Following up on the last blog entry here, the provisions in the proposed Draconian gun ban that is HR 127 will be terrible for America’s police service. Let’s look at why.

Civil liability exposure will be tremendous and unacceptable. In a time where there is a strong movement to reduce or eliminate qualified immunity – which, at its core, is simply the ancient common law doctrine of the reasonable person applied to police – anyone whose lawfully purchased and responsibly owned property is confiscated against their will would have grounds to file lawsuits.  Those lawsuits will immediately overburden city attorneys, county attorneys, and state attorneys general.  No facilities exist for safe storage of that huge volume of property – which, as soon as the lawsuits are filed, will become evidence which must be safely and securely maintained.

Smart gun owners, when they surrender their firearms, will demand receipts and will have taken photographs to show the often pristine condition of that property at the time of confiscation. Rust, scratches, and dings or dents in that property will be provable damages they can expect to collect from the municipality, county, state or federal entity which confiscates them and is responsible for storing them until the long, dragged out legal proceedings are ultimately concluded. 

Police are already too short-handed. Anti-police rhetoric from the media to the violence in the streets seen in 2020 has caused many good cops to leave the profession, and has severely restricted the flow of qualified applicants for law enforcement jobs. As quoted from Larry Correia’s incisive work in recent blog posts here, each confiscation will require many police officers and a great deal of time. Scouting out the residence before serving the warrant, and then serving it, will take many hours; it will take many more man-hours to inventory and transport and secure the confiscated firearms. Every minute of that is a minute of guardians taken off the street and away from their primary job of protecting the public from actual criminals.

Such confiscation will create great risk to life and limb of police officers. Anyone familiar with history or can spell G-O-O-G-L-E knows or can quickly learn that disarming of the law-abiding public is associated with tyranny. There are still living people in this country who liberated Hitler’s death camps or, God help them, were liberated from them, and they know that the Holocaust really began when the Jews of Germany and the occupied countries were disarmed. The old vets in particular have little to lose if they say, “Never again,” and open fire on those who come to re-enact that first stage of rendering the victims helpless. To ask honest young men and women with badges to risk that, to confiscate legally-purchased and responsibly owned firearms from people who never would have harmed the innocent with them is simply unconscionable. 

America’s police chiefs, and police unions and fraternal organizations, need to recognize this and speak out in protest. It should happen at town meetings, and before county commissioners’ meetings, and in State Houses across the land. While a town ordinance cannot override federal law, the voices of elected municipal, county, and state officials carry more weight on Capitol Hill than those of the individual citizens.

Union officials, chief law enforcement officers, and elected officials owe it to their cops as well as their citizens to examine these issues and make themselves clearly heard on the impossibility of enforcing such foolish laws, and explain the compounded tragedy that attempting to enforce them will unquestionably bring about.  Their fiduciary responsibility to the taxpayers – and more important, their ethical duty to the law enforcement officers themselves as well as the public they serve – demand it.


  1. The problem with the people currently in power in Washington D.C. is that THEY DON’T CARE. They have as much concern for the elected officials and police in middle America as they do for the citizens: NONE. They are spoiled idiots who have been handed everything they have and have never had to suffer consequences for their actions. It is past time for those consequences to appear. Come to take our guns-we stop sending you food. Shutter our businesses-we stop providing you with fuel. They have shown that they cannot be reasoned with and they utterly lack empathy for anyone with different lifestyles or political views.

  2. The law is unenforceable because it is unaffordable, dangerous, and existentially unconstitutional. One large hidden expense following the law would be the cost of emergency medical care and funerals for confiscation-resistant citizens, unarmed increased-violence victims, unfunded law enforcement, and clueless politicians. Of course, many law enforcers would rightfully find ways to circle back much, much later. Anti-gun politicians can escape consequences of oppression they cause here by fleeing to Latin America to vacation under criminal rule. No shortage of tyranny obtains there, though, because the citizens have largely already been left officially defenseless.

  3. “America’s police chiefs, and police unions and fraternal organizations, need to recognize this and speak out in protest.” Truer words were never blogged.

    I have long wondered why active duty police and their leadership have not spoken up about the right to keep and bear arms. Heretofore, I have been willing to accept the (lame) excuse that the police are subservient to their political leaders (mayor, council); and, that they have personal interests to fight for (pension, benefits, wages).

