Baby goats are coming — 4 Comments

  1. Cris-Wasan,

    Yes, I’ve had a doe reject her kids. It’s usually a first freshener or one with a big bag that gets tender. She’ll often resist nursing and even butt or kick at her kids. What I do is try to be there at kidding, then if she doesn’t seem to want to nurse the kid because of a tight bag, I milk out about half of the milk into a container to save. Often, the release of tension on the bag will eliminate the pain and she’ll allow the kids to nurse, especially if you feed her and hold her from moving around. Sometimes it helps to have an assistant. Being right there when she kids helps a lot. And then there are sometimes just does that are crappy moms. It happens.


  2. Beautiful babies you have there. So glad you were able to save the little doeling. My three girls had their babies a whole month sooner than I was expecting, 8 total (egads!) After scratching my head and wondering “what the heck?” my husband sheepishly informed me that he let Shane, our buck down to the creek with the girls in September because he felt sorry for him. Grrrr….

    I wanted to ask, what breed are your doe’s? Mine are a cross between boer and nubian and one of my gals always ignores one of her babes. Last year she didn’t realize she had one wondering around the barn trying to find her and this year one was left off in the corner. I had to do the same thing you did, bring her in and get her warmed up and colostrum. I tried to get mom to take her right away and I tried to get her to take her the next day and she just wouldn’t do it. I guess she is just stubborn that way but two years in a row now I have had her reject one of her kids.

    Have you ever had any of your does reject their kid or kids? I realize it might just be that she isn’t aware they are there and if she doesn’t get to them right away she just doesn’t know it’s hers, but it can get a little maddening. Silly goose of a goat.

  3. How adorable!!!! And congrats on the save, poor little thing….LOL at Spencer being “a Mom”, too…

    Hope all continue to do well and thrive….spring is always about new beginnings :)

  4. I love the pictures! I can’t wait to get a place where I can have goats! I’ve been wanting them for a long time.