1. Yet we should still be on guard; he’s got more money where that came from!


  2. So funny, 50 mil and we got his comm system first. Spending 50 mil doesn’t mean your right or smart.

  3. When I saw the ‘Everytown’ Facebook pages popping up, my thought was,
    ‘Classic American contrariness’ Hilarity is indeed ensuing!!

  4. Think how much more difficult it would be to bring attention to and to counteract ridiculous schemes such as Bloomberg’s if we could not leverage the Internet. Enjoy it while you can because now that the U.S. has agreed to give up supervision of the Internet policy-making body that controls domain names, there can only come less freedom to use this tool for free communication.

  5. Like in the “Emperor’s New Clothes” story, an awful lot of people are waking up and pointing out what anyone with an active brain (ie *not* hardcore leftists & their ilk) already knew. Not that I’m saying the articles posted herein have such people writing them, but the NY Times and other so-called official news sources seem to have caught on somewhat.

    I’m finding it amusing that more and more of these “grassroots” policies that we’re told are”for our own good” seem to need either millions of dollars backing them or the force of Federal government in order for people to be convinced of such.

  6. In the 1983 version of Scarface, Tony Montana is given the advice :”Don’t get high on your own supply.” This is IMHO what happened to Gun Control Groups.
    They created this narrative about Gun Owners back in the early 90s. We are supposed to be illiterate hayseeds looking like Li’l Abner but mean just to scare people. It was so successful that they started to believe in it and now it is dogma among themselves. So with a little push from fellow elitists and some money, they are sure (once again) to beat us into civilization as they see it.

    I do hope they keep snorting their own product for as long as it takes them to implode. The more their brain is clouded by their stupidity, the better.

    I read somewhere that Napoleon Bonaparte once said “”Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.”

    Good advice.

  7. insanity has been described as doing the same thing repeatily and expecting differant results. think of all the good that 50 mjll could have acomplshed

  8. It’s interesting to see how brains or talent only apply to specific areas. Michael Bloomberg sure is good at business. He should stick to business and leave other fields alone. If he hadn’t continued the good security policies of Mayor Giuliani, he would have failed as mayor of NYC. Many Democrats know that “Gun Control” is a losing issue, but Michael has to prove them right. Good for him! I’d like to watch Bill Gates play basketball, and Michael Jordan fix a computer. Too bad we can’t convert Michael B. to our side. It would be nice if he would use his money to support the Constitution, not infringe on it. Michael Bloomberg…..domestic enemy of the Constitution. Imagine how stupid it is for a Jewish man to be for gun control. Hitler would smile at him, and today’s Israelis, who walk around armed, would scoff at him. Michael is a privileged American powder-puff marshmallow who grew up as a sheep surrounded by very strong sheepdogs. Those sheepdogs protected him so well that he can dream of a society where sheepdogs no longer need claws, teeth and a fighting spirit. Stupid, protected, privileged sheep, who has lost touch with reality because he lives in a cushy pasture! Or does he think the world can be ruled by a few elites, and we the little people can serve them, without the need to protect ourselves with nineteenth century tools, called “guns”? Either way, Bloomberg’s ideas are evil.

  9. Yep, they continue to think we’re stupid rednecks… Let em keep thinking that way, while we continue to fight the good fight (and win a few in the process).