The gun prohibitionists like to say that guns equal crime, and constantly justify their confiscatory wishes with the phrase, “If it only saves one life…”

It’s not just us, and the National Rifle Association and the Second Amendment Foundation, who say that guns in good people’s hands save more lives than guns in the hands of criminals take.

Here’s the truth from impartial sources:  Forbes, and the CDC.

Somewhere between half a million and three million saves per year.

Keep the link.  Pass it around.  Spread the truth to the public. Maybe a letter to the editor of your local newspaper.


    • Bigus Macus,

      The Communists are building their “workers’ paradise,” and they won’t let the facts stand in their way. If you are creating a wonderful country, but it requires doing some deviant or destructive things, you can be forgiven, because your motives are noble. The ends justify the means. I don’t believe this, but they do.

      • Every dictator throughout history knows the value of disarmament. They cant have complete control until they know the citizens cant revolt. I’m revolting anyway. I’m not living under their ideals

  1. There is serious legislation or executive orders coming up that are going to test the 2A. If we could trust outliers not to do dumb things, it would be interesting to see a Million Armed Citizen March On Washington to just stand there for a few hours, maybe with a few speeches by calm and rational people supporting “shall not be infringed”, then go home. Point made.

    • Hey a fellow masshole. Left years ago and will never live in that state again. So libtard. Wasnt like that until dukakis got in.

  2. If only saving a life were the true goal of anti-gunners. The reality is that those affected by gun crimes and violence, are working from an emotional response, rather than reasoned considerations, and are a useful low information tool, used by the truly sinister advocates of gun control. They are the ones that are aware that an armed citizenry cannot be controlled or coerced without consent. by removing the ability to defend against any attack, be it criminal, or government, people can be led to slaughter whether they consent or not, and have no ability to prevent that slaughter, because those sinister advocates will still be armed, and will not allow or respect resistance!

    • “If only saving a life were the true goal of anti-gunners. The reality is that those affected by gun crimes and violence, are working from an emotional response, rather than reasoned considerations, and are a useful low information tool, used by the truly sinister advocates of gun control.”

      Kudos! It’s about time somebody else realized this and came right out and said it. Yes, indeed, it is ohh sooo true! Among others: Pelosi, Schumer, and Feinstein rant on like this all of the time; and, recently, demented and easily cornfused ‘poor old Joe’ has started doing it too.

  3. Don’t think Democrats are particularly concerned with facts. They do whatever they want whenever they want to. All the “facts” in the world don’t mean a thing when Democrats want to push some new legislation. Democrat voters are unified behind their president, senators and representatives so “facts” wont change a single vote. Democrat voters support their candidates even when they disagree with them, that’s real power, facts or no facts Democrats do get it done.
    It’s not the 1980’s anymore.

  4. After working at a rehab with many hundreds of drug addicts in their late teens, and with a few in their early 20’s, many of both age groups having been addicted to crack or other cocaine, I would be surprised that a susceptible individual sharing an office for long with Hunter Biden did not partake of one or more substances with which Hunter might reportedly have been involved. A very common effect of cocaine use is long-lasting cognitive impairment, with confusion a persistent condition. We especially do not want a compromised leadership “negotiating” our existential Constitutional rights, and our present and future prosperity, with latter-day Genghis Khans and Che Guevaras, #$%&!!!.

    • Mr. Joe Biden reminds me of Edgar Bergen’s knee-dummy Charlie McCarthy (see shorts). Exactly who is pulling the Presidential dummy’s strings or ghosting his “narratives” is not transparent. We do often see both eyes of a gratefully jolly masked female sitting in the background, presumably near the keys to Armageddon. I would not call her the “Lone Rangerette,” though. The next D.C. Swamp Follies may have the President coming out on stage dressed as Elmer Fudd, complete with a double-barreled shotgun and maybe a Bassett Hound, looking for “dat kwazy wabbit,” Bugs “The Killer” Putin. Two negligent discharges of #4 buck will next bring the ceiling down as the Kremlin Bunny’s long ears quiver with mirth.

