The final Presidential candidate debate of 2012 is done.  Pundits are giving Obama a slight edge over Romney on this one, for impact and style points and such.  That makes it decisive win for Romney in Debate I, pretty much a tie in Debate II, and a win for Obama in Debate III.

Huffpost seems to think they’re both lying SOBs. Sigh…I know the feeling.  About four decades ago, I was the young Gun Editor of Jean Lavallee’s New Hampshire Outdoorsman, and interviewed the candidates during the New Hampshire Presidential Primaries.  When I interviewed George McGovern, who died this week, it was apparent during the interview that he was going to say what he wanted our readers to hear.  He told me then, to my face, that he felt there were enough gun laws on the books, and America just needed to enforce the laws it already had.

Less than a month later, if memory serves, McGovern told Look magazine that he was in favor of mandatory gun registration.

I ain’t the Political Editor of Backwoods Home, just the Firearms Editor.  On the firearms side, Romney and the Republican Platform are against another “assault weapons ban” and in favor of national reciprocity, which would allow law-abiding citizens with concealed carry permits to carry their guns all over the country.  Obama and the Democrat Platform are out of the closet in favor of another “assault weapons ban,” which would profoundly impact ownership of even “ordinary sporting and self-defense firearms.”  That, and the realization that the next President will have multiple appointments to the Supreme Court, make it a no-brainer on the gun owners civil rights side of things: “Romney si, Obama no!

As to Mitt Romney, I may owe the guy an apology: some sources say that Romney’s signing of an assault weapons ban law when he was Governor of Massachusetts actually was a compromise endorsed by the pro-gun folks, a modification of existing law which actually improved things for Massachusetts gun owners.


  1. It’s sad that we so often find ourselves having to choose the lesser of two evils… At least we occasionally get a clear picture of which choice really is the lesser evil.

  2. It was a Republican appointed judge that screwed us on the healthcare mandate. That said and as much as I hate huffpost I also think they’re two SOBs. But even though I’m tempted to write in Ron Paul I wont this year. The simple fact is that the current SOB in office is on a roll violating the constitution and our rights. He will only pick up speed if given another 4 years without skipping a step. I truly believe the man hates us. As for the SOB candidate he’ll probably take 1-2 years to start shafting us. I can use those years to better my preps. I don’t think we have another 5-8 years before the SHTF and I’d like to be as prepared as I can be for the hurt that’s coming.

  3. You are exactly correct we cannot have Obama no way, shape or form. Obama lies and scares me. My vote is for Romney. Tell our family, friends, neighbors and as many people as you can to vote for Romney and explain why. There is power in numbers and we gun owners have to stick together like we have in the past especially on this election or we will be regretting it.

  4. Politicians that lie are just that, liars! Obama has lied for almost all of his first term. You can not support the Second Amendment and a *Assault Weapon ban*!

  5. Early voting in Texas started today, and I was at my local precinct early afternoon and voted straight Republican. I just can’t support any Democrat any longer, after all the lies and hatred they showed in the last Presidential election. And I hate that scumbag in our White House and what he’s trying to do to our country and our freedoms. Romney has shown that he knows economics and how to run a business, which is far beyond obama’s understanding. That alone is enough for me to back him, but we know obama has never seen a gun control bill that he didn’t like.

  6. Politicians of what ever political stripe, if their lips are moving and they are not actively engaged in eating, they are lying.

  7. I think Obama lost #2 for acting like a jacka** and Romney won #3 because he looked more like a president.. Obama’s Chicago thug act was unbecoming a real president. While this election is very important in the short run in the long game it won’t matter as most Republicans are socialists too.
    God save the republic.

  8. I am beginning to think folks who run for high office and also folks who run large companies do not think like the average conservative middle income American. They live with situational ethics and beleive the ends justify the means. I am afraid that Americans will never see a presidential candidate with high morals and true ethics and conviction. We will always be left to choose the “lesser evil.” That being said, we still need to determine which candidaate that is and vote for that candidate. This year I beleive that candidate is Mitt Romney.

  9. Right on, Mas. A lot of people are wary of Romney (as I suppose we should be about all politicians). The way I see it, we’ve got a proven anti-constitution, anti-gun liar in the White House presently. The WORST Romney can do is be as bad as Obama. Personally, i trust the guy and expect that he’ll be a fine president. He’s probably as good as we’ll get with out current political climate.

    As for his gun record, a little more digging has revealed exactly what the so-called “assault weapon ban” he signed actually contained (hint: when Romney entered office “assault weapons” were already permanently banned in MA).

  10. In a well-documented article, John Lott presented evidence that the women’s vote has created the bloated government of today ($16 trillion in debt, $200 trillion in unfunded mandates due by 2050). Much of that money has been allocated to social welfare – parts of which should be called, “The Idiot Breeding Program”.

    The program of inviting the dregs of society to breed like rats has been on-going for four generations as has the failure of government schools (evidenced by the steady decline of SAT scores for 40 years). The result? 94% of American voters believe that “Romney or Obama” is actually a choice with a difference.

    One might as well ask, “Would you like to be stabbed? Or shot?” Your choice.

