With a leap of faith, we planted our second crop of potatoes on July 1st after a failed crop earlier — 4 Comments

  1. Jackie,

    Just wanted to say that I received my copy of your new book this morning in the mail and it is BEAUTIFUL! Thank you for taking the time to put this great book together and thank you to BHM!


  2. I love reading about your canning but did not have a garden this year as we sold almonds at fairs all year. Not home enough for a garden so no canning this year. I think next year I will find some one to live in my house and watch a garden for me while we go and sell almonds. We did sell a lot of them. But I would rather be canning.

  3. Jackie,
    I have lived in FL and now north GA (hot and humid). I go ahead and make mixes with yeast in them. When I make a batch of ABM bread, as I measure out each dry ingredient, I go ahead and measure out enough for 7 or 8 more loaves into individual bags, one bag for each loaf. I close the bag and mix all the ingredients together. I then store them on the shelf for less than a month – I usually use it in a week or two, but I have left them for longer on the shelf. For storing them for more than about 2 months want to put the sealed bags in the freezer – where I always keep my yeast. The yeast I’m using now is 5 years “out of date” but works just as well as those I open fresh. (When I bring it home it goes directly into the freezer.)

    When kept out on a shelf, yeast has a shelf life of 6 months to a year or so (check package expiration when you buy it). In the mylar bags, in the freezer, I’ve used it for as much as 7 years and had no problems with it working well. Now this is a FREEZER, not the compartment over the fridge. But after opening the 1 lb bag, it does go in the over the fridge compartment freezer.
    Darlene in Blue Ridge, GA