    But 2020 was a turning of the page. That political leadership – Democrat municipal politicians – have abandoned their police; the same armed muscle that they expect to implement their policies at the muzzle of a gun where necessary. Tomorrow, a day not too distant in the future, those Democrat politicians will dispatch their armed muscle to enforce HR 127; into the homes, workshops and farms of the police’s last bastion of defenders.

    If those cops bash down doors they will – at best – be left without a constituency of supporters. If they refrain from bashing down doors they will face the wrath of their Democrat masters. Wages, benefits, pensions will all be off-the-bargaining-table. It seems to me that there is only one viable course for America’s cops: Speak-up NOW and oppose HR-127. Damned-if-you-do; damned-if-you-don’t. But, at least, if the cops can stop this nonsense, they will carry on with their last supporting constituency watching their ‘6’.

    Else, they will be watching their political ‘6’ wondering whether it’s foe or erstwhile friend.

    • Top cops are political appointees, not cops. The ones that move up do so because they know how to shut up, toe the line, and support whatever their bosses say. Speak up? No way — that would cost them serious $ in the retirement pension and benefits. Besides, at least for now, cops have all the guns they want (reference California’s magazine waivers)

      • Cops’ friends, family, and other loved ones DON’T have those exemptions, and the cops know it. The vast majority of police want to catch criminals, not make them.

      • Those with a rank of captain and above serve at the pleasure of the police chief who are usually appointed by the city manager or some big shot, whereas county sheriffs are given their jobs by voters. Therefore, police captains and majors do whatever the chief tells them – or else. The police chief in turn kowtows to his superior(s) or he’s out. These higher ups are known as the Command Staff and are not covered by the unions like the PBA or FOP, so if the mayor cans them, they have little recourse other than to look for another position elsewhere. There are some good high ranked guys like Captain Ayoob though.

  4. You should speak in front the weasels in House of Representatives, Mas, though I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. I’ve always been annoyed that the Congressfolks are in a raised circle, looking down on people speaking before them. Seems to me they work for us and they should be the ones looking up.

  5. As you stated, there would be a lot of unnecessary bloodshed. When some, especially vets, say the government will have to pry them out of their cold dead hands, they mean it. Pretty sure they would take a few LEOs with them.

  6. “SMART” gun owners, when they “SURRENDER THEIR FIREARMS,” will demand receipts and will have taken photographs …… blah, blah, blah.

    The key element to all of this is REGISTRATION & SURRENDER.


  7. What size Homeland Security? Is there anything in their charter that prevents their use to enforce this bill? Are the rumors about IRS,AG, etc. having their own “police force” fact or fiction? The ammo manufactories are reported to be running at max but I haven’t seen much if any on the shelves at Scheels, Cabella’s, or any other retailers. Where is it going? Down a Federal rat hole? I’ve got more questions than answers. Primers, brass,bullets, powder – all listed as “out of stock” with no sure date of resupply. I understand that there are many new gun owners but there should be something showing upon shelves somewhere besides GunBroker. If anyone has answers, please chime in here.

    • Check FEDBIZOPS for your answer. Any federal purchase starts with a Request for Proposal thru FEDBIZOPS web site. Obama did this year’s ago

    • friend roger, you can start by looking up on duckduckgo: “full list of armed federal agencies” or “firearms and arrest authority of u.s. federal agencies.” many more lists probably exist, but digesting any one of them may exhaust one’s reading patience. a fair amount of ammo is going to our g-people. let us please remember (1) not to go berserk and unnecessarily break laws. or (2) act out of rage for any other reason. we all do need to save more ammo as well as organize to fight 200,000,000 biden-friendly enemy ccp troops (including militia) coming at us all too soon. supporting our legal position vs. anti-2A will best help us acquire more ammo.

      • Score: 57 for Trump, 43 out of the Swamp. A good trend. Time to impeach the many real bad behavers now, and reinstate Trump in time.