  5. The fact is, the government is corrupt. The Constitution is clear as crystal. Shall not be infringed is not subject to interpretation or ignoring. I took Constitutional Law in law school and I’m sad to say it is all about court cases interpreting the Constitution. The fact is the Second Amendment is not subject to interpretation because it is unequivocal. Biden’s actions are in violation of the Constitution he swore to defend. He must be impeached as must every politician who supports infringement on our rights.

  6. Our form of government was instituted because monarchs were usually corrupt, and harmful to the people. The Founding Fathers placed trust in an informed citizenry which was supposed to vote bad politicians out of office. The people were to be a check on power-hungry politicians.

    Now we see that many of the people are corrupt. They do not know how to vote intelligently. Bad politicians remain in office, and do a lot of harm. The 2020 election was stolen, Joe Biden is allowing illegal democrats into our nation via our southern border, and Big Tech is cancelling voices which speak out against the ruling party.

    Obviously, it is time to circle the wagons. We are on defense, and need to preserve as much liberty and wealth as we can. From this time forward, I doubt we will be able to change the hearts and minds of Americans who insist on voting for Democrats.

    Now, if the economy collapses, and Democrat voters become concerned with finding enough food to eat (see Venezuela), then we might begin to see a change in their hearts and minds. As long as Democrat voters have money, I think they will be stuck on stupid.

    Socialism is the cure for obesity.

  7. With the CDC and the NIH both getting grants to study gun violence, we should be worried. Deep in the last century I was outraged at having to take a statistics course from the math department after already completing one in the psych department. Turned out to be one of the best educational investments I’ve ever made. The prof delighted in showing us the many and varied ways the statistical books can be cooked to produce whatever results were needed. Some years later in grad school another prof kindly explained the academic politics that resulted in so many deeply flawed “studies” being published in allegedly peer reviewed journals.

    There are several good studies from back in the last century-plus the striking example of Northern Ireland- that showed that societal norms were more effective in limiting violence than gun control. In short, we need to get back to raising kids correctly.

    • Note: the latter day “troubles” ended in Northern Ireland when the citizenry told the thugs of all factions in the sectarian violence that they weren’t going to support them or look the other way any longer. Without either active support or passive cooperation, (and probably more than a little active cooperation with security forces, especially on arms caches) the violence fizzled out.

  8. Unfortunately, left-wing ideology has become so pervasive (in today’s America) that it is corrupting all aspects of modern life. It has totally corrupted our Government. It has totally corrupted our media sources. So much so that I cannot name a single media source that I would trust to give me a true journalistic presentation of the facts on any subject. It has corrupted our public discourse, business, and our economy.

    It has corrupted our education system and turned it into a left-wing indoctrination system. It has corrupted the medical profession, especially in relation to Covid-19. It has even managed to corrupt science itself. Something which adherence to the true Scientific Method is supposed to prevent.

    You cannot even trust science and scientists nowadays. Left-wing politics totally distorts climate research. It also distorts any research into psychology, crime, law-enforcement, and (of course) gun-control. Therefore, no research being produced today can be trusted not to have a strong, “political” spin to it. This is the reason that questions related to the defensive use of firearms are not researched or, if they are, the results are suppressed and not presented to the public. It is because such research does not support the left-wing agenda.

    Frankly, the level of intellectual dishonesty that we see today makes me think that Alexander Tytler (and other thinkers) are correct with regard to their views on democracies and republics. That they have a definite “shelf life” defined by the “Tytler Cycle”. See this link for more details:

    Alexander Fraser Tytler, Lord Woodhouselee – Wikipedia

    It seems clear to me that America is fast approaching its “shelf life” as a Republic. It may be that my generation (The Baby Boomers) was the last one to experience America as a true Republic. Each succeeding generation has, in contrast, experienced more and more indoctrination, propaganda and oppression.

