Q&A: Making tomato sauce, Cleaning carrots, and Growing Brussels sprouts — 2 Comments

  1. The easiest way to make tomato sauce is to put your prepared tomatoes in frig overnight. Water will rise to the top and you can drain it off. Then put them in your slow cooker with the top slightly ajar. Give them a stir every once in a while. Iportant to use a Roma type tomato to begin with and the best machine ever invented…The Squeezo….will give you the pulp/juice with no tedious peeling. Your slow cooker can also turn out perfect apple butter the thickeness you prefer.

    We use diatamcous earth on our cole crops…it dries out the bodies of insects but is safe for people. Apply with an old flour sifter. Very effective on nasty stink bugs,too and the only way we’ve been able to keep squash crops alive here in MO

  2. Gail, at new nursery I am trying this year, the owner plants Brussel sprouts as a “bait” crop for aphids to keep them out of the broccoli. I am trying that this year.