      • Oops. The impeachment vote was 10 short of a convicting 2/3 majority. Obviously the 57 pro-votes, inadvertently favoring exculpation by 10 & therefore a positive number for Trump, came from never-Trumpers. The 43 con-votes came from our houses-on-stilts dwellers. Conscience needs to further overcome Congress before March 4. An awakening anti-socialist coalition can still impeach the whole CCP-Democrat line-of-succession and reinstate Trump. Never has our country been so compromised by pagan deception, immorality, spite, greed, drugs, blackmail, bribery, & eco-illogic.

  8. If you want an interesting conversation, ask a proponent of confiscation ‘How many gun owners are you willing to gun down in hope of reducing violence?’ You might follow it up with. ‘How many LEOs are you willing to see shot?’ ‘How many Democratic Party politicians?’ Try to get them to be more specific than a defiant ‘as many as it takes!’

    One can advocate against defensive violence all one wants, but with perhaps sixty to seventy five million gun owners, and owners of perhaps 12-14,000,000 ARs, most of whom believe the Constitution prohibits gun confiscations, it seems clear that at least some will consider it their responsibility as citizens to resist, violently, if they think that is needed.

    Also: ‘Some fraction of those who resist could be people with advanced police and/or military training. What could a dozen such people, acting individually so they can’t be caught ahead of time, do to politicians who voted for what the resistors consider constitutionally prohibited laws?’

    Gun banners don’t like to confront that possibility. Ask them: How many killings are acceptable to you? Of which people? If you oppose violence, why threaten peaceful but heavily armed people in hopes of preventing criminals from committing violence?

  9. It is now time for the states to speak up. California said its state and local LEOs weren’t going to enforce federal immigration law, and the courts said that was OK. It’s time for all the states to forbid their LEOs and courts from enforcing any federal gun laws at all, and it may even be time to quit enforcing ANY federal laws.

    There aren’t enough Federal LEOs to enforce federal laws in a single state, much less the entire country. It may be time to paraphrase Jackson: you have made your law, and now good luck enforcing it.

    • KP, the feds don’t have to disarm everyone. They will target high profile gun owners or those who make the most noise and gain the most attention, and the media will help them make examples of those folks, labeling them as domestic terrorists with huge arsenals and stockpiles of ammunition who could go berserk at any time and massacre thousands. This tactic will scare other gun owners to turn in their firearms and ammo or face the dire consequences. Those with families will be especially affected as they fear for the safety of their spouses, kids, and pets if their doors are kicked down in the middle of the night (early morning) by heavily armed and armored stormtroopers. Socialists are highly skilled at using fear to control their subjects and their propaganda organs are very effective. The Soviets had Pravda and America has CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, MSNBC, etc. to do their dirty work.

      • You’re quite right, well said. They will make examples of some.
        I’m 59, a Gulf War vet and I never bought a gun until I was in my late 40s. I don’t have 1000s of rounds and an arsenal in the closet, but I should be entitled to keep what little I have to protect myself and my family. But, I don’t want to go to prison, that’s why I wouldn’t own a suppressor or a fully automatic weapon without a permit.

    • It’s time for all the states to forbid their LEOs and courts from enforcing any federal gun laws at all, and it may even be time to quit enforcing ANY federal laws.

      As others have pointed out, though that is a good start, it doesn’t go far enough. The feds don’t need state/county/local help enforcing federal gun laws; they can always send more feds, and the federal government’s resources vastly overpower the state/county/local governments’.

      What state/county/local governments should do is forbid their officers and courts from enforcing any federal gun laws and empower their officers and courts to arrest, charge, and imprison federal agents who attempt to enforce unconstitutional gun laws (which is most gun laws).

      This is the key provision missing from most “Second Amendment Sanctuary” ordinances. Committing to not help higher levels of government enforce gun laws is good, but a real sanctuary also forbids those higher levels from enforcing gun laws and sanctions them if they try.

      Could that be seen as defiance? Insurrection? Secession? Possibly, even probably. But it puts the in the uncomfortable and awkward — and extremely public — position of deciding if confiscating one man’s AR-15 is worth having their agents arrested and jailed, and maybe sparking a civil war.

      • What you are talking about is nullification. Soft nullification is forbidding state and local LE from enforcing Federal mandates. 2A nullification to date as well as marijuana and immigration nullification is of this type. Hard nullification is where you prevent the Federal authorities from enforcing Federal law in your jurisdiction. CA flirted with this on immigration and MO seems in the process of doing so on 2A issues. The most significant episode of hard nullification in American history was the interference of local LE in the enforcement of the Fugitive Slave Act in the runup to Civil War One.

