1. It’s a done deal, provided he stashed some guns on the premises, which I think is highly unlikely!

  2. Mas, it looks like the perfect home for you and yours! Just think of the possibilities!

  3. Do ground penetrating radar on the house.. There’s gotta be something hidden in those walls!

  4. Mas,i like Freds idea! I spent my money on firearms, property and women. If there was any left over, I ate.

  5. $375k??? For the JMB mansion? WTH???

    That’s approximately the cost of my 55 year old, 1200 SF shack in the middle of the Long Beach, CA ‘hood!

  6. Yes! someone please save it from the developers before it turns into coffee shops and retail office space! Its a crying shame that our history is destroyed and forgotten. I don’t have the pocket change to afford this historic site, or purchase the battleship Washington or carrier Enterprise which were doomed to the scrap heaps! [Now they had some history!] Hopefully there is a history scholar with 6-7 kids out there with an appreciation for who and what Browning accomplished.

  7. As a former Utahan, I have been to Ogden (known as “Oz” in Utah) many times. This Browning mansion is distinctive enough that I would have remembered it if I had seen it, yet I do not. It must not be located on one of the main thoroughfares, which is a good thing. The place certainly looks as though Browning built it to last. World-class ski resorts just east of town. Outstanding waterfowl hunting on the huge Bear River Refuge just north of town.

  8. $375k seems so little for what this place is.

    The market must really be down in Utah. Either that or someone started to refinish it and ran out of money leaving the inside unfinished.

  9. I’m not sure I could spend that kinda cash on a house that I can see my neighbors from. Not even enough room for agun range outback. But yeah, it would be a sweet place to live. Wonder if someone might find some ‘missing’ blueprints for some cool gun that was never produced under the floorboards or in a hidden room or safe someplace…. LOL

    Seems like the asking price is actually low for something like that, would be over >500k around here