Layout of new garden and Canning questions — 2 Comments

  1. Sue and Ken, if you use manure please double check the animal’s feed source and be sure that nothing they ate or the ground it was grown in was treated with Milestone, Forefront, Confront, Halcyon or Upfront. These are clopyralid and aminopyralid herbicides which are not degraded or decomposed in animal digestive tracts or by composting, and take 2-3 years or more to bio-degrade in soil. These are the most persistent herbicides on the market. Manure from animals which ate treated forage or silage will kill or deform your food crops until soil organisms transform or degrade the chemical. Mulching with treated plants will also kill your food crops. This effect has been known since 2008 when gardens amended with manure and mulch in Europe began dying – smallholders and allotment gardeners lost food production completely. This has been especially disastrous for organic producers, whose land was and remains contaminated by manure and mulch.
    If you cut roadside hay be sure it was not treated with Forefront or Milestone – both are in widespread common use by county and state highway departments.

  2. Jackie, I just forund your blog and post about washing day on this site. Soon, my husband and I will be selling our big farm for a tiny self sufficient farm. I have told everyone I would no longer have a conventional washing machine. But after seeing your post…I am more convinced than ever I want a ringer washer !! You brought back many memories of watching my old mother do laundry so now I cannot wait to get started on our new life. A million thanks !