        It has long been argued that nullification is unconstitutional because of the supremacy clause in the Constitution. I refer people to the Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions which were an attempt to nullify the Alien and Sedition Acts. They were authored by Madison and Jefferson who knew a bit about the Constitution. In the event, the problem went away when Jefferson was elected President, pardoned everyone and got Congress to repeal the laws.

  10. The thing that troubles me most is that the advice we, the “little people”, who are mere citizens and NOT LEOs, is to just comply with those LEOs when they come to our doors and say, “hand over your guns, or else”. We are NOT to trouble them with minor points such as the fact that they have a DUTY to refuse to enforce Unconstitutional “laws”, lest they become lawbreakers; they shall retort, as they cuff and bind us, that we should tell it to the judge. Remember how possession is 9/10s of the law? Does anyone here seriously believe that they will EVER see ANY of their arms again once they have been taken? The average cop in the street is going to assure his first and second priorities- Get paid, and Go home.

  11. The same lawmakers who are pushing to eliminate qualified immunity for LEOs can just as easily bestow unlimited immunity on local governments when it comes to damage, loss, misplacement, etc. of evidence — or, more likely, order the immediate descruction.

    So on the chance of a Supreme Court victory to override such laws 5 years from now (if we’re very very lucky), former gun owners could try to retrieve their property. Oops, sorry, we destroyed all those seized guns in accordance with the law at that time. Sue us? Nope, immunity. Or… if monetary compensation is given, so what? Can’t go out and buy new guns, those are now illegal and no one is grandfathered. Guns manufacturers will be completely regulated out of existence by then.

    • No matter how much money they give you, or guns in exchange, it would never take the place of grandpa’s gun if they took that away from you. Bureaucracy doesn’t take that into account.

  12. After watching the deep state for the last 5 years, I have become saddened by the lack of pushback on the part of the Republican politicians, the GOP and conservative people in general. Antifa, Black Lives Matter, the Black Caucus and others have emerged and created anarchy in some of America’s Democratic run cities. We all know that. Why was it allowed to happen? The Democrats are ruining this country and WE, the People are letting them! They do not feel scared. They are emboldened because they suffer nothing. As soon as dem Governors, Mayors, academies and congressional members, both dems and their subservient Republican traitors were ever afraid of their traitorous actions, less harm would come to all of US. Or, if those same people were removed, reducing the size of membership of the deep state, WE the People, would win back our society. The government is currently attempting to make conservatives out to be terrorists. Maybe WE should comply with that effort!

    • Greg, I’m going to leave this comment up as an example of what I DON’T want to see here. Suggesting that we kill people we don’t agree with is something I expect to see on Leftist Twitter comments.

      Not here.


    • Re: “I have become saddened by the lack of pushback on the part of the Republican politicians…”

      I would speculate it’s because Democrats are not having a disagreement or civil debate with Republicans – they are a united army that is at war with them. And when you are at war with someone, your only goal is to destroy them by any means possible, That’s why deception, hypocrisy, ignoring facts, dismissing logic, lying, harassment, propaganda, censorship, cancel culture and, if they could get away with it, more fatal measures are all normal, commonplace occurrences and fair game. For the last hundred years, since the Wilson administration, this country has slowly “progressively” moved to the left and the feckless Republicans have quietly allowed it to happen until Trump came along and showed them how to fight. Unfortunately Republicans don’t like to fight. They seem to have other priorities in life and choose to try to live with government while Democrats live to shape government. If Republicans don’t realize what the game really is and become united and start pushing back, their only option is going to be unconditional surrender.

      • Charles Krauthammer pointed out: “To understand the workings of American politics, you have to understand this fundamental law: Conservatives think liberals are stupid. Liberals think conservatives are evil.”

        It sounds like a bumper sticker or sound-byte, but it’s an important point.

        If you think someone is being stupid or is mistaken, you try to engage them in order to correct and teach them. This is how Republicans treat Democrats.

        However, you don’t engage with evil. You don’t try to correct evil, you don’t try to reason with evil. You destroy evil. This is how Democrats treat Republicans.

