Q&A: Freezing yeast and Restoring hard garlic and onion powder — 3 Comments

  1. I’ve re-ground my garlic powder, and it hardens into a block again within a day. Now, I just transfer this block into a storage container (old chip dip tub) and scrape it across a fine grater when I need some. The next time I buy it, I’ll try putting some in a much smaller shaker and keeping the rest in the freezer.

  2. Tom’s idea worked great, I transferred my ‘block’ of onion powder to a heavy duty freezer bag (the zip type), roll/smash it with a pestle (or other similar heavy object), cut the top of the ziplock bag off to make transfer back to the jar easier and then put in a 1/4 slice of rye bread to absorb any moisture. thanks!

  3. I had a solid block of garlic in a 1 lb jar.
    10 minute resolution. Using a 1/2″ to 1″spade bit and dril holes in the block while it is in the jar. This will create powder and rocks of garlic.

    Place all rocks and powder into Ziploc bag. Squeeze out air. Hit with mallet, rolling pin or just roll a beer bottle over it.

    Then don’t buy any more in bulk, or store with rice.