War on weeds — 3 Comments

  1. I would be more than happy to share my weeds with you!! They seem to be an epidemic this year with all the heat and humidity! Have a good time listening to nature while you weed!

  2. Your place is so beautiful. Your families hard work is paying off. I live in the desert and just love the green in the photos! It makes me envious. But, last winters photos with all your snow made me glad to be in AZ, too!

    Thanks for sharing. You are inspirational.

  3. Hi Jackie, You really and truly must sleep like a baby at night, with all the work that you do…..Today, I canned a dozen jars of Pork loin, and it came out “wicked good”. Tomorrow they will go in my basement, one more step in my ever growing LONG list of to-do things! Yesterday, I dehydrated about 5 pounds of zucchini, into chips, and again, Yummy. My best friend, Donna from California, who told me about you, has given me tons of ideas, as she has been reading your site a lot longer than I. Goodness, I will never catch up…..but, am trying! Love your book Pantry Cookbook, and Prep. and Survival guide. SO much to do, and, you are GREAT teachers! Thanks again!!!