        That Democrats are trying to destroy people who are demonstrably not evil, and that Republicans don’t realize — despite all evidence — that Democrats are at war with them, leads me to add one more sentence of my own to Krauthammer’s observation:

        “They’re both projecting.”

      • Archer, all Democrats are either evil or stupid and some are both. I know a few of the stupid ones and try to put up with them. I don’t personally know any evil ones and would not want to, for my own sanity and their safety.

    • Greg, Nevada,

      I agree with your comment, and all the comments which came before it. I too am saddened by the lack of pushback I see coming from Republicans and American citizens in general. This is the perfect time to shut down the government schools for ever, but Mommy and Daddy are too wimpy to pull their kids out. Probably 80% of all parents could do a better job teaching their children than the government schools can with their communist indoctrination.

      We all realize patriots follow principles. They will only resort to violence in a few, narrowly defined, righteous circumstances. There are problems in the cities, but most patriots don’t live in cities. I believe most middle-class and upper middle-class patriots are either weathering the CCP virus crisis in an acceptable manner, or some of us are even profiting from it by making money even while they save gasoline working from home. The Dow Jones was at 17,000 when Trump was elected, and now it is at 31,000. Many of us are still living in our comfortable bubble. Smart people are preparing for trouble, but it hasn’t come to our doorstep yet.

      I think we are in the calm before the storm, like 1770–1774, 1850–1860, and 1890–1913. I am glad patriots have not resorted to violence yet. I am glad we are following our principles, but it does make us look like wimps . . . . . for now. The sleeping giant hasn’t been awakened yet, because his day to day life has not changed very much.

      • Roger, I see a parallel between America in 2021 and Germany in the mid 1930’s when life was good, the economy was booming, and it’s population was mostly happy before their world went down the toilet. However, unlike 1930’s Germany where the people were proud of their nation, a large portion of current America have been taught by liberal teachers to hate their country and want drastic change to destroy what our founding fathers had worked and risked so much to make. Hopefully there are still enough patriots and good folks in the U.S.A. to bring us back from the brink of disaster caused by the Demoncrats. If not, prepare to be flushed down the toilet.

  13. Elected representatives don’t care about you and I except at election time.

    Come and try to get them. If you enforce unconstitutional laws you should be met with the cartridge box not the jury box.

    Just saying how it should be not how it necessarily is.

  14. Why do you have a comments section to an article, if you won’t print it? I’m sure this won’t be published as well. I really like you guys at Backwoods Solar but grow some balls and speak up before your wife does!

  15. The answer, of course (and I hear it often) is to have the Army confiscate firearms.

    That would be the same Army the Democrats had the FBI background-check because most of them voted for President Trump.
    The same Army the Democrats, the day after the inauguration, sent to spend the night in parking garages.
    The same Army that is “standing down” so the Secretary of Defense can purge the ranks of all the soldiers he doesn’t like, and then subject the rest to critical race theory training to teach them all whites are oppressors and all blacks are oppressed.
    The same Army who took an oath to “protect and defend the Constitution.” (I still remember the class in Officer Basic Training about how you can be court-martialed for following an illegal order.)

    Yeah, that Army.

    • Larry Arnold,

      You are so right. And, the Left wants to use the police to protect themselves, harrass us, and confiscate our guns. That would be the police who are pigs, bastards and THE POLICE WHO SHOULD BE DEFUNDED!!!

      • Roger Willco, please clarify: when you say pigs, etc., are you speaking of all cops or just the ones you think would unconstitutionally confiscate your property?

      • @Mas: Giving Roger the benefit if doubt, I’m pretty sure he’s referring to the police the same way the Left thinks about them … at the same time the Left is using them for its own purposes.

        Quotation marks would have made that more clear: That would be the police who are “pigs,” “bastards” and “THE POLICE WHO SHOULD BE DEFUNDED!!!”

      • Mas,

        You are right, I should have qualified that statement. It is the LEFT who call cops pigs, bastards, and call for the police to be defunded. THEY ARE CRAZY, but that is what they think and say. Archer caught my drift, but it is important to communicate clearly, and to be understood.

