Q and A: Cleaning the wood stove, grain mills, and re-canning peanut butter — 5 Comments

  1. I just read that you can put your used coffee filters on your ash in the fire place and then scoop it all out. I guess the damp grounds keep the ash from flying all over. I haven’t tried it yet, but I imagine it would work well and the whole mix could go right in your compost.

  2. Thanks for the replies and suggestions/thoughts on “re-canning” peanut butter Jackie & Matt.
    We’ll most probably just keep adding the standard sized jars to our pantry…we may pick up one of the “industrial” sized containers and try the freezer suggestion.
    Much obliged.

  3. Matt,

    Yes, you can freeze peanut butter, handling it on thawing like you indicated helps the texture.
    I agree; it does have to be canned, just like pumpkin pie filling is. It’s just not recommended that we do it at home, as we don’t have the facilities to ensure the internal temperature of the jars during processing. We did it for years, but now the experts are saying it isn’t safe.


  4. On the question of the peanut butter, wouldn’t it be possible to scoop it into vacuum seal bags, seal it and then toss it into the freezer?

    Understand texture might be a little off when it is thawed, but mildly heating and kneading the bag before opening should help.

    Peanut butter has been canned and packed into C-rations or Foil pouches for MRE for decades, must be cannable somehow.

  5. We have the Country Living Mill and love it. My gang hooked it to an old stationary bike and away they go works great. My son gets his workout and I get my flour.