1. Dear Mas,

    As a resident of Illinois,I’m all too familiar with Barack Obama’s true position on the issue of gun rights & ownership.I live in Southern Illinois where the people more resemble those Americans that Obama describes as “bitter & clinging to guns & religion”.
    Illinois has some of the strictest gun regulations in the Nation.Some of the Southern Counties are banding together & having their County Boards take votes about putting the right to carry concealed on the November ballot.My County passed it 13-1,so we will be voting on it come November.Ultimately, I don’t know what effect it will have on all the Chicago Politicians,but at least it let’s our voice be heard.I know Mayor Daley is extremely unhappy about increasing pressure coming from gun rights advocates with the fall of the D.C. gun ban.

    If you look at Obama’s voting record,all his associations,his Wife’s comments & what he wrote in his books,you get a good picture of what this man is all about.I find the meteoric rise of BHO to bear an uncanny resemblance to the rise of Adolf Hitler. Hitler outlined his radical ideology & plans in Mein Kampf,but for some reason no one took it very seriously.They merley listened to all the soaring rhetoric that he spewed at huge rallies and ignored his past & what he had already done & written. Sound familiar?

  2. Paul Helmke has a blog on the NRA ads over at Huffpo–and he is losing badly. The proRKBA people have his dominant supporter so rattled that she has come out supporting the suspension of the Bill of Rights, as well as supporting the gun confiscations in NOLA after Katrina

  3. AHSA, Obama and McCain are trojan horses and liars. (All side with the UN, and the UN wants all firearms)

    You’re great on guns Mas, but on politics, you’re suggesting the “lesser of two evils”. If BHM is about anything, it’s independence and self-sufficiency.

    Only a third party offers the solutions that the US needs.

  4. Baba:
    You leave a cryptic pejorative with nothing to explain it, and I’M the strange bird? Show us the colors of your plumage, and please elaborate.

    Damn right I’m recommending the lesser of two evils. Said so myself both on the blog and in the magazine, long ago.

    But those two evils are the only real choices we have right now, and my feeling is that a vote for a third party takes a vote away from the lesser evil, thus allowing the greater evil to prevail.

    My friend, voting for a third party just to declare yourself is, in this particular election, gonna be kinda like masturbation: it will make you feel good in the very short term, but it won’t do anything positive in the long run, and you won’t be particularly proud of it later.

    Yours in the spirit of cordial discussion,

  5. Mas,

    I’m afraid I have to differ with you on the….um…..ahem, masturbation issue. If doing so will keep one from sleeping around recklessly, I say go for it. 😉

    Anyhoo. You’re completely right on the dems, and I hope many more will see them for who they are. Permission to quote your blog on mine?

  6. Scott:
    You’re free to quote on your blog.

    Continuing the analogy, we’re going to end up living with one or the other of them anyway, instead of our one true love. I vote for the most compatible one for the next four years…

  7. This is, in my mind, a very painful election. When it comes to the issues, neither candidate offers anything but disappointment, and boy, do we have issues!
    I don’t have any doubt that Biden is a great gun banner, and thats what Mr. O wants to be as well. Both the Dems and the Reps really love their wedge issues, and one of the biggest involves guns.
    I know of good, regular people who are loosing their homes as I write this. Good jobs are as hard to find as an honest politician. I see that unfortunately Mr. O is right, we can’t drill our way out of our energy dependence. I live in a state where drilling has poisoned folks drinking water, destroyed ranches that were long time providers of food for this nation, and did nothing to stem this countries demand for more oil and gas.
    I don’t want to be negative here, but the reps don’t have a plan for keeping people in their homes, and they think we can go crazy on drilling and forget about energy problems.
    So, we can vote for a guy who kind of sort of maybe might be relatively neutral on guns, but has no idea about the rest of it, or we can vote for the gun haters who at least understand that there is a problem.
    Just painful.

  8. Miguel,

    If Obama hasn’t been honest about his stance with the 2nd Amendment to get votes, what makes you think he’s being honest about his energy policy? What makes you think he’s being honest about employment? He’s got utopian ideals with no real way to get them done without doing a lot of harm. Taxing the rich isn’t a way to do it. Taxing oil companies isn’t a way to do it.