    The 2nd Amendment is our only hope for the future and even it is a slim one. Our current overlords look at China with envy rather than fear. They see the level of control that the ChiComs have over the Chinese People and lust for that same measure of control over the American People. The only restraining factor that currently holds them back from going “full bore” totalitarian is the fact that the American People are armed to the teeth. So, our eventual disarmament is necessary if the leftist totalitarians are going to remain in-control.
    Let’s look into the future and consider the major possible outcomes regarding the 2nd Amendment:

    1) Using a combination of increasing firearm-prohibition measures, indoctrination, propaganda and so-called “buy-back” programs, the American Left manages to (in large measure) peacefully disarm the American People. The Left would then go “full totalitarian” and the American People would join the Chinese, North Koreans, Cubans, etc. and live under a Marxist/Socialist State.
    2) The American People (or a fraction thereof) rebels against firearms confiscation and a Civil War ensues. Unfortunately, the Government retains enough support from indoctrinated leftist Americans, the police, and the military to put down the rebellion and then proceed with firearm confiscation anyway. The result is (again) a future Marxist/Socialist State.
    3) The rebels win and defeat the American Left but the winners fail to revert back to an American Republic. Instead, they establish a Right-wing, military dictatorship so as to “protect” America from the Marxist enemy. So, instead of a totalitarian Marxist/Socialist State, we get a totalitarian military dictatorship instead.
    4) Our external enemies take advantage of our Civil War to send in “Peace-Keepers” and seize control of America for themselves. So, Americans end up living under the rule of foreign powers.
    5) The war is so devastating that all Governments collapse, and America ends up as a “Failed State” with various sections of the country under the control of various factions.
    6) The rebels win, vanquish the American Left, punish the Leftist leadership for their corruption and many crimes, re-organizes and re-builds the American Republic. America experiences a new burst of freedom. A new Tytler Cycle begins.
    7) The Tytler Cycle is wrong. American Citizens wake up and understand the destructiveness of the American Left. They vote the Marxists out of power, seize control of the American Government, institute broad-scale reforms that undercut the Left’s strangle-hold on power in Government, the media, in education and in business. America peacefully reverts to its Constitution Foundations for many years to come.

    Notice that out of the seven (7) outcomes outlined above (this list is probably not all inclusive), only the last two outcomes are positive for the American People. This does not give us a lot of hope for the future.

    Indeed, based upon the above possibilities (assuming all are equally likely), then (mathematically) the odds that America will see the start of the 22nd Century with its Constitutional Republic structure still intact are only 2 in 7 (28.6 %).

    I am glad that I am fairly old and will not live to see the full horror that is likely coming. I pity our younger generations.

  9. The Left has shown that they will do anything to get what they want. Appeals to reason and any efforts to shame them have no effect. It is vital for them to disarm the population because the programs they desire will destroy American families, confiscate private wealth and will be untenable to even the sheep in our society. The leadership of our military and police forces have been almost completely corrupted by woke Marxist ideology and will not hesitate to use force against the civilian population. It now appears that the only thing standing between free citizens and absolute one-party rule is a Senator from West Virginia who will have to decide if his loyalty lies with God or his political overlords. Stay strong-dark days ahead.

  10. Liberals want complete control over their subjects and one major obstacle is an armed population who does not wish to be enslaved. Therefore, the smarter people who are not devoted to and infatuated with Socialism must be separated from any weapons which can be used to resist tyranny. One of the reasons why liberals such as Bernie Sanders push for more relaxed laws against illegal drugs is that stuff like marijuana makes it’s users more easily controlled as what little brains they have are fogged by such narcotics and they are basically stoned zombies who would do whatever they’re told. Aunt Kamala and Empress Hillary or Pelosi wants the U.S.A. to be like a huge ant colony or bee hive where the queen reigns supreme and the disposable drones/workers do all the work obediently.

