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Backwoods Home Magazine is a quarterly 116-page homesteading magazine written by and for people who desire to pursue a self-reliant life. Each issue contains seasonal articles on building, gardening, canning, cooking, alternative energy, livestock, foraging, and preparedness. In nearly every issue of BHM, there is one article on firearms and one on politics. BHM was founded in 1989 by Dave Duffy in his garage. In 2019, after a one-year hiatus as a digital-only magazine, Dave’s son, Sam Duffy, brought back the print version.

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21 reviews for Continuous Subscription – Backwoods Home Magazine

  1. Sherrie Manning

    Very informative magazine. A lot of good articles.

  2. Sherrie Manning

    Very informative magazine. A lot of good articles.

  3. John Cleere

    I thoroughly enjoy this magazine and find myself frequently using the recipes, project ideas and general knowledge. I have not found this info in one publication anywhere else. I look forward to every issue.

  4. sherry daniels

    love this magazine interesting articles and always something new to learn been a subscriber for lot of yrs and will continue for many more. thank you!

  5. James and Iva Hough

    We have every edition that has been published and look forward to getting next one.

  6. Deb Crafts

    I love, love, love this magazine, especially the printed version! I love being to easily go through back issues an re-read them. So much information, great reference source in a down-to-earth format that is easy to follow. Thanks for a great magazine.

  7. Donna Rhodes

    I love, love, love this magazine, everything in it. I have been taking it for at least 20 years and I keep every issue and I buy the anthologies. It’s a walk down memory lane for me because I grew up in the country living the way the way Backwoods Home portrays life.

  8. Debbie Guastella

    I so enjoy this magazine with it’s insightful articles for homesteading, canning, building things & general knowledge. I’ve just recently subscribed to the Self Reliance magazine hoping it will be just as informative. There are some “opinions” and articles I may not agree with but I always look forward to sitting back and enjoying my quiet time every time I get my new issue.

  9. Delores Osteen

    I love this magazine. I enjoy all the articles in it yes even Ayoob on firearms. I own a pistol myself but he is informative on of alot of diffrent guns. The recipes are good everything about this magazine is some kind of information that is new to me. I’m a country girl and thought I knew oretty much but there is always something new to learn and your magazine dies just that. Thank you for an informative well versed magazine for old ans new folks alike.

  10. G. Doller

    I’ve been reading Backwoods Home, and the associated blogs, for at least 15 years. The contributors are knowledgeable. The articles are varied, well written and informative. I greatly appreciate that the magazine is mostly content, with only a small amount of advertising. I really feel like I’m getting my money’s worth with Backwoods Home.

  11. Ernie Jelliff

    I am 80 years old and was born and raised in farming country of the twin tiers of NY and PA north of Wellsboro PA. So I learned a lot while growing up BUT wow is Backwoods Home Magazine an awesome teacher. I guess I didn’t learn all I thought I did.

  12. Tony Thigpen

    Always look forward to next issue. Lots of information even for someone that has lived a rural life since childhood. (50 +years)

  13. Donna Rhodes

    I have been taking this magazine and its Anthologies for at least 20 years and I love it for its gardening, surviving, guns, and down to earth advice on how best to live your life.

  14. Joel Fiske

    A very good magazine. Well worth the subscription price. I always anxiously await my quarterly issue.

  15. Jill Pittman

    I have been a subscriber for a very long time and still am thrilled to find Backwoods Home Magazine in my mailbox. Every issue has something new and interesting in it. The regular contributors seem like old friends. Thank you for not selling out to big business – we love you just as you are.

  16. Monica Bennett

    I love this magazine! I learn something everytime I read it!

  17. Charlotte Michel

    I used to get this magazine digitally for years. When I decided to gift it for my daughter I did it in hard copy format. I loved it so much that I switched to the hard copy version myself. I have been a subscriber for at least a decade and I have always found new information and articles that inform and educate. In this day and age of inflation, worries about big agriculture practices and self reliance, this magazine is pure gold. I can now leaf through all my back issues either digitally or hard copy to find any topic I want. I also recommend the
    Anthologies for new subscribers as a great way to catch up and not miss any great information.

  18. Bill Weems

    Very informative magazine, I love it 😍

  19. Brenda Charter

    I have taken BWH for many years and always enjoy the diversity of articles. So much good advice from Jackie. Wisdom from Dave.
    Highly recommend for anyone who wants to learn about living a sustainable lifestyle and self reliance. I love the magazine because I’m old fashioned that way, to be able to easily thumb through. And the artwork is great! Please never change.

  20. Todd Daniels

    Our whole family loves this magazine! The kids marvel at how self sufficiency is actually “a thing,” and we use it to remember the ways our parents and grandparents had to survive before modern consumerism made us all ignorant! We will keep these issues as a valuable resource for our unknown future.

  21. Suzan Moore

    I bought a subscription for my husband for his birthday & he loves it. He’s read it from cover to cover more than once & can’t wait till the next issue.

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