The annual Gun Rights Policy Conference is coming up the end of this month. We’d love to see you there, mingling with and learning from the people who are winning the gun owners’ civil rights fight in the courts and in the legislatures, at local to state to national level.

Info is here. If you can’t make it to Dallas, you can view it online.  Details are here:

View online here.

And if you CAN make it, well, I’ll look forward to meeting you there.


  1. Just joined the SAF yesterday- love the work you are all doing.

    Hoping for victory in NY soon. And hopefully the plaintiffs provided sufficient evidence for standing- seems like this might be the way for the anti-2A NYS government to keep the law in place for a long time: despite its obvious unconstitutional provisions.

  2. hey boss, but because i no longer fly, i’ll be seeing the event online. hopefully your audience will be updated with dates and times? thank you…

  3. I wonder how many undercover assets the FBI, CIA and HSA will devote to gather intel on all of the domestic terrorists who will be attending?

    • Since all Patriots have now been declared to be “Enemies of the State”, I expect that the Secret Police Agencies will have a number of assets on-site.

      Actually, the intelligence-gathering assets should be of only minor concern. The real danger is that the Secret Police may try to stage a “False Flag” operation a-la the January 6th Event.

      I could well imaging that the Secret Police might insert “Agent Provocateurs” into the crowd with orders to instigate violence and, if possible, spark a riot. They would also, of course, have their media tools from CNN and MSNBC handy to document the resulting chaos.

      Then the media narrative would be forthcoming about more “Right-Wing Extremist” activity and the “threat” that we represent to our “Democracy”. This would, in turn, provide the justification for a “crack-down” on such groups as the 2nd Amendment Foundation. This would be an excellent “narrative” for them to initiate just before the Mid-Term Elections.

      I know that this may sound paranoid to many, but we are dealing with a lawless group of power-hungry totalitarians who will, literally, stop-at-nothing to stay-in-power. I would not put anything past them.

      Those organizing this event should screen attendees very carefully so as to spot infiltrators and agent provocateurs. There should also be security, in-place, to immediately shut down any violence that such “disruptors” try to start.

      In any event, I won’t attend. I will sign up for on-line viewing. That is, assuming that the Secret Police do not get their friends, in Big Tech, to stage a technical disruption of the broadcast.

      As I said, I would not put anything past these criminals.

    • Esteemed Mr. Winters, your question seems entirely appropriate. A few observations, though: 1. Strength in numbers is actually often the best salvation in dealing with crises. So let us grow. 2. The best cover is a blown cover. That is, the average attendee of the Gun Rights Policy Conference is really nothing like a domestic terrorist. Let the authorities observe all they want to. As long as the CIA, FBI, HSA, etc. are just observing and not interfering with a free people, honorable citizens are alive and well. The greatest irony is that a government can become the worst kind of terrorist. That is one good reason why we remained an armed UNITED STATES OF AMERICA under a unique and well-thought-out CONSTITUTION, rather than living under arbitrary rule in a domestically defanged monarchy. Or an inevitably inhumane socialist dictatorship of the many by the few. I would be no enemy of our friend the UK, a BENEVOLENT monarchy can be wonderful, I am just glad that armed self defense is legally ratified in the USA. Socialism is unfortunately our sworn enemy, And WE THE PEOPLE are our government. Hello out there!

      • Strategic Steve,

        You wrote, “The greatest irony is that a government can become the worst kind of terrorist.” Right you are. The twentieth century (that would be the 1900s, for those of you in Rio Linda) was the worst century in the history of the world, except for the USA. Governments are responsible for killing about 100 million people during the XXth century. Sometimes those governments armed their citizens and told them to march against other countries, and sometimes those governments killed their own citizens.

  4. This is in my backyard, I am going to go some of the time. I have family coming to town that weekend, not sure when I can get over there. Is there a schedule yet?

    Joined for five years a while back, probably should have just gone to lifetime. I will next time. These guys do crucial work.


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