    Vote away!

    Gary Johnson 2012. (A real choice.)

  11. In the last presidential election, the voters revolted against Bush’s destructive policies which included gutting the 1st and 5th Amendments, unwarranted wars and huge deficits. The Democrats bought Obama’s “Hope and Change” agenda.

    This year, it is the Republicans who are disgusted, and they have their own “Hope and Change” candidate: Mitt Romney.

    The result will be the same.

    The worst things about Obama are the continuation and expansion of Bush’s policies. Socialized medicine. Pointless wars. Huge deficits. Worse unemployment. A crumbling dollar.

    Mitt Romney doesn’t even promise substantial change. The presidential debates were a bad joke on the American People because they simply presented the same candidate – twice. One version wore a red tie, the other wore a blue tie. That may be the biggest difference between them.

    But American voters are too lazy, stupid and disengaged to recognize their choice is no choice at all… so long as they stick with the two major tribes.

  12. “As to Mitt Romney, I may owe the guy an apology: some sources say that Romney’s signing of an assault weapons ban law when he was Governor of Massachusetts actually was a compromise endorsed by the pro-gun folks, a modification of existing law which actually improved things for Massachusetts gun owners.”

    I’d like to see some hard evidence to that– something that really shows he was improving gun laws in MA. I have yet to see anything there.

    They’re both evil candidates. (I actually agree with Huffpo on something?)

    Obama in office again would be a travesty. Romney might be hitting the snooze button and buying us some time before he turns into the same animal, with milder manners. Only time will tell for certain.

    I really, really, really wish third party candidates were taken more seriously, especially among conservatives.

    If I vote on a single issue – the AWB plausibility – I may vote mainstream for Romney (not decided yet, though).

    If I vote on all issues, Gary Johnson and the LP will get my vote.

    My Senator/Congress votes will likely be Republican, since I think they are all less likely (again, not as much as they should be) to ruin the 2A.

    As for the AWB plausibility, Clinton’s AWB cost lots of Democrat Congress seats. But then the Republicans who filled them didn’t pass a bill to nullify it, so what does that tell you?

    Will a 2012 Obama have enough votes in Congress to pass the AWB? Or is he just pandering to liberals for votes (like he did in 2008)?

    Can’t trust any of them.

  13. Mas,

    I believe our nation, as we know it, is lost.
    At this juntion I will seriously entertain thought of immigrating to my wife’s homeland. Goodbye handguns, pump action shotguns, autoloading firearms and hello to over/under shotguns, bolt action hunting rifles, and if I’m lucky a handgun in 9mm that is kept at the Gun Club.
    Freedom, it was nice while it lasted but too many of us were apathetic and only looking at the short term solution.


  14. We must vote to keep our Dear Leader in the White House for as long as he wants to rule us. To do otherwise would be racism, pure and simple!

  15. The “women’s vote” DIDN’T create today’s bloated government, BambiB! After all, some guy had to impregnate each of the welfare mothers. What created the bloated government is the poverty vote – letting people on welfare vote, regardless of their gender, race, etc.
    When half (“47%”) of Americans now are so poor they don’t even owe – much less pay – federal income taxes, you have an unsustainable state in which half the voters only gain from more government spending.

  16. Living in a “Blue” state means I have the choice:

    Vote for Romney or vote for a third party I agree with across the board. Out here, Either way I vote it is a vote against Obama and won’t hurt Romney. As far as the two primary candidates, at least Romney has a better grasp of Economics which is what we need! On Obama’s watch the national credit rating has been cut again and again until it currently sits at AA- !!!

  17. As a woman and a gun owner, I simply cannot agree with your stance on this. Due to the very fact that the next president will have multiple appointments to the Supreme Court, I cannot be one-issue voter in this election. There are so many other issues at hand, including women’s rights. I have a daughter and I can’t stand aside and let her rights be railroaded by religious extremists.

    As for reciprocity, it seems to me that it goes against your semi-Libertarian values to give the Federal government the right to force states into recognizing concealed carry permits from other states. Individual states should have the right to grant or deny reciprocity and the Federal government should butt out of it.

    To your readers who don’t know me, I’m not a Democrat. I vote 40% Republican, 40% Democrat, and 20% Third Party across federal, state, and local elections. I know many believe that voting third party is a wasted vote, but to me, voting for the “lesser of two evils” is a wasted vote. Americans should vote for a candidate they truly believe in, not just that bad guy that is pretty much the same, but sucks slightly less than that other bad guy. There are enough moderate gun-owners that are sick of the Republican pandering to the extreme right. Stand up and fight for what you believe in!

    You should follow the example set by that lovely woman on your arm and vote for Gary Johnson. He is the man that represents most of your beliefs. True change in America can’t happen unless voters make it happen.

  18. A message to Johnny Dee, a new poster whose first post is conspicuously absent here: We don’t do the language of hatred in these pages, Johnny. Purge the racial expletives if you want to contribute another comment.


  19. @Justine who said: “There are so many other issues at hand, including women’s rights. I have a daughter and I can’t stand aside and let her rights be railroaded by religious extremists.”