    • Larry, you must mean the National Guard, not the U.S. Army which is currently stationed in Washington D.C. to ‘protect’ that city from the vicious mobs of Trump supporters the Demoncrats fearfully imagine will ransack and pillage that once crime free city when given the order from the diabolical orange former dictator.

      Crooked Joe and Aunt Kamala now have their own version of the Praetorian Guard protecting them in addition to the Secret Service, thousands of D.C. police, and various alphabet agencies available at a moment’s notice to prevent any massed uprisings of evil and violent conservatives. I would not be surprised if the U.S.A.F. has F-16s fueled and loaded with cluster bombs and napalm, ready to drop on the hordes of Americans who want nothing more than their freedom and to be left alone to live peacefully.

      • you must mean the National Guard, not the U.S. Army
        First, it’s the entire military SecDef is “standing down,” Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard.
        Second, Active and Reserve Army and National Guard are brothers in arms. No soldier field grade or below is going to take soldiers being FBI background-checked, and even worse sleeping in parking garages, as anything but an insult to the Armed Forces.

        OTOH, the vicious mobs of Trump supporters the Democrats fearfully imagine
        I think that’s spot-on. The last four years have been one long witch-hunt, and the Left has spent so much time trying to convince their base we’re all seething with rage that they’ve come to believe it themselves.

        The second Trump impeachment reminds me of all the books and movies (and there are a boatload of them) where the plot involves a hero who just wants to go home, but the villains are so afraid that they keep poking, and poking, and poking until the hero is backed into a corner.

      • Larry, we need a movie where Chuck Norris plays a conservative former Delta Force, Navy SEAL, Army Ranger, Marine Force Recon, etc. operative who’s targeted by hordes of Demoncrat directed BLM and AntiFa terrorists, and maybe some government alphabet agencies working with them behind the scenes. The bad guys/gals would break into our hero’s home when he’s away, trash it and shoot his dog. Chuck’s character will then track them down and the fun begins. Moral of the story – don’t shoot Chuck’s dog.

  16. The word “unconscionable” is not in a liberal’s vocabulary. With their bumbling figurehead leader Crooked Joe occupying the White House and the insidious Aunt Kamala lurking and waiting impatiently nearby to take over, the liberals will do what they want, whenever they want.

  17. I have had the opportunity (honor) to wear the US ARMY tape on the left side of my chest, one weekend a month 2 plus plus weeks a year for over 24 years now. Throughout my career I have friended multiple law enforcement officers from county through federal and 99 percent of them are only interested in true criminals, drug dealers, child molesters pure thugs and others who are already forbidden to possess a firearm. The vast majority of soldiers and law enforcement are conservative personal gun owning individuals who wholeheartedly support the constitution and the second amendment. Regardless of what the Democrats in Washington and the media tries to convince the American public the events of January 6 doesn’t speak for the rest of gun owners and law abiding citizens and they know that. Not saying their not out there but I have yet to hear one soldier or LEO say they would ever support or enforce a gun confiscation. They may try to pass some unconstitutional laws about owning a gun but it will never be enforced. More people probably die from texting and driving, which has been and should be illegal than guns and we see how that’s going.

  18. “…anyone whose lawfully purchased and responsibly owned property is confiscated against their will would have grounds to file lawsuits.”

    Considering the courts have already proven themselves to be corrupt during this last election cycle, (including the Supreme Court), do you really think that people are going to trust the legal system and go through that process? Some might but it’s doubtful that everyone will just roll over.

    In some “2nd Amendment Sanctuary” counties, local law enforcement will not spend the time, money or manpower to enforce federal law that is anti-gun. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that local law enforcement will prevent federal agents and the military from going door to door.

    No matter how it plays out, this is not good.

  19. In several municipalites sheriffs, of which many are elected officials, run the jails and will be the ones called upon to help enforce this law. Gun owners need to get involved in the primary election process and confront candidates through the caucus process or other means with questions about how they are going to support this law. For instance — Are you going to allow federal officers to use your jails? Are you going to provide any support or resources to help enforce it? If the feds or governor’s state police are working in your county to enforce it, will you send a blast email to anyone that wants to be notified? Do you support making your county a 2nd Amendment sanctuary like what some state and local and governments have done for illegal aliens? — you get the idea

  20. Until law and order is restored, from the President down to the Dog catcher, we are in serious trouble. Pray…
    ‘Molon labe’

  21. The link to the Forbes article above dislikes ad blockers and will bar your access.

    Some of Mas’s points above would seem to be excuses-excuse me: justification- for “political police” on a Federal level. I expect the thought wouldn’t be anathema to certain politicians current in power.

  22. Of course it would be enforceable. It will be the gold standard of what they want to enforce when they can with people that choose to go along. More law, restriction and confiscation will follow. And it will be Officers sworn to uphold the Law, Service Men and Women sworn to uphold the Constitution, and neighbors and family either enlisted, coerced, or volunteering that will help them do it. It is nothing new, and it has happened before and the consequences are staring at us from history and in evidence today. They have this sanctimoneousness about the law, yet with the sweep of a pen or the scheduling of a press conference decide not to enforce the law or not apply it to themselves or their cronies, or apply it against (or for) the cause of the day. They will scream about justice and equity and equality and if only one child is saved, or that it is vitally necessary to correct the sins and inequalities of the past, or that it is just common sense. We are witness to their approach to the law in the entrappment of General Flynn, the Steele Dossier, the Russion Collusion Hoax, the Mueller Investigation, the ongoing and previous impeachment, the spectacle of agents descending upon Roger Stone and his wife with press in tow, rioting (continuing still) in Portland, Seattle, and a host of other cities, draconian pandemic restrictions not rooted in science, manipulated pamdemic data, legitimate election concerns ignored, deflected, and mis or not reported, our now porous Southern Border, the barriers and troops (with crew served weapons requested) preventing We the People from our Capitol, support of openly Marxist ideology, the lock step movement of the Democratic Party no matter the distortion, diversion, or deception, and the voting on and passage of legislation before a Bill is finished, written, or read, and the denigration of reason, logic, and religion. We hold these Truths to Be self-evident. As with all Marxism, the attack is on the concept of Truth and the Natural Rights of. Man – what the meaning of is, is, and that God is a concept beholden to the State, and that the State defines truth.. Hold to principles. Do not compromise them. Hang tough. Seek justice. Truth. Reason. Have faith.

  23. I believe there will come a time that LEO’S will welcome the law abiding citizen to help reinforce the law. …That said LEO’S must be provided the backing of our politicians, not constraining them. At the same time they, the bad ones, need to be held accountable.

  24. The problem is that HR 127, if enacted, doesn’t have to be enforced en masse. Suppose you use your illegal gun somehow. It may be at the range, your back yard, hunting or self defense. The feds didn’t know about it mostly because they didn’t look. Now, it’s public knowledge because someone turned you in or it became part of a police investigation. The feds have the evidence they need for a slam dunk conviction. Making it impossible for you to use your gun is as effective as confiscating it.

  25. Well, let’s see by using comparison/contrast in an abstract way.

    A relatively new “mandate” has swept the world by storm and folks have been arrested, maimed/injured/killed and shamed into wearing a mask that does nothing to protect the individual or public, as “SUGGESTED” guidelines for public safety. Not to mention all the lives ruined by businesses being shut down.

    Tyrannical dictates throughout the country through EXECUTIVE orders from corrupt politicians at state and local levels have executed the perfect storm as a precursor to enact similar EXECUTIVE ORDERS to maintain self and public safety by requiring all gun owners to give up their guns–you know, to protect you and the public.

    Friends and family members have reported to the “authorities” of “unlawful” gatherings during this scam-demic. The airwaves are echo-chambering everyone into believing what CDC, AMA and all the other health organizations that now wearing TWO masks are better than one. As well, YOU must get the vaccine to protect yourself and the public. What a croc!

    By the way, wasn’t the Black Talon ammo removed from the shelf because of the American Medical Associations (AMA) assertion that it endangered the surgeons?

    My point being, something as benign as the silly face coverings could morph into something much greater, such as shaming friends or relatives into giving up their guns. Maybe some BATFE agents attending a three gun or IDPA competition to check and see if the magazines are government compliant, “…oh, and that Bushmaster AR-15 is no longer legal to own, use or possess, we’ll be relieving you of that here on the spot…”

    Compare and contrast using the abstract and you may see where I am going here. Maybe not, but I wouldn’t put it past what represents our nation at this time.

    Stay safe.

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