Q and A: Wood burners, Peach preserves, Dry beans, and Pumpkin puree — 2 Comments

  1. I have been using a barrel stove in my garage for about 7-8 years. Not everyday, like in a house but most weekends and a day or two in the week.
    I lined the bottom with sand mix leaving a trough to the bottom bung hole on the stove. That gives a little better air flow from underneath the wood.

    The sand mix adds thermal mass and keeps the coals off the metal. I think this has let my barrel stove last so long.

    I also added a Chimney blower that helps reclaim heat from the chimney that I got at a garage sale. That helps warm up the garage a bit faster and farther from the stove

  2. I’ve got some green beans I’m letting go to seed. Most of the pods are tan, but with all the rain we’ve had I’m not sure they’ll ever be dry! I’ve got some that I picked and let dry indoors, but there’s still a lot out there.