    What kind of rights do you think she would have with a 2nd term of a Muslim president who supports the Muslim Brotherhood which wants to impose Shari’a law in this country? Oh wait….. she wouldn’t have any rights at all.

  20. Mas, the President, Vice President and Secy of State who can LIE to the father of a dead Navy SEAL, while the son’s casket is right beside them, have got to be tossed out of the White House in 11 days. Please listen to the father speak about his meeting with Obama at Andrews AFB when his son’s body was brought back to America. I don’t know how you will react, but I almost couldn’t make it thru the interview.

  21. @Hanza, Barack Obama is not a Muslim, so that kind of invalidates your argument.

    I do find your comment hilarious considering you are commenting on a blog written by an Arabic man.

  22. @Justine: Obama *is* a Muslim. In an interview he told George Stepenopolous(sp?) he was. It has also recently been reveiled that he wears a ring on his left ring finger that has Arabic writing on it pledging allegience to Allah.

    He has been wearing that ring since his college days.

    He says that the Muslim call to prayer is the “sweetest sound in the world”.

    Sounds like a Muslim to me.

    Incidentially, my ancesters came from the part of the world that is now Lebanon, and Syria.

  23. @Hanza, President Obama did not say he was a Muslim in the interview with Mr. Stephanopoulis. If you read the transcript or watch the entire video in context, you can see that he was referring to the allegation of his “Muslim faith” and not saying that he was a Muslim. There’s some more info here to better explain it:

    As for his ring, the only ring I see on his finger in photos and videos is his wedding. Do you have evidence that this ring has Arabic writing inscribed on it? I also cannot find any reputable sites saying that he said that the Muslim call to prayer is the sweetest sound in the world. A lot of blogs and conspiracy theorist sites, but no reputable news sites. I’d love for you to link the evidence to this so I can look into it further.

    Obama is not a Muslim. However, I would personally be fine with it if he or any other US politician were. Islam is a peace-loving religion, much like Christianity. Are there followers who go against their religion and commit evil acts? Yes. That’s true of all religions. Perhaps you should consider reading the Koran and learning more about what the religion is all about.

    To me, Romney and the people who fund him, represent a clear and present danger to women’s rights. This is much scarier than your theory about Obama. Romney has threatened to defund Planned Parenthood, he doesn’t believe insurance should have to cover contraception, and the Supreme Court Justices he appoints could set up this country to overturn Roe v. Wade. Many Republicans have recently said horrifying things about rape being “another form of contraception” and pregnancies from rape are “God intended” and even that “legitimate rape” does not cause pregnancy. There is an assault on women and their healthcare choices right now and anyone who thinks otherwise has their head in the sand. 11- and 12-year-old girls in Mexico are being denied abortions and forced to give birth because they couldn’t prove their rape. That is NOT what I want this country to be. You speak of shari’a law and say my daughter won’t have freedoms under the Obama administration. If the current Republican agenda is pushed through, then she definitely won’t have them. The right to make choices for your own body should be an inalienable right.

    There are plenty of feminist gun-owners out there (Massad Ayoob included). Let’s stand up together and fight! Gary Johnson represents the true Libertarian ideal that the Republican party once stood for.

  24. Justine,

    There is no “War on Women”. Obama and his cronies made up this term to make women like yourself fearful of Romney. It looks like it worked.

    If you look at Romney’s record, it is obvious that he cares about women’s issues and has worked to advance women’s interests while in office. If anything, his positions have been too liberal for most social conservatives to stomach.

    Let’s look at your fears:

    “Romney has threatened to defund Planned Parenthood.” Even if he manages to do that, does that make abortion illegal? No. Does it make it impossible to get? No. All that would do is force a partisan organization with roots in eugenics go looking for funding on its own, rather than forcing taxpayers to foot the bill.

    “He doesn’t believe insurance should have to cover contraception.” Neither do I. There are very few things that I believe insurance should be forced to cover (mostly just what they say they will cover in their insurance agreement). Insurance should have the option of covering any range of services from basic, life-prolonging operations to full coverage of every medical treatment available. You, the consumer, should be able to choose which plan you would like. If you want one that covers contraception, then buy it. But don’t use the power of the Federal Government, and the implied threat of force that goes with it, to require every person who wants health insurance to buy the services that you think are worthwhile.

    “The Supreme Court Justices he appoints could set up this country to overturn Roe v. Wade.” That is a fear that has been expressed at every election since the Roe v. Wade decision was made. So far it has not materialized. Even if Roe v. Wade was overturned, that wouldn’t make abortion illegal. It would just mean that the issue would be up for debate, rather than being stonewalled by judicial decree. Given the outcry that would come from women everywhere if abortion were again mad illegal, it is certain that such an act would result in a crushing electoral defeat by the party that pushed through such an act.

    This election is about the economy and about the role of government in our lives. Obama can’t defend himself on either front, so he has created a “women’s issues” bogeyman to make people fearful of his opponent. Don’t fall for it. You’re smarter than that. If you decide not to vote for Romney, make that decision based on sound facts and reasoning, not based on the foundationless accusations of his opponent.