Q and A: Pinto beans, storing pasta, and home insurance while building — 3 Comments

  1. Thanks C Phelps. We have new windows put in that will be easy to escape through. I’m worried about losing evrything I have invested in a fire…or being sued by someone that comes on my property and gets hurt.

    Anyone: Any thoughts on having just a liability policy…in case someone on my property hurts themselves and sues?

  2. Michelle P.
    My wife and I live in 1972 “double wide” trailer on 1.5 acres. We heat with a wood stove. Everything is paid for, and we pay cash (check, debit card for the Web) or don’t buy.
    We have no insurance – none.
    We don’t have the problem of forest fires, but we check that wood stove whenever we feel uncertain how it is. I’ve gotten up in the night and checked it.
    Caution equals safety for us.
    I also cut a hole in the side of the trailer in the bedroom so we can get out if a fire happens. Otherwise, we would have to pass by the wood stove to get out. Yes, we live in Michigan, yes, there is a hinged and insulated door for the opening that can be opened only from the inside. The hole is two by two feet and about two and one-half feet off the ground with nothing in front of it outside.
    Perhaps this might help you think up your own way of coping with uninsured fire.

  3. I just discovered a recipe for some “seasoned” pinto beans, so I tried just canning a couple of pounds. Oh My Goodness!! Its soooo much better than the store bought.

    Jackie you are a true inspiration. Without your knowledge and encouragement that you offer us, I never would have canned a dried bean!!