    The very firearms that liberals wants most to ban first are military style guns which are the most effective at fighting an oppressive dictator. Semi-auto AR-15 type rifles and AK-47 models are their initial targets followed by other semi-auto rifles, scoped rifles, pistols, and guns firing the .50 BMG cartridge. Eventually ALL guns will be banned from private possession, but the liberals are clever enough to not go too fast and alert the population of their true intentions.

  11. TN-MAN
    I echo your last paragraph on your blog. I have several grandchildren and great-grandchildren. I was in Law Enforcement for the latter half of my life and only had to draw my sidearm twice in that amount of time. I have a grandson in law enforcement right now and I do not envy him his job much longer under present and coming conditions. May God help us all.

  12. Arizona, my home, is obviously a southwest border state that is expecting to see a large wave of poorly inspected desert wanderers from below the border for the next half year or more. The weather has just started to heat up and snakes are now generally on the move for a while after sunup, and again active for a while after sundown, until the ambient temperature drops to about 72 degrees. Snakes often find warm spots to curl up in and will stay on top of the ground despite substantial drops in air temperature. Over half a dozen types of rattlers can inhabit one area. Warmer weather presents increased danger. Snake chaps are a necessity. We can expect hundreds of fatalities among neglected immigrants this year in the desert, with at least some deaths due to a lack of timely treatment for snakebite. If you are new among the many more needed rescue and enforcement personnel this year, I would recommend a .45 Colt or ACP, a headlamp, a flashlight, and some CCI snake-shot, if you can find any. You never want to get within anything like easy reach of a rattler. They can be very hard to see, too, day or night. Lots have been killed with hoes, shovels, and sticks, but people have made mistakes trying. You may not have to kill every rattler that finds you, but you do need to be adequately prepared for handling predicaments. Learn local laws, but survive and function. Eco-freaks need to put human welfare before exaggerated reptile endangerment. Also, hospital treatments for rattler bites run about $18,000. May God have mercy on exploited wanderers, and related victims, like our whole country. No wonder the immigrant wave has become such a political orphan. Nobody can endanger innocents as much as shortsighted, ruthless politicians do.

    • If I was a resident of Arizona and lived outside a metropolitan area, a Taurus Judge revolver loaded with .410 shells containing #7 1/2 shot would be my constant companion in case of encounters with poisonous snakes.

      • A lot is to be said for a 3-to-5 inch handgun barrel vs. rattlers. A much longer grooved barrel affects snake-shot accuracy a little. .410 birdshot is pretty much ideal. .45 ACP and .45 Colt also give safer range and much more smashing shot mass than .38/.357 or 9mm. So a 1911 .45 ACP, or a super-strong Ruger revolver in.45 Colt, can offer some all-around advantages over a .45Colt/.410 Taurus Judge, while being comfortable enough vs. Arizona’s many rattlers (and a few coral snakes). People have told me that .22 snake-shot worked for them. Not my choice. Rattlers seldom jump, but can, even when shot. Skin-shedders are real jumpy.

      • Back in the 1980’s I had experimented by loading Speer .44 caliber shot capsules with #11 pellets obtained from their .22 Magnum shotshells. The patterns at six feet were much denser than the recommended #9 shot, but may lack penetration, which at 6′ may not matter too much. As I recalled, I had to cut open three .22 Magnum shotshells to get enough pellets to load just one .44 shot capsule. The old Remington .45 ACP fully crimped shotshells functioned perfectly through my 1911 pistols and gave good patterns at close range. Too bad they’re discontinued.

  13. Thank you for the link. Democrats, moving in lockstep, have become children of the lie; but, as always, the truth will set you free. The truth, reason, logic, and facts terrify them. Reality terrifies them. A brighter future terrifies them. Racial harmony terrifies them. They are already groaning under the weight of their folly, and it only gets worse for them. Prayer and God terrify them. Unity terrifies them. Action terrifies them. Persistence terrifies them. Let’s just keep on terrifying them, shall we?

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