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Jackie Clay

You asked for it! Our first homesteading seminar!

Monday, November 21st, 2011

A lot of you have been asking if we would consider doing a homesteading seminar here at our place. Before this, we just didn’t have enough time because of all of our ongoing projects. But this year, we are having three different 3-day seminars. The first is May 25th to May 27th and will cover a diverse selection of homesteading skills and, of course, meeting and talking with my husband, Will, and me. Prepare for an intense but very friendly time, including a tour of the place, an evening bonfire, and plenty of time for us to answer all your questions.

For more information and to sign up for this first seminar, you may e-mail me at for a flyer and complete information. We can only accept 20 people at our seminar, in order for us do a good job and have plenty of time for each participant. The price will be $400 per person, or $350 each for a group of 2 or more.

Oh, I just thought I’d let you know our piggies really love their new pen and home. They’ve already got it rooted up well, but show no indications of trying to lift or dig under the pallets, which they didn’t do in their older, crummier, smaller pallet pen. Did you notice our first two pigs are Red Wattles? This is a heritage breed of pig that originally came from Texas. But they do well in other climates, as well, producing very tasty, quick growing pork. Our other gilt is a cross-bred Yorkshire that we bought at the sale barn. All are growing nicely, weighing between 140 and 160 pounds. We think they’re pretty pigs! — Jackie

6 Responses to “You asked for it! Our first homesteading seminar!”

  1. Sue Gabriel Corbin Says:

    Jackie and Will,
    Thank you for offering Homesteading Seminars. We look forward to attending one. Our first summer and canning season on our new place was successful. I have more green tomatoes, put up in various forms, than canned red tomatoes, but we’ll do better next year. Thank you for sharing your experiences and wisdom so that us newbies can have a mentor, even if it is long distance.
    Thank you, Sue

  2. James Jackson Says:

    The seminar sounds fantastic Jackie, and is very gracious of you and Will, considering how busy you guys stay. I wish the best for you and all that can attend.

    Thank you for the photos of your pigs in their new “home”. They look great, and must enjoy all of the space to move about. :)

  3. jackie clay Says:

    If you would like to come to the seminar, just send an e-mail to me via BHM and I’ll send you a flyer with all the information. This is a first come, first served basis. I don’t want you to be disappointed. It’d be great if you could come!


  4. Beverly from Maine Says:

    At what age, or size, do you slaughter your pigs….or, will you breed them? NICE PEN!!!

  5. jackie clay Says:


    We slaughter pigs at about 275#. The two gilts will be bred because we had such a hard time finding a barrow pig to raise to butcher. We’ll sell the extra weaner pigs to help pay for the feed for the rest.


  6. Marilyn & Jon Says:

    Hello Jackie, We were so excited to hear about your upcoming seminar in August. We would love to come! Please forward us the info we’ll need to attend.
    We look forward to meeting you and learning alot!
    Right now we raise chickens and rabbits and are learning ways of self reliance. Its been fun and challenging!
    Thanks Much!
    Marilyn & Jon from Iowa

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