    Also, drilling on our soil isn’t the leading cause of contaminated drinking water in this country, it’s Superfund sites and poorly regulated landfills. Another big factor is mining. Colorado has some of the worst water due to it’s mining efforts from the last century. Will increased drilling here decrease our dependence? Sure, in the long run, it will help greatly. In the short run It will also create jobs, which will help the economy.

    So, to your last comment, I don’t think the gun-haters in this election truly understand the problem. If they’re willing to lie about our freedoms to gain votes, what other rights are they willing to lie about?

  9. Paul:
    How in the world do you think Barack Obama stands for Independence and Self-Sufficiency? The Man wants to nationalize everything! Look at his record and writings rather than listening to his speeches to get a proper perspective.
    Getting a little off topic here….. A lot of our financial problems can be traced back to the Clinton administration when slick willy felt miniorites and the poor were being discriminated against in being approved for loans and therefore restructured lending practices.So,you ended up with a lot of people getting home loans that should not have ever been approved.Barack wants to expand “affordable housing” such as section 8,which has been a huge waste of resources and a complete failure.
    Obama was a “community organizer”just like Jesse Jackson,Al Sharpton,Dr.King & Malcolm X.He went into law and Politics,so he could effect “change” and influence laws & public policy to help inner city African-Americans which he would be unable to do merely as a community organizer(all his words). He’s said reparations wouldn’t be enough,so he aims to achieve “social justice” by wealth redistribution. BHO is the farthest thing you can get from independence and self-sufficiency.IMO,the term Socialism is a much better description of Obama’s political views. If Obama/Biden get in with the far-left Congress we currently have,God help us.

  10. Mas,
    Semper Fi. What really concerns me these days is apathy. What is going to happen on 01-21-2009 when we wake up in an Obamanation of what used to be America. Do we collectively have the “stones” to riase up and take our country back? Or will we blindly follow like sheep to the slauter. After 40 years of wearing a uniform and swearing to uphold the US Constution and defend my beloved country from all enemies, I do not think I sit back watch as we slide into Marxism. I think I finally understand where “Charlie” got all his internal strength to fight us so hard for so long.

  11. I agree that the conservative/gun rights voters do not seem to be supporting Mcain as much, but I have a opinion on that. Its because most of us with that view are working harder than ever to make a living and provide for our family. Long hours at work , wether in the field or factoryand the stress of more money going out then coming in makes it so the last thing we want to do is come home and deal with politics adding even more stress to a bad day. but I think the closer it comes to election day the more we will pay attention. For example they were talking about all these college kids lined up in ohio for absentee ballots, apparently they do not have to work for a living. I have plenty of time to fart around on the computer because I am one of the many who have lost their jobs, Aug 22 the zinc mine here in northern ny closed its doors putting ocver 200 people out of work in a very rural area out of work. Right before winter is not the right time to be finding work around here. According to the media everything is G.W.’s fault but I disagree. The reason the owners of the mine (hudson bay co.) gave for closing is its to expensive to do business in this state. and since this state is run by Dems that are just to the right of Stalin and kneel at the alter of Chavez and Castro, G.W. didi not have anything to do with it. But I digress (forgive the spelling errors) D.R.

  12. Mas, please forgive any impertinence here…I have read you for most of my adult life and think very highly of your work.

    This discussion of “lesser of evils” used to be very difficult for me, and I think I understand why people feel they must do it, but I cannot get past the core problem with the idea, which of course is this:

    There is exactly zero (0.00) percent chance that a vote for McCain will be interpreted as anything other than a vote for McCain.

    I cannot help but suspect that the party system (meaning, both sides of what has been called the “Two-Headed Boot On Your Neck Party”) is fully aware of this, and is only too happy to encourage the “lesser of evils” approach. “The other guy is so bad, we just know you’ll have to hold your nose and vote for this guy, who may be a complete toad but hey, whatcha gonna do, huh?….oh, now just look at the mandate we have for pushing our policies through!”

    Now for me, this is nothing less than a condescending insult. It leaves me feeling flayed, played, betrayed. Also, have you noticed that, extrapolated across time, that the defining characteristic of this phenomenon is that liberty is continually eroded without benefiting anyone except those running the game? And, to me at least, it looks like a “ratchet-down” effect that gets you from both sides, with absolutely nothing gained.

