Q and A: Compost freezing, Tattler lids, and dirty windows — 4 Comments

  1. I clean a lot of windows in rentals. Smokers film is the worst. I’ve found Dawn dishwash detergent to be the best cleaner. I don’t know what makes it work so well but it is way better than any commercial window cleaner or any other detergent. I just give a good squirt into a bucket of warm water, apply with a regular sponge, and dry with a cotton towel.

  2. I so remember my mother using vinegar and crumpled newspaper to do windows many years ago. It was all the money-saving rage.

    Good luck flying. Hope you don’t/didn’t go through any trauma with the TSAs.

  3. Good luck with the Tattlers Dana! I fell in love with them as well and canned up a storm this winter without a single failure. I do hope it’s just a tightness issue. That’s a hard one to judge for us self taught canners as everyone “finger tight” is different.

  4. My son freezes his kitchen wastes all week and brings it to us on Thursday in a grocery sack and I throw it sack and all in the barrel and give it a turn. Slimes down better than if he saved it unfrozen; I think maybe the freeze deconstructs the cells a little, which is all to the good apparently.