Q and A: Low-care gardening, grinding flour, and using oat groats — 4 Comments

  1. Joyce,

    You might try contacting Bear Island Realty at Ely, MN. They handle a lot of wild northern Minnesota land, including Potlatch timber land up for sale. That’s who we dealt with to buy our last 40 acres. Try BIC Realty in Cook, Mn, too. Dale Lundbad is the agent we dealt with when we bought our original 80 acres. Good luck in your search, but remember winter in Minnesota is really cold and snowy!


  2. Our backwoods property has asparagus, artichokes, and tomatoes that don’t need upkeep. The asparagus we planted near the creek. The artichokes and tomatoes we planted in a garden area. They grow back year after year without any help from us. Our area freezes but doesn’t get hard freezes like you do so I don’t know if it will work for you.

  3. I’m usually only able to get to my land a few times a year, so I’m experimenting with low-care gardening. So far, other than fruit trees, the only success I’ve had is with pumpkins. Scrape down to bare soil, lay some heavy-duty landscaping fabric down, and let it sit for a few weeks, then cut little holes in the fabric and plant.

    Yes, some will be lost to wildlife. How much depends on how hungry they are and what else is around. Most of the deer on my land prefer the neighbor’s corn field over my pumpkin plants. Other things I’ve tried to grow never make it, but since I’m not there I can’t say if it’s deer or cutworms or lack of rain or what it is that gets them. I’m still working on ways to improve that garden, though.

  4. we are looking to buy some land in minnesota[wilderness] maybe you might her of some for sale. we want about 100 far lookin on web sites we have not found what we want. any help would be greatly appreciated.