earth.
    He became President, even though he actually lost to Donald Trump (I trust, love and revere Rudy Giuliani, so if he says the election was stolen, I believe him).

    Biden remained a senator even though he had friends in the Ku Klux Klan. His domestic policies stink, his foreign policies stink, but if he can live long enough, George Soros might enable him to be President for a second term.

    So, what’s my conclusion? CRIME PAYS!

    • Not those of us who also criticize Trump for lying. (Please try not to paint with so broad a brush. Not all Trump supporters are the same, and — because that door swings both ways — not all Biden supporters are the same.)

      Truth is, I don’t like either of them. They both have a propensity to spin lies, half-truths, and zero-context “facts” to tell whatever narrative they want. If you want to know the truth on anything, listen to Biden, listen to Trump, and realize neither of them have it right; the truth is somewhere in between (which doesn’t help much, since their individual statements are often 180 degrees separated).

      Trump is a liar, narcissist, and blowhard, fully in love with his own self-perceived legend. Biden is a liar, mental invalid, and pervert, fully out of touch with mainstream America. I believe Trump makes a better President, if only because he’s fully in control of his mental faculties and pushes “America First” policies. (The other option is Biden, who’s NOT fully in control and pushes “America Last” policies.)

      But believing Trump makes a better President does not disillusion me of his shortcomings as a man.

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