• The demand for control transcends political boundaries. It seems to exist on both the left and the right.

    • Wow. I need to proof read better. I wish we had the ability to edit our posts. And Chris S., you’re absolutely correct. Control of all things is the goal. Orwell’s 1984 didn’t make much of an impact 25 years ago in high school, but I reread it last year and it’s shocking.

      • At least you read 1984 in high school. By the time I got there (we’re about 5-10 years apart, I think), it was off the reading list entirely. I wasn’t introduced to Orwell’s writings until well after college.

        I didn’t even get the perennial classic, To Kill a Mockingbird. Instead, my English and Literature classes studied Romeo and Juliet.

        Every. Single. Year.

        Don’t get me wrong, R&J is a classic. But it would have been nice to have a little variety in our reading materials….

  1. Former Washington resident here. I’m so sad and sickened by what the bloomberg inspired babies are trying to do to trash our beloved home state. One of our kids and his wife to be remain there, and we pray that we can get it back and return.

  2. It is truly hard to understand. It is hard to believe that the people would willingly vote to give up their liberty and place themselves into chains and bondage. Because that is exactly where disarmament leads.

    It is almost beyond comprehension to those of us who are “Awake” and aware of how leftist ideology works and who know the bitter fruits that it produces.

    Yet, it would not surprise me if the people of Washington State did exactly that. How do we account for it?

    Part of the answer is the unrelenting propaganda with which the leftists, and their tools in the legacy media, bombards the people day after day, year after year, decade after decade. That kind of sustained propaganda effort is bound to have a “brainwashing” effect on the population.

    Another part of the answer is the leftist-dominated education system. This system deliberately fails to teach critical thinking skills. It also fails to teach history and American Civics. This results in a population purposely kept in ignorance. A population that lacks the skills and the knowledge to see how they are being manipulated by the Leftists.

    So, we will see what occurs. Will the people of Washington State be “self-aware” enough to reject these measures that are designed solely to chip away and destroy their liberty? Or will they placidly walk, like cattle to the slaughter pen, to embrace their own oppression. I guess the results will be known in a couple of weeks.

    • Unfortunately, one of the defining traits of communists/socialists/Progressives is an inability to see or understand history. It doesn’t seem to exist for them. The result is they are unable to learn from prior mistakes, whether from other’s history or their own. It can be bizarre to try to have an in-depth discussion about historical political screw-ups and see they cannot connect the dots, no matter how it is explained.

      I’m still not clear if it might be a chicken/egg situation. Are they C/S/P because their brain is wired that way, or do they think that way due to the C/S/P influence? I’m stumped.

  3. As you know Florida Constitutional Amendment #10 Calls for all Florida counties to elect a sheriff, supervisor of elections, property appraiser and clerk of county courts. It is “bundled” in with other provisions but they are not objectionable. There are too many “appointed” officials already and as a voter I would like the ability to “fire” a constitutional official should they not preform. Your opinion please?

  4. The broader issue is that the GOP leadership & Supreme Court are not interested in 2A rights. Mitch McConnell is not interested in bringing national reciprocity to a vote. And SCOTUS doesn’t seem interested in hearing gun rights cases.

    This occurs at a time when the GOP controls all three branches of government. What does this portend for gun rights? If and WHEN the socialists (aka Democrats) regain control (the pendulum always swings)- they will not be so timid. And once rights are lost- are they ever regained?

    • Vin, I suspect you may be mistaken about SCOTUS, now that Kavanaugh is on board, but we’ll see.

      • Dave,

        Yes- my comment was based on events that preceded Kavanaugh’s confirmation. Thanks for prompting me to be cautiously optimistic!

      • Independent Vin,

        New Jersey’s governor Phil Murphy has introduced more anti-gun legislation in a state which is already anti-gun when compared to most other states. One issue is he wants magazine limits to be reduced from 15 rounds to 10 rounds. The Association of NJ Rifle and Pistol Clubs is fighting that law, and the fight MAY end up going all the way to the Supreme Court. That would be great, but I’m afraid of getting my hopes up.

  5. Thanks for this post. I have wondered why rank-&-file LEOs have been so quiet about gun-laws generally. Naturally, I would expect differences of opinion. Nevertheless, in any given agency or union local, I’d expect a preponderance of opinion to weigh in on one side or the other.

    I understand that the LEOs have other fish to fry. Nevertheless, civilian guns – especially carrying guns – ought to be important to them.

    If-when-and-as the state legislatures crank-up gun control laws it’s the LEO in the squad-car who will be on the front-line enforcing those laws. In so doing, they won’t make new friends and influence people among the gun-owning community. And it is PotG who are the LEO’s strongest supporters.

    Political polarization is going in a really bad direction generally. Gun control is just one issue. However, if in some blue state, the legislature decides to confiscate AR-15s or standard-capacity magazines, that might be the match that lights the fuse. (Remember the march to Concord.)

    Who do the LEOs think will be sent to do the door-kicking? Would it be prudent for the rank-&-file to advocate for peaceable gun-owners in state legislatures – long before those peaceable gun-owners have a change of mood?

    • Mark, regulations and long standing custom and practice forbid police to speak on political issues as officers and voices of the agency. The exception, of course, is CLEOs, Chief Law Enforcement Officers.

      • How about the organizations that represent street cops? The one in Omaha, Nebraska has considerable influence on gun legislation at the state level.

      • Kendahl, the entities mentioned in the blog by Dave Workman do represent the working street cops, standing in opposition to the currently proposed Draconian legislation in Washington state.

  6. It’s nice to see that we have some TRUTH in and amongst all the lies… thank you for all that you do, Sir!

  7. Mad, as a police officer nearing 40 years of service, I can tell you from my perspective that most rank and file police officers don’t support gun control. The reason is this aphorism: when you life depends on seconds’ the police are minutes away.

  8. The appointed leaders in any governing body always reflect the views of the elected leadership. Always. No exception for police chiefs. Rank and file have civil service protections preventing losing their jobs for disagreeing with their political overseers dogma. That’s why the old practice of not promoting to chief unless civil service rank of captain was attained first, was replaced with promoting from the lower ranks or hiring from outside the department. A chief demoted back to civil service rank of captain doesn’t suffer as large a pay cut as one demoted back to Lt. or sergeant, or fired outright with no civil service rank within that department to fall back on.

  9. I urge everyone to read the latest issue of IMPRIMIS the publication of Hillsdale College in Michigan ( It maps out clearly what has happened to our nation and the dire straits our republic is in, especially for our children’s children (I’m 68 with 36+ years LEO service near Houston). Even though most “boomer-aged” LEOs and the guys and gals they trained are probably conservative, especially in the South, Southwest and Midwest, the Millennial-aged ones might not be so much. I hope I’m wrong.

  10. I’ll be voting “Hell No” on that ridiculous proposition brought by the Anti-gun lobby.