I’m just getting over the stomach flu and there’s a freeze coming! — 7 Comments

  1. If you need any other “seconds” on the cookbook, count me in too. I know of several folks that would love to have a copy of your cookbook. Oh my goodness, it sets my imagination off just thinking of all the things I could cook and can!

  2. Jackie,

    I second the cookbook idea!!! I had been thinking, after devouring your new book, that it would be so wonderful it you took notes on each meal for a year and compiled it into a cookbook. It comes so naturally to you. And as a fairly new canner I am trying to rethink / relearn my cooking habits and what a blessing one of your cookbooks would be.

    Get better soon.

  3. Sorry that you’re not feeling well Jackie. Wish I lived close enough to you to give you a hand with all of those wonderful gardening chores! Hope that your mom (and you) are back to feeling well soon.

  4. I am loving your new canning cookbook! Mine came in the mail on Saturday and I have read every word more than once! I am so excited to try some of the recipes and to have all my best canning stuff in one place. It is a treasure!! Thanks so much for sharing your knowlege with us!!
    I hope you and your Mom are feeling back to normal very soon! We are canning up a bumper crop of tomatoes here too..and frost threatening also..I have been covering the tomatoes at night…but we will have to finish harvesting this week I think.
    take care..and thanks again!!
    Jenny in Utah

  5. Stinging nettle leaves, plantain leaves and dandelion are all good kidney support. If there are spruce pines near you the needles are good for kidneys also, in addition to being packed with nutrients. Marshmallow root is another good herb for kidneys.

    For the Pine Needles, boil them in a stainless steel pot on a low simmer until the water turns reddish. Sweeten with honey and allow your mother to drink liberally.

    For the herbs, if you have any or all of these near you, rinse the leaves (wear gloves harvesting the nettles) and bruise them (or rip them into small pieces) and then put them into a glass bowl. Pour boiling hot water over them and place a lid over the top. Let them steep until good and strong, sweeten to taste, and allow your mother to drink liberally.

    This will go a LONG ways towards supporting her kidney health. Continue to drink a couple of days after symptoms improve. These are actually pleasant teas even when you aren’t feeling poorly. I use nettles in my smoothies.

    Hope you and your mom are feeling better soon!


  6. For Roberta in Oregon and others–There have been a lot of problems with adulterated and even fake olive oils for the last several years, with common additives/substitutions being hazelnut, canola and soybean oils. Olive oil will get thick and even solid in cool temps while soy, canola and many others do not. It’s possible your olive oil was not really olive oil. Maybe try a different brand of oil next time and see if that makes a difference.

  7. Just a note for Ruth in Oregon – I tried to reduce a tomato sauce in my slow cooker with the cover just slightly ajar. I left it for too long, and wound up with a bit of a burned ‘crust,’ as the liquid all evaporated, I would suggest that you not leave it for a full day – a few of hours with the lid off while you’re home would likely be sufficient.