Q and A: Canning 101 and canning previously cooked sausage — 2 Comments

  1. Ellendra,

    The problem with using oil or fat is that sometimes during processing in a pressure canner, the steam generated in the jars will blow out steamy oil onto the jar rim under the lid. This can prevent sealing sometimes. Or jars will appear to seal, then come unsealed during storage. The fat in the sausage usually combines well with the broth and leaves my sausages nice. But I’m sure canning them with oil or melted fat does taste better.


  2. For canning something like sausage, I’d suggest actually using a fat or oil instead of broth. It preserves the texture better. Just be careful to wipe the rims very, very well before putting the lids on. I sometimes even use two cloths when canning something fatty, one slightly damp with just a touch of dish soup, and the other slightly damp with plain water. Wipe the rim first with the soapy one to get the grease off the rim (it should NOT be wet enough to drip), then wipe with the plain one to get the soap off the rim.

    Using fat instead of broth is actually a variation on confitting, which is an interesting preservation technique on it’s own.