If you are familiar with my writing, you know that I consider so-called “Gun-Free Zones” to be hunting preserve s for psychopathic murderers.  And you’ve heard me explain why.

Hear it now from Professor John Lott.  I subscribe electronically to the Chicago Tribune, because I spend a lot of time in that city and have extended family there.  The Trib is generally considered anti-gun, so it says something that the following has shown up three separate times in my Trib feed in the last few days.



  1. The Trib has published several of Lott’s op-eds.
    It’s certainly not because they agree; it’s probably due to a diversity quota.

  2. It is clear to me that our leaders and the media are not in the least concerned about stopping these shootings in gun free zones. They are using them as a backstop for disarming law abiding citizens and implementing a socialist republic. They have to disarm us first before they can rescind the 2nd amendment and all of the other amendments that it protects. We are headed for another civil war before this madness gets fixed.

    • They can “repeal” the words on the paper, but they can NEVER remove the God-given right to self-defense with which we are endowed BY our Creator. No move”they” can make will erase that right, given us by the same God who made us. And there are many of us who will adhere to HIS words and comands when in direct conflict with ny government edict. Its happened before, many times over the past four or so thousand years.

      None of us are eager to fight. but we are less eager to stand quietly by as injustice and evil are allowed their way. Our right to arms and other means of self-defense is simply NOT subject to their whimsy or preference. I AM my brother’s keeper…….. and a good steward of the breath I have been given.

  3. I’ve told people this for years and hopefully have opened some eyes. I’ve also told them to search “mass stabbing china” to see that no one needs a firearm to kill. If you search it, you will be astounded.

  4. Although I would like to see the legally armed free to go about their day unimpeded, I pause for the near-inevitability when the otherwise by-the-book CCW holder snaps and makes the nation cringe with gruesome news headlines and the predictable flood of “I told you so’s” from those who seem to only have a plan to handle an attack when there are no less that two cruisers parked out front. That said, I don’t understand why a sworn officer is not allowed to be armed in a bar, given they are not drinking or for that matter the vetted civilian CCW holder in a bar, bank, post office or National Cemetary.
    A force of good should be recognized, allowed and welcomed.

  5. You’re 100% on point, Iv
    have listen to you for many many years. What ever your talking about always makes since.

  6. Very interesting John Lott piece from the Chi-trib.
    I did not know that we are 64th in the world in mass shootings.
    Way down the list.
    I thought we were at the top given every “news” piece I have ever seen.
    This information really needs to be gotten out to the general(ly) misinformed public.

  7. I hear a consistent and constant shrill to “Do Something”. Why don’t we “Do Something” and ban gun-free zones? Or make those who create these zones liable for any harm caused if a would-be, homicidal dirtbag decides this is their next target?

  8. There are so many idiotic & thoughtless knee-jerk laws onthe books that we are very lucky that the criminal & psycho elements do NOT control 100% of America. Self defense is a sin in the lib world.

  9. Mass, I once read that the measure of a man’s intelligence is how well he agrees with what you know to be true. If that be the case, then Mr. Lott MUST be a very highly intelligent man. Unfortunately, there are many others who do not measure up-many seem to be in public office. Is it something in the water?

  10. Mas, Being a supporter of the Crime Prevention Research Center it was certainly refreshing to see John Lott’s piece in the Chicago Tribune. Makes one feel their getting their monies worth. What really gave some great ROI was seeing other publications that picked up the article in their own editorial pages since. Even in little old Chattanooga it was front and center on the “Right” or “Free Press” side of the Sunday editorial pages of the local Times Free Press. The interest compounded when I started getting messages from associates and family members about the great editorial which at that point I did not know was in the local paper. Time for another check to CPRC.

  11. Did you hear about the university in Michigan that is handing the students and faculty hockey pucks to throw at a mass shooter?


    I double-checked; the article is not from The Onion. We live in an age where satire is impossible, anyway. I’m sure that students who have been indoctrinated to run for a “safe space” with coloring books if someone addresses them by the “wrong” pronoun will be able to fight effectively with improvised weapons…

    • This is, indeed, the kind of ‘Horse Hockey’ that one sees from what passes for the leftist mind. I an not surprised that you found such a story on NPR.

      The gun-grabbers, like all variations of leftists, live in a fantasy world that exists only in their own minds. A world where blowing a loud whistle, throwing a hockey puck or simply laying a ‘guilt trip’ on a bad guy is supposed to be effective in stopping him.

      They simply don’t understand the underlying truth in the old Cowboy saying that ‘God did not make all men equal, Col. Colt did!’.

      If one really wants to stop a mass murderer, then ‘throwing lead’ beats throwing hockey pucks every time. 🙂

  12. Not only psychopathic mass killers but terrorists and just common criminals uses GFZs as cover. I wish I knew how to make these evil laws go away.

  13. I agree that the reason the Tribune printed it was because of quotas, diversity and all that.

    The incredibly sad part is that this is PRECISELY the kind of news that MUST be disseminated in a universal fashion. Does anyone disagree that we all need this type of GOOD NEWS?

    Mas, as always, you’re certainly doing your part to get this stuff out there. Something I wanted to say in the past and keep forgetting: I want to thank Mas’ publisher here, Backwoods Magazine. They are truly doing things the American way!

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