Are we having fun yet? — 3 Comments

  1. It’s looking GREAT, Jackie! Only one thing – when Will is done at your place, can I borrow him? I’ve got a BUNCH of “honey-do”s that I can’t seem to get d/h or sons to tackle! Okay, then can I rent him by the week?

    Congratulations on your newest additions, and I agree – I HATE “mudding”….

  2. You are making great progress on the addition, and Jackie, you look so happy sitting there warm by the new wood stove. Will look forward to video when you’re done!

  3. Thanks Jackie for all the info! I’ll try with tires this year and let you know how it works. For watering, I took a long PVC pipe and drilled holes around it all the way down and figured the water would slowly seep out into the dirt all the way to the bottom of the barrel. Thanks again, and your house is looking fantastic! So worth the work when finished!