How do you keep livestock water from freezing solid off-grid? — 8 Comments

  1. All,

    I’ll ask Annie about doing a shorter article on building a wood fired stock tank heater, complete with plans. It IS a wonderful addition to cold-weather homesteading!


  2. Ralph,

    Sounds great! But when we lived in New Mexico, we missed the lakes, rivers and green. Seriously missed! We loved New Mexico, the people and warmer weather (zone 6!), but the water and green won out. Maybe we’ll come to visit some day.


  3. Repeat after me. – Arizona! It’s 72 here today with a low of 42. I do have to break ice in the tanks most winters, but its usually thin on the surface.

    Actually I am very jealous of your seasons and greenery and water. But the winter temps are one nice thing about my home state (at least in our desert area)

  4. He needs to print the instructions for it for the rest of us who need to get some thing like that.

  5. Wow! This could be the answer to our perennial winter water hauling. I have a ton of questions, but mostly I hope your write up an article for BWH w/more details to build one & about how you use it. Thanks!