    I understand what the “lesser of evils” approach is supposed to give us. Is it, really, giving us that? Has it ever? Or might it be a better idea to cast a vote that nobody can misinterpret?

    I fully admit that this is not an easy task, in a year so bad that even the Libertarians cannot manage to give us someone worth voting for. But I cannot–will not–reward the party apparatus that summarily ran off the one contender that actually spoke of giving some of our liberty back (and with a record of actually walking that walk), and gave us instead an empty promise to slow down the bleeding just a little bit.

    It’s (still) a free country and it is not my place to tell people what to do. But…one of the things I’ve always admired about your writing, Mas, is that you have not been afraid to raise the BS flag when necessary. I keep trying to find value in the pragmatic efforts to keep the liberty-suckers out of office, but my own BS-meter keeps pinging the redline, and I haven’t heard an argument that convinces me yet.

  13. Mas, I respect your honesty and the fact that you decided to engage my comments directly. Keep shootin from the hip.

    As to feeling proud of my votes, I have previously voted party line (Bush twice, many before) and I can tell you that I’m am wildly upset with those votes (which is not to say that I should have voted Kerry or Gore).

    I have found a candidate that I can whole-heartedly support. I will not vote for him with the expectation that he will win, however. I see no hope in “working within the party” on a national level. I see little difference between D and R in national or high level state politics.

    I recognize and honor your service in law enforcement. However, not all laws are just. Might does not make right. These two might be the only ones that have a legit chance of winning, but that doesn’t make them less evil. They both disregard the Constitution and the Founder’s spirit. You correctly recognize them as evil.

    We must end this cycle of self destruction that results when we narrow our options to D and R. We simply must reject evil, at every turn. Clinging to the philosophy and the solutions of the Founding Fathers (with God’s help) is our only hope.

    Kevin: This might help explain “the game” you mentioned. Plug in these terms “thesis” = Founders, “anti-thesis” = Obama or current running D, “synthesis” = McCain or current running R, “agitator” = talk radio

  14. With respect to those who are having a hard time holding their noses and voting McCain, let me be quite clear in why it [i]must[/i] be done. An Obama Presidency will rubber stamp any anti-gun legislation that passes through Congress. Don’t think the foes of our Second Amendment rights will be foolish enough to include sunset provisions as they did with the last AWB. Semi-automatics will be gone. Magazines of greater than xx capacity will be gone. You will be lucky to retain the privilege of buying more than one or two guns a year. The amount of ammunition you can keep will be closely regulated. An Obama Presidency could easily end with America’s gun “rights” the equal of those in Great Britain.

    An Obama Presidency will not take the fight to terrorists and keep our nation safe. He will not stand firm in opposing Iranian and North Korean designs on nuclear weapons. What makes it worse is that he will dismantle even the modest defenses we have against such threats. There is nothing in this man’s political history to think otherwise.

    An Obama Presidency [i]may[/i] reduce the individual income tax burden on most Americans but will most assuredly cost every one of us much more in hidden increases to business, energy and transportation taxes. Obama failed to learn the most simplistic economics lesson there is, that when the cost of business is increased those increases will be passed onto the consumer. You and every other American will pay for an Obama Presidency’s “Great Society Part II.” Obama rails on and on about the “failed policies of the Bush administration.” What greater failed policies are there than the massive entitlement programs we have endured for decades? Our billions of dollars have only bought us more poverty, worse education, more children without stable families and more crime.

    An Obama Presidency could easily lead to an America none of us will recognize. As Mas has said in the past, guns are but a litmus test. If a politician can’t trust me with my firearms, why should I trust him to do what’s right with any other issue? McCain and Palin certainly are not my first choices to lead this nation but they are clearly the superior choice to Obama and Biden.

  15. “As Mas has said in the past, guns are but a litmus test. If a politician can’t trust me with my firearms, why should I trust him to do what’s right with any other issue?”

    I agree.

    I have been in a country where guns are strictly regulated, and most are banned. No Thank you, BTDT.


  16. Why is it that in America, Land of choices, we are stuck with a 2 party system? If I want to vote for some one other than what they are shoving down my throat, I should be able to.

    I go into the supermarket and have many, many choices on what coffee to buy, what toilet paper to wipe my butt with and what toothpaste to use. I want more than 2 choices in choosing a president. I want at least as many choices as I have in over the counter cold medicine.

    More and more it seems like there are two to choose from just cause it’s a inconvenient law they have to follow to make us think we actually have a choice. You hear both candidates spewing they are for Change, Change, Change, yet when pressed they won’t tell you exactly what change.

    I want Ron Paul back in the race. Notice how everything he was mocked for during the debates has come true? I have seen more interviews with him lately than during the time he was running for president. He had/has the only track record we can trust and his policies make sense.

    I refuse to vote for the lesser of two evils!! We have been doing that for years and where has it got us? It will probably do not a bit of good but I’m writing him in on the ballot when I vote. I can’t in good conscience give my vote to either of the two that are on the ticket now… I don’t trust them for more reasons then I can write about here.

  17. Brogan,
    Ron Paul has endorsed a third party candidate (Last line:

    Mas said: “and my feeling is that a vote for a third party takes a vote away from the lesser evil, thus allowing the greater evil to prevail.”

    Please see that link addressed to Kevin above for the Delphi technique. This line of reasoning is what takes us away from our Founding Principles. This is simply not a winning strategy.

    We should vote in favor of something, not out of fear of another thing. The ballot is set up so that we can only vote for something, not against anything else. A vote for evil is a betrayal of our conscience, no matter how we try to deceive ourselves to the contrary.

  18. Brogan,

    Politics is not coffee or cold medicine. Voting for a third party only helps one of the other two parties that will always win. A vote for Bob Barr or Ron Paul helps Obama become President; a vote for McKinney helps McCain. To think otherwise is politically naive. Heartfelt beliefs are laudable but when it comes time to vote, practical politics is often at odds with such uncompromising idealism. Far better for you as a gun owner to just stay home on Election Day. If you can’t stomach casting a vote for McCain, at least don’t help Obama.

  19. Paul,
    Thanks… I will check out the link and see who Ron Paul is endorsing.

    Yep, you are right Politics is not coffee or cold medicine… If it were we would have more choices, Be wide awake and breathing easy. How can voting for some one other than McCain or Obama help either one of them? I keep hearing that I will be throwing my vote away… If enough people “Throw their vote away” on some one else, that some one else would get elected.

    Heartfelt beliefs are laudable but when it comes time to vote? No sir! If more people voted with their conscience and for what they know is right instead of blindly towing the party line, this country would be much better off.

  20. It’s not about towing a party line. It’s about survival as a gun owner, tax payer and potential target of terrorism. On each of those points the choice is clear.

  21. I’m not a fan of McCain by any stretch and I do see him as the lesser of two evils. I’d vote for Ron Paul if he had a chance of winning but I have to vote McCain to keep Obama out. The way I see it, the libs win either way with McCain or Obama but they win far more with Obama. Besides, if McCain wins, there’s the chance he doesn’t complete his term and Palin takes over or we bide our time till the next election and push harder given what we’ve learned from this media run fiasco.

  22. “It’s not about towing a party line. It’s about survival as a gun owner, tax payer and potential target of terrorism. On each of those points the choice is clear.”

    If it was about those issues, Ron Paul would have been the clear choice. But he was mocked on his economic warnings (all of which have come true) and his foreign policies (that are sound).

    He is a constitutionalist, thus a supporters of not only the second amendment but ALL the amendments and the constitution as a whole. Besides that his voting track record is second to none! Like it or not, it is party biased and we are then forced to vote between two evils…

    Once again the questions should be: “Why do we have to vote between two evils?”. Why is it basically a 2 party system? Why not vote on issues and the track record of the person running instead of towing the party line? When will people see that the system is flawed and wake up?

  23. When the House rejected the first bailout bill, they had precious few moments to review it. Yet, they were told that this bill was critical to the economy and so on. “We must do something!” they cried.

    My question is this: when the House members don’t understand a bill, and yet it’s forwarded as a “solution” who is setting the agenda? The POTUS is pushing these plans, without a deep understanding, the Senators can’t tell you the details, so who is writing these bills and demanding these actions?

    Why do we think that this will change with either a D or an R in the White House?