I’m bushed, but boy are we getting things done! — 9 Comments

  1. I can see that would be nice.. Well we won’t be off grid, but I’m still awfully happy we have our own home again! Can’t wait til its done enough to move in. The county would not allow us to camp on the land so we are paying rent in n. carolina and working on our home in s. carolina. Lots of running around!

  2. Mary t,

    No, we don’t have building inspections here. We do have to buy a land use permit, though, which we have done for all our projects. If we lived in a more populated area, we would, though. Being off-grid and in the backwoods does have it’s perks!


  3. Nancy,

    I loved your sister’s Santa lightbulb ornament. So cute and a novel way to get rid of burned out bulbs. I’ve packed it away for next Christmas. Thank you so much.


  4. Howard – I have a copy of Five Acres and Independence. It was first published in 1935. I have a 1942 copy. It is by M.G. Kains who taught at Penn State and Columbia University, and worked for the US Department of Agriculture. Hopefully this may help someone locate the book if they were interested. Haven’t looked at it in years; I think I’ll reread it.

  5. I’m bushed too. We are working hard on our home which we got without a mortgage-except for a part of it that we ‘owe ourselves’ form our 401k(thank God we got that out before it just disappeared!)

    Anyhow, we are insulating now. Just passed our rough in inspection. You don’t mention inspections that I’ve noticed. Do you not have all that where you live? We were not allowed to live on our land while we are building, the guy we bought it from was–but they said he qualified for a hardship. So we’re working as hard as we can to get it done soon as we have to keep paying rent until then. Its alot of work to go between two places and jobs and all that and work on days off –yah, ya do get tired. but we both know how worthwhile this tired is!

  6. thank you for the canning orange juice recipe. I will be doing it this week. I hope the christmas tree ornament was alright. My sister makes and sells them. They break easy as they are light bulbs.

  7. Somewhere we have a book entitled Five Acres and Independance or some such by a British Author. I think it was published in the 70’s. This had lots of ideas for a small acerage. Some other ideas in that line are to rent some near by pasture and to gather wild foods and materials from public land. (Make sure you are legal). Another old saying is that when you buy hay you by fertility. Good luck to all beginners.
    Kenny Lake, Alaska

  8. I thought I would let Pam know that I have been canning my pancake, cookie mix, dried soup mixes, etc. for years and have never had a problem, although I never tried anything that had any shortening in it (some baking mixes). I have used mixes up to a year old and they have all stayed beautifully. I haven’t tried saving it any longer only because it never lasts that long. It all really came in handy after Hurricane Katrina (I’m originally from New Orleans, displaced to Idaho afterwards). The stores were closed for weeks but my family never missed a beat as far as food was